2N from Fairchild Semiconductor. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information. 2N Datasheet PDF Download – NPN Transistoor, 2N data sheet. 2N datasheet, 2N pdf, 2N data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Central Semiconductor, Leaded Small Signal Transistor General Purpose.

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Power gain is 20 db measured at Me ; collector-to emitter volt- age is 6 v, and collector current is 2 ma. Forward currents to 0.

You can have this kind of reliability in your military and commercial applications.

The base-collector junctionthereforerather than datashwet to the top surface where it is protected from the environment by a silicon oxide coat- ing, extends to the unprotected edges of the transistor where it is subject to contamination and surface damage. Unusually small Fastest silicon switch available: It can be used as an rf amplifier to Me and as an oscillator to 1.


Individual plug-in units provide frequencies of 20 me, me, and me. Because the diodes and transistors are manufactured and connected in batches, the cost of these units is competitive with that of conventional compo- nents and less than that of other micro-circuit devices. AJ, si pnp, AJ. RA, PSI high freq. AJ ,ge npn, AJ. Update Your Transistor File Step 1. Motorola developed Annular process will take its place among the major milestones in the advancement of the semicon- ductor art.

Condensed catalog, data sheets and application notes G1 General Instrument Corp. Proven stability with inverse working voltages to volts. They employ an extruded parallel fin design and may be used in either a vertical or horizontal position.


AJ, ge pnp,AJ,si pnp. HL26 2N P58 Perform- ance, reliability and construction features are the same as have been successfully used in Westing- house military type transistors for the last-three years. Test conditions are determined in a digital manner by prepunched cards.

Types are listed in order of increasing value of key parameter. Write today for full information Transistor Test equipment. The Type provides ampere collector displays ampere average supply currenttwo ranges of collector supply 0 to 20 volts, 0 to voltsand 2. PIV ratings’are from 50 to 1, volts for the 6 and 12 amp packages.

Many manufacturers, upon request, provide detailed application notes and data sheets to the design engineer.

Units can switch 25 amps at collector-emitter voltages of 40, 60 and 80 v. For further details, call your nearest sales office, authorized distributor, or write to Applications Engineering, General Instrument, West John Street, Hicksville, N. Their grip actually increases as shock and vibration increases.

Total function logic Connection oriented packaging Connection oriented batch manufacturing See how these unique features will benefit you. BoxScottsdale, Arizona.

As added benefits you’ll enjoy device uniformity, fewer rejects and simplified purchasing. AJ ,si pnp,AJ,ge pnp.

2NJANTX Motorola | Bipolar NPN RF transistor, TO | Buy on-line |

A heat-treatable alloy, PD does not lose its high strength characteristics after exposure to high tem- peratures. Add a Type 1 75 Adapter and you dztasheet the range of col- lector displays 1 0 times and the range of base dahasheet 5 times. Collector-to-base voltage is 30 v, min; collector-to- emitter, 20 v, min; total dissipa- tion at 25 C free air, mw. And, because they complement each other, extensive circuit simplification is now practical within power applications.

Most typesofferguaranteed switching times of less than 50 nanoseconds. Sensitivity illumina- tion system range is 2. AJ, ge pnp,AJ,ge npn. Completely transistorized and compact, it provides simple, high speed operation at low initial cost.


Transistors are classified according to seven application categories: Threaded two-piece construction tightens to grip both sides of transistor weld flange. These new 2n9914 devices have two closely matched low-level NPN silicon planar transistors, electrically isolated but thermally connected, in a single 6-lead TO-5 package.

From this program there have emerged the four distinctive P. As a result of channeling, datashete man- ufacturers have reverted to earlier sili- con mesa structures or have deliber- ately circumvented the oxide passiva- tion in planar transistors in order to produce high voltage devices. Condensed catalog, data sheets, application and design notes T1 How to Use the Charts A color code pairs the transistor type with the value of its key parameter. Not catasheet tended for separate use, the Type depends upon the circuitry and crt of a Type to provide ampere collector 2n94, three ranges of collector supply, and ampere base supply— tor calibrated displays with Collector Current on the Vertical Axis and either Collector Voltage or Base Voltage on the Horizontal Axis.

Both the TO-5 and TO-9 tran- sistor ca cases can be accommo- dated.

Each tested transistor is automat- ically placed in the appropriate sort bin. All of the above types optionally available in any of the 4 packages shown. Gibson Electronics Marketing Co Lakewood: Oxide Surface Passivation — Prevents contamination of the junction by external agents.

Base Current, 17 steps from 0. Now, Motorola has overcome these obstacles— but it has taken a new man- ufacturing process to do so. P9, 2N A32 2N Datashet