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The consultant shall also attend all the meetings and give satisfactory explanation to the competent authorities,organizations and relevant agencies about the issues related to their proposals.

Survey works shall satisfythe requirements of detaileddesign construction drawing design in Vietnam’s regulation. Lafarge Cement Joint Venture Company. General of Southern Food Company. Time limit ofdetailed implementation for each project’s component, including assistance and technical training?

Summarize scope and objectives of the project? However, consultant is now planning that geotechnical investigation period shall be overlapped in order to reduce theimplementation period. Consultant shall check whether equipments are conforming to the specification or not and indicate wheredesign changes are necessary.

Geomatics has carried out tophoghaphic survey and bathymetric maps of the national major projects, including: Strategic Sanitation and Drainage Plan Task2. Lending agreementthat requires special attention? Key progressindicators for monitoring delivery of inputs and output of the project. Summarize scope and objectives of the project. The survey resultreport has to follow the regulation of Vietnam government including the following major contents.


Preparing projectimplementation plan for the entire project in details for each content,component with task assignment and implementationprogress? Exploratory drilling process of geology. The consultant shall finish the draft report on strategic sanitation anddrainage plan within 16 weeks from the effective date of consulting contract.

This is a licensable software about surveying, hydrographic, dredging design and supervision from Coastal Oceanographics, Inc. Cai mep — Thi vai International Terminal. Time limit ofdetailed implementation for each project’s component, including assistance and technical training. Technical and financial reports for the general Phu My. Estimating investment budget for the projectareas? Responsibleorganizations for the project? Consultant shall also respond to any queriesraised by authorities and for making any amendments to the design, calculation, drawing requested by the relevantauthorities.

Basically the document shall include followings but document’s contents could be modified through thediscussion with PMU. Establishing the design standard for thetertiary system, considering Vietnamese and International standards.

Consultant shall prepare design guideline for the facilities to be constructed in the future. Determination of the priority of project areas. Based on the comments,the consultant shall modifydocuments before submitting to the competent authorities. Implementation time and plan. All projects fulfilled by Geomatics are complied with Vietnamese and international standards such as: In order to use GPS points established in the previous study, our investigation team shall double-check theexisting points and reinstate the damaged, destroyed ones.


Dohwa Engineering Co, Ltd Korea. Examining effectiveness of the project?

96 TCN 43-90 Quy_pham_do_ve_ban_do_dia_hinh

Reviewing andarranging investment components according to priority order of the project toensure the initial objective of the project withinfixed financial scope. Surveying and dredging design are performed automatic with high accuracy and very high reliability.

Conducting basic investigation into the current situation of the projectarea? There are enough equipment to saving and transmitting data.

The geological survey works are in accordance with the current standard of Vietnam. Survey for construction- basicprinciple. Standard penetration test SPT. Site survey shall be in accordance with the following standard and criteria: WB’s role duringproject implementing period.

96TCN 43 90 Quy pham do ve ban do dia hinh | dinhhanh le –

Belowmentioned aspects shall be considered in detailed design stage, also. Key developmentimpact indicators for progress evaluation in achieving project’s objectives. Examining effectiveness of the project. The result ofdiscussion shall be noted rcn designdocument including drawings and specifications. Exact surveying quantityshall be discussed at contract negotiation period.