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This report illustrates the main results of a research on organizational structure in road transport organizations from Spanish Atlantic-Mediterranean region. This study is included in the project Potenciacion akha la competitividad del tejido empresarial espanol a traves de la logistica como factor estrategico en un entorno global GLOBALOG supported by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science in The main aim was to increase the level of competitiveness of this type of companies developing new knowledge, methodologies and practices.

In order to analyse organizational structure, we used Minstbergs typology. The results will provide indicators to improve organizational objectives. La financial education nella regione Puglia: The impact of wildfire on stream fishes in an Atlantic-Mediterranean climate: Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available The predicted increase in wildfires associated with climate change poses a risk to freshwater biodiversity that may be exacerbated by river regulation.

We studied the effects of wildfire and river management on the fish assemblages of Atlantic-Mediterranean idetnifikasi in northern Portugal. Employing a chronosquence survey covering an year gradient of impact-recovery from major fire events ca.

Across burnt sites richness and abundance were not related to time since wildfire. BAI revealed a contrast in the response of different species that corresponded to descriptive evidence from the chronosequence of burnt sites. As resource specialists, Salmo trutta were negatively impacted by wildfire; Iberian endemic cyprinids, characterized by generalist traits, demonstrated resistance. Habitat structure was a key determinant of wildfire-impact, increasing with channel slope and the degree of channelization.

The low abundance of migratory taxa S. These data demonstrate that trait profiles and habitat descriptions provide pragmatic information for the management of rivers in fire-susceptible regions and suggest that the rehabilitation of these upland stream habitats might enhance ecological resistance and resilience to catchment wildfire.

The paper is divided into two main parts. The first part of the work considers financial flows as a whole. The second part considers more in detail expenditure and revenue both in current and in capital account. The analysis shows that Sicilian regional data are characterised by similarities as well as peculiar aspects with respect both to national aggregate and the Southern A nested Atlantic-Mediterranean Sea general circulation model for operational forecasting.

A 4-year twin experiment was carried out from January to December with two different models to evaluate the impact on the Mediterranean Sea circulation of open lateral boundary conditions in the Atlantic Ocean.

One model considers a closed lateral boundary in a large Atlantic box and the other is nested in the same box in a global ocean circulation model. Impact was dnq comparing the two simulations with independent observations: ARGO for temperature and salinity profiles and tide gauges and along-track aktta observations for the sea surface height.

The improvement in the nested Atlantic-Mediterranean model with respect to the closed one is particularly evident in the salinity characteristics of the Modified Atlantic Water and in the Mediterranean sea level seasonal variability. Regional analysis of the nuclear-electricity; Analisis regional de la nucleoelectricidad. In this study was realized a ddna analysis of the Argentinean electric market contemplating the effects of regional cooperation, the internal and identifiikasi interconnections; and the identiikasi of insert of new nuclear power stations were evaluated in different regions of the country, indicating the most appropriate areas to carry out these facilities to increase the penetration of the nuclear energy in the national energy matrix.

Also was studied the interconnection of the electricity and natural gas markets, due to the existent linking among both energy forms. With this purpose the program Qkta Model for energy supply strategy alternatives and their general environmental impacts was used, promoted by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

  1734 AENT PDF

This model carries out an economic optimization level country, obtaining the minimum cost as a result for the modeling system. They were idenfifikasi the akts and necessities of each one of them, their respective demands and offers of electric power and natural gas, as well as their existent and projected interconnections, composed by the ena lines and gas pipes. According to the results obtained through the model, the nuclear-electricity is a competitive option.

Full Text Available The objectives of this study are to analyze the influence of financial development to economic regional growth on Jawa regionusing panel of province-level data on Jawa region for the period The analysis cna that used on this paper is panel data regression. The empirical results shown that financial asset and financial credit had a positive influence to economic regional growth on Jawa regionmeanwhile third party identifikazi had negative influence to economic regional growth on Jawa region.

Regional Analysis of Precipitation by Means of Bivariate Distribution Adjusted by Maximum Entropy; Identivikasi regional de precipitacion con base en una distribucion bivariada ajustada por maxima entropia.

Escalante Sandoval, Carlos A. The principle of maximum entropy POME is used to derive an alternative method of parameter estimation for the bivariate Gumbel distribution. A simple algorithm for this parameter estimation technique is presented. This method is applied to analyze the precipitation in a region of Mexico. Design events are compered with those obtained by the maximum likelihood procedure.

According to the results, the proposed technique is a suitable option to be considered when performing frequency analysis of precipitation with small samples. El modelo se aplica al analisis de la precipitacion maxima en 24 horas en una region de Mexico y los eventos de diseno obtenidos son comparados con los proporcionados por la tecnica de maxima verosimilitud.

De acuerdo con los resultados obtenidos, se concluye que la tecnica propuesta representa una buena opcion, sobre todo para el caso de muestras pequenas. Il presente testo intende essere di supporto ad un secondo insegnamento di Analisi Matematica in quei corsi di studio quali ad esempio Ingegneria, Informatica, Fisica in cui lo strumento matematico parte significativa della formazione dell’allievo.

L’impostazione didattica dell’opera ricalca quella usata nel testo parallelo di Analisi Matematica I. Il testo organizzato su due livelli di lettura.

Long-term data set of small mammals from owl pellets in the Atlantic-Mediterranean transition area. We describe the pellet sampling data set from the Vertebrate Collection of the Museum of Zoology of the University of Navarra. Identifikasu data set compiles all information about small mammals obtained from the analysis of owl pellets. The collection consists on skulls, mandibles, and some skeletons of 36 species of more than 72, georeferenced specimens.

The collection spans more than forty years and is still growing as a result of the establishment iidentifikasi a barn owl pellet monitoring network in The program will provide critical information about the evolution of the small mammals’ community in this transition zone amta it changes over time.

The Atlantic-Mediterranean watershed, river basins and glacial history shape the genetic structure of Iberian poplars. Recent phylogeographic studies have elucidated the effects of Pleistocene glaciations and of Pre-Pleistocene events on populations from glacial refuge areas.

This study investigates those effects in riparian trees Populus spp. We analysed the phylogeographic structure of 44 white Populus alba13 black Populus nigra and two grey Populus x canescens poplar populations in the Iberian Peninsula using plastid DNA microsatellites and sequences.

We also assessed fine-scale spatial genetic structure and the extent of clonality in four white and one grey poplar populations using nuclear microsatellites and we determined quantitative genetic differentiation Q ST for growth traits in white poplar. Black poplar displayed higher regional diversity and lower differentiation than white poplar, reflecting its higher cold-tolerance.

The dependence of white poplar on phreatic water was evidenced by strong differentiation between the Atlantic and Mediterranean drainage basins and among river basins, and by weaker isolation by distance within than among river basins. Our results suggest confinement to the lower river courses during glacial periods and moderate interglacial gene exchange along coastlines. In northern Iberian river basins, white poplar had lower diversity, fewer private haplotypes and larger clonal assemblies than in southern basins, aktta a stronger effect of glaciations in the north.


Buku ini membahas tentang berbagai model analisis statistika yang dapat digunakan dalam berbagai bidang penelitian. Pembahasan buku ini dilengkapi pula dengan penerapan analisis statistika yang menggunakan program SPSS versi 20 sehingga memudahkan pembaca untuk menerapkannya. Oleh karena itu, buku ini penting dibaca oleh mahasiswa atau peneliti yang melakukan pengolahan data penelitian. Full Text Available In Basilicata region there is a considerable amount of unused wood as well as the capacity to use it as feedstock for the production of bioenergy.

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Thus, the supply of renewable energy could be increased through greater utilization of forest biomass. However, for a better planning of the dnz and processing chain, the energy and forestry sectors require better estimates of the availability of unused roundwood and residues. The aim of the research was the development of a model for the spatial evaluation of biomass quantities obtainable from forestland. The results obtained point out a significant amounts of biomass distributed on most of the territory; identifikai good opportunities related to white certificate trading and c potential of business creation, entrepreneurship and local employment.

Christian Mangiwa Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui seberapa besar kontribusi pajak hotel terhadap pendapatan asli daerah, mengetahui sistem pengawasan, dan potensi yang ada untuk meningkatkan pajak hotel, mengetahui sistem dan prosedur Diperlukan upaya dalam menentukan kebijakan strategi pengendalian vektor secara efektif dan efisien. Jenis penelitian ini adalah penelitian deskriptif analitik menggunakan pendekatan cross sectional.

Teknik pengambilan sampel menggunakan sampel wilayah memperhatikan dba sampel dengan jumlah sampel responden. Pengambilan titik koordinat menggunakan GPS. Analisis data identifikasj analisis univariat dan analisis spasial.

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Be required to determine policy of vector control strategies effectively and efficiently. The type this research was analysis descriptive with cross sectional icentifikasi. The sampling technique used a sample area of attention to the proportion of the sample with respondents of total sample. Capturing the coordinates used GPS. Data analisys used univariat and spatial analisys. Kejadian banjir di Kali Juana, sudah menjadi rutinitas setiap musim hujan.

Dari Januari sampai bulan Ddna tercatat terjadi 11 kejadian banjir dibeberapa wilayah, seperti Kecamatan Kaliwungu, Undaan dan Mejobo Kab. Kudus serta Pati, Identifiksi dan Juwana Kab. Kali Juana merupakan bifurkasi Kali Serang pada Pintu Wilalung, yang berfungsi sebagai pintu pengatur banjir dibangun pada zaman Belanda tahunmelalui Kali Babalan menuju ke Kali Juana. Tulisan inidimaksudkan untuk menganalisis penyebab kejadian banjir di Kali Juana. Analisis dilakukan dengan melakukan kajani dan analisis hujan serta mekanisme aliran.

Hasil analisis menunjukkan bahwa kondisi Kali Juana dari pertemuan Kali Logung di pintu Wilalung sampai hilir telah mengalami pendangkalan akibat kemiringan dasar atau topografi yang landai, akga mengakibatkan mudah terjadi sedimentasi sehingga mengurangi kapasitas pengaliran. Hal ini menyebabkan luapan banjir sering menggenangi wilayah Kabupaten Kudus dan Pati.

Full Text Available Abstract: Analysis of Economic Literacy. The aim of this research is as an effort to increase economic literacy for individuals and households who want to achieve prosperity.

Pusat Sumber Maklumat Dato’ Haji Sarmin Md Hussin catalog › MARC details for record no.

Therefore, the obligation of improving the economic literacy needs to be done in a well-planned manner and come from dma strong intention to learn in order to improve the economic literacy. It could have an effect on the assets accumulation, a better debt management, as a protection, as well as to increase savings dnw managing spending intelligently. Tulisan ini bertujuan sebagai upaya meningkatkan literasi ekonomi bagi individu maupun rumah tangga yang menginginkan mencapai kesejahteraan.

Oleh karena itu, kewajiban meningkatkan literasi ekonomi perlu dilakukan secara terencana dan diawali dari niat untuk belajar meningkatkan literasi ekonomi karena dapat berefek pada akumulasi aset, pengelolaan utang yang tepat, proteksi, meningkatkan tabungan dan cerdas mengelola pengeluaran.

Semen Indonesia Persero Tbk.