The previous revision to the NLRC rules was made in Procedure for recovery of amount paid to seafarer during execution proceedings. of the Labor Code prior to , the NLRC had generally recognised the concept of provisions of the Labor Code and the NLRC’s Revised Rules of Procedure. THE NLRC RULES OF PROCEDURE. Pursuant to the provisions of Article of Presidential Decree No. , as amended, otherwise.

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The plain import of article of the Labor Code and the amended section 6, Rule VI of the New Rules of Procedure is that the reduction of the bond should be approved within the ten 10 day appeal period and the appellant should exert its utmost diligence to obtain the approval of respondent NLRC before the lapse of the period or else there is a big risk that the appeal will be dismissed for non-perfection of the appeal due to the absence of the appeal bond.

Andaya vs NLRC : : July 15, : J. Panganiban : Third Division : Decision

The foregoing ancillary power may be exercised by the Labor Arbiters only as an incident to the cases pending before them in order to preserve the rights of the parties during the pendency of the case, but excluding labor disputes involving strike or lockout. Failure on the part of the appellee who was properly furnished with a copy of the appeal to file his answer or reply within the said period may be construed as a waiver on his part to file the same.

However, under the rules, the seafarer could not re-file the case after it had been dismissed for the second time on the grounds of his or her non-appearance during the mandatory conferences. Based on the material facts of this case, no cogent reason exists for us to depart from the general rule and create an exception by liberally construing the technical rules of procedure in favor of respondents.

Sy assails the March 30, decision [1] and May 31, resolution [2] of the Court of Appeals CA dismissing her complaint for non-payment of salary and allowances against respondents ALC Industries, Inc. Of course, this period may be longer if the NLRC issues a temporary restraining order or writ of preliminary injunction, which have a duration of 20 and 60 days, respectively. However, in lieu of the required cash or surety bond, petitioner filed a motion to reduce or be exempted from filing an appeal bond.


In other parts of the petition, the position was referred to as Administration and Business Manager. Otherwise, the right to appeal is lost. The number of conferences shall not exceed three 3 settings and shall be terminated within thirty 30 calendar days from the date of the first conference. It is thus not confined to just execution proceedings but on all orders or resolutions of the Labor Arbiter.

pricedure Thus respondent NLRC correctly affirmed the decision of 2005 Santos since the appeal was not perfected due to lack of an appeal bond. Limited Period to Conduct Hearing or Clarificatory Conference Section 14a, Rule V The concept of hearing or clarificatory conference referred to in this rule is independent of and different from the mediation or conciliation hearing wherein the seafarer and the manning agents are encouraged to enter into an amicable settlement.

Role of Labor Arbiter in Proceedings. However, the Temporary Restraining Order or the Writ of Preliminary Injunction only becomes effective upon posting by the manning agents of a cash bond, not surety bond, amounting to Php50, Whenever the required membership in a Division is not complete and the concurrence of two 2 Commissioners to arrive at a judgment or resolution cannot obtained, the Chairman shall designate such number of additional Commissioners from the other Divisions as may be necessary from the same sector.

Del Rosario & Del Rosario Lawfirm – Significant Changes in the NLRC Rules of Procedure

The above are the currently perceived significant changes but we are continually reviewing the NLRC Rules and will report on any other significant developments in subsequent updates. Except as provided by law, the Labor Arbiter shall determine the order of presentation of evidence by the parties, subject to the requirements of due process.

Determining the evidentiary value to be assigned to such evidence lies within the province of that body and the CA, not this Court. This publication is sent from time to time to clients and friends. This limitation is absent from the rules.

New NLRC Rules of Procedure: impact on seafarers and manning agents

In case the decision includes an order of reinstatement, the Labor Arbiter shall direct the employer to immediately reinstate the dismissed or separated employee even pending appeal. Consequently, at this stage, manning agents and their principals are required to pay the seafarer based on the final award. As payment of the appeal bond is an indispensable and jurisdictional requisite and not a mere technicality of law or procedure, we find the challenged decision of the Court of Appeals in accordance with law.


Period to Resolved Appeal. Determination of Necessity of Hearing. A mere notice of appeal without complying with the other requisites aforestated shall not stop the running of the period for perfecting an appeal.

Such consolidated cases shall be disposed of the by the Labor Arbiter to whom the first case was assigned.

Effectivity of a Temporary Restraining Order. The previous revision to the NLRC rules was made in Especially when affirmed by the appellate court, as in this case, findings of fact made by such tribunals are generally accorded great respect, even finality. Requisites for Perfection of Appeal. In case of a judgment involving a monetary award, an appeal by the employer may be perfected only upon the posting of a cash or surety bond issued by a reputable bonding company duly accredited by the Commission in the amount equivalent to the monetary award in the judgment appealed from.

The factual background of the case may be stated, as follows: It shall include the place where the employee is supposed to report back after a temporary detail, assignment or travel.

The Labor Arbiter may avail himself of all reasonable means to ascertain the facts of the controversy speedily, including ocular inspection and examination of well-informed persons. However, under the new rules, if the respondent fails to appear at the second conference despite being duly served with summons, he or she shall be considered to have waived his or her right to file a position paper.

We ruled in Times Transportation Company, Inc. Sickness benefit for October