Review of the Akai E2 Headrush looper pedal. The user manual isn’t as helpful as you would expect it to be so you will have to discover some of the features. Is there an optional expressional pedal that I can add to the Akai E2 HeadRush to control. Akai E2 Headrush Delay Looper Pedal Manual. Akai Professional E2 Headrush Review – based on Question/Answer format so you can skip around to . You would need to manually do this.

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The price of the E2 is low for a type 4 and mid-range for a type 1. February 15, at I tried using one I had found from a cordless phone and it made a hum. Worked great at first.

E2 Headrush home page. When you plug a second cable into the EFFECT output, only then do the original and delayed signals route to different outputs. It would be greatly appreciated. Maybe another reader has a suggestion here.

Should I just give up on this? Must be a systemic problem for this unit. It works well depending on how much you headrushh to use this.

Akai E2 HeadRush – Looper Review

Really helpful guide, thanks! Thank you for everything, I found diddly skwat on the net till I came across your blog!! To print the manual completely, please, download it. October 27, at If you are buying it anyway, why not let some of your cash go to your favorite web site?

We are not affiliated with any manufacturer, but we do offer affiliate links to purchase most of the equipment we discuss at 3rd party sites such as Amazon. Now shuts down at any point of a loop.


Akai E2 HeadRush instruction manual and user guide

Headrush can also simulate a 4-head analog tape echo machine and it is possible to set the spacing between the virtual heads to create complex multiple delays and repeats.

It turned out to be an even better deal than I imagined, because the seller forgot to mention that the pedal came with a generous helping of organic matter, lovingly applied all over the pedal. The maximum delay time is Check the original power supply, or it might also have the same info on the pedal itself Some power supplies put out AC current, others put out DC current.

You could simply wire the adapter plug to the terminals of a larger battery unit, but that becomes very impractical very quickly. August 11, at Even with a schematic, the hourly rate for a tech to trace through and find the introduction of the hiss would probably cost more than a new unit. This offers the maximum recording time.

Does it not have the right functionality, or is it outrageously expensive? It is packed with good features for the price. Can anyone tell me how to use a battery with this rather than the power supply, is there a connector ect.

Hey mine does the same thing, it stops the loop anytime it wants to, and also the switches doesnt respond how they were supoused to. The dual footswitch makes it hands-free to use.

The two foot switches are far apart to ensure that there are no accidents. Just a note that I fixed mine last night.

TG Headursh Did you find this review helpful? Otherwise please visit the “Read before you buy” page via the menu.

Overdubs and loops can be stretched by an extra 10 seconds in the Extend mode. August 13, at Many people trust the E2 in a live performance setting due to the use by the famous musician KT Tunstall.


The amp is very responsive to picking hard or soft, I like it like that. The manuaal is a relatively inexpensive and robust looper that works well manuwl both live performances and home use, but also lacks many of the bells and whistles of the newer loopers on the market today.

The pedal now works perfectly — no more double-taps from switch bounce and missed taps from stickiness, etc. I knew it was a long shot and probably impossible to diagnose over the web. E2 has the following features. By pressing ‘print’ button manua will print only current page.

As someone said earlier in this section, I also have a buzzing E2 unit that I only really noticed when I hopped onstage! If you get closer, you should find that it has four leads, which are coming out of two ends of the square. That being said, this pedal is not the quietest out their either.

Akai E2 Headrush Delay Looper Pedal Manual: Software Free Download – rutrackerkings

Would it be possible for some amature like myself to identify a bad semiconductor? For example, the E2 Headrush is fairly easy to use straight out of the box. All the best Joe. So basically you can do things without having to stop playing, including switching modes and changing headrksh tempo. October 24, at The unit is only about 6 months old and I only ever use it in my bedroom.

Any E2 Headrush users out there want to help out?