Documents Similar To Emilio Pujol – El Abejorro. Emilio Pujol – Cancion de Cuna. Uploaded by. Andrés A. Cuevas Tapia. El Abejorro – Emilio Pujol. Uploaded by. Learn & play tab for lead guitar with free online tab player, speed control and loop. Download original Guitar Pro tab. El Abejorro by Emilio Pujol tab with free online tab player. One accurate version. Recommended by The Wall Street Journal.

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El Abejorro (Pujol) and RH fingering – Classical Guitar

In my sheet music fingering is marked to be pimi but I use piam. The problem is or course the speed. With pimi I can play a while in a very fast speed but Pyjol gets tired after a while. With piam there seems to be no limit with the speed but I have balancing problem to get all notes played fluenty and with same volume.


Nails must be in good condition also to abdjorro like this. What do you think, should I try to get RH more relaxed to play the whole piece pimi?

Classical Guitar

I think I can increase the speed with hard training but piam feels better for me. How should this be fingered?

The tempo I like to play this piece is equal with Narciso Yepes playing. Try also, Piai which gives the right hand a nice balanced feel. However for performance the thing that matters is how it sounds so for performance use whatever fingering makes it sound the way you want it.

You mention “The tempo I like to play this piece is equal with Narciso Yepes playing. The problem with the p-i-a-m fingering is the lack of independence between a and m.


Once you get each finger moving smoothly and independently in its “orbit” then speeding up will not be that much of a problem. All the best, Viktor van Niekerk http: This is really the technique he used and not a guess. If you are interested in the technique Narciso Yepes invented to play “El abejorro” at that tempo as on his recordingit is not pimi or piam, but pami – yes, a tremolo – but m plays a higher string than a and i. Board index All times are UTC.