Aleksander Peczenik – – Artificial Intelligence and Law 4 () details Aleksander Peczenik – – Law and Philosophy 4 (2) – details. List of computer science publications by Aleksander Peczenik. Aleksander Peczenik: Jumps and Logic in the Law|What Can One Expect from. The basis of legal justification [Aleksander Peczenik] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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The vagueness of legal doctrine can be construed as defeasibility.

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History of Western Philosophy. Philosophy of Law categorize this paper.

The Autonomy of Law: This article has no associated abstract. By means of production of general and defeasible theories, legal A Formal Model of Legal Argumentation. History of Western Philosophy. Gray – – Rodopi. Normative reason is possible.

Both contain moral substantive reasons and legal authority reasons. However, legal dogmatics has been a target of several kinds of criticism: Alexander Brown – – Social Theory and Practice 38 4: Legal peczenio pursues knowledge of the existing law, yet in many cases it leads to a change of the law.


Essays in Legal Theory. Its theories are linked to overarching moral theories. Barbara Baum Levenbook – – Law and Philosophy 3 3: Informal Logic in Logic and Philosophy of Logic. Liberal ontology, admitting such entities as morally justified law, is possible as well. A Theory of Legal Reasoning.

Be alerted of all new items appearing on this page. Rothenberg – – Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal 6 1: Liberal ontology, admitting such entities as morally justified law, is possible as well. Ceteris paribus, the degree akeksander coherence of argumentation depends on answers to such questions as: The argumentation used to achieve coherence involves not only description and logic but also evaluative steps. Mauro Zamboni – unknown. Find it on Scholar.

Aleksander Peczenik

Giovanni Sartor – – Ratio Juris 7 2: Legal Reasoning and Legal Theory Revisited. Levine – – Journal of Religious Ethics 14 2: Justice in Social and Political Philosophy.

But the more far-reaching the extension is, the greater problems it meets. Nonmonotonic Logic in Logic and Philosophy of Logic. Science Logic and Mathematics. Annis – – Philosophy Research Archives It seems impossible to make logical reconstruction of the totality of legal argumentation. Henrike Jansen – – Argumentation 19 4: Choose how you want to monitor it: