Ameda manual, electric and hospital grade breast pumps. Free shipping Purely Yours Ultra Personal Double Electric Breast Pump with Dottie Tote. $ A manual adapter to create a manual pump if needed. Extra valves Some positives of the Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump: It’s fairly quiet. This is my detailed reviews of Ameda Purely Yours breast pump. . I would rather take one breast shield out and do manual nipple stimulation.

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This is my detailed reviews of Ameda Purely Yours breast pump.

: Ameda Purely Yours Express Double Electric Breast Pump : Baby

If you read my story on how I stockpiled my breast milk stash, you would know that I used this pump for quite sometimes when my second baby was a newborn. So it was my first time trying a dual electric pump. In this article, I will share with you the detailed pros and cons of Ameda Purely Yours breast pump. This is great if you receive a hand-me-down Ameda pump from your relatives. In most breast pump models, typically we can only adjust the suction level, whereas the cycle speed is auto-adjusted following our chosen suction strength.

This creates a yourw customizable experience because every mother has different preferences regarding cycle speed, independently from the suction strength.

For example, I love to use high-speed cycle with high suction, which, unfortunately, cannot be done with some pump model.

Ameda breast pump is very light-weight and compact, making it very portable to tote around. I can put Ameda pump motor with all the collection kit bottle, breast shield etc plus several Avent VIA cups into my cooler bag without overstuffing it.

That means only one bag for carrying every thing! This feature can be seen clearly from the connection between suction tube to the breast shield see picture. You can easily notice that the tube is placed very high, far away from where the milk comes in.

This brings several advantages, including easy clean up no one likes cleaning dirty amnual, ugh.

Do you know that Ameda is FDA-approved? I think having an assurance that the pump you are using is acknowledged by FDA is one great plus point. The pump motor also house two bottle holders, which are very useful when you are setting up your pump, and especially when you clean up afterwards. A lot of breast shield sizes to choose from. In addition to the standard size breast shield 25 mmAmeda also offers custom-fit breast shields with varying dimensions.

Size M-L contains Additionally, you can also use Pumpin Pal breast shield with Ameda shields. What are some of thee major complaints that I have with this pump? This is very different from other breast pump models for example, Spectra S1 has 12 distinguished suction levels, whereas Medela has In my opinion, changing the design slightly by adding ticks around the knob will tremendously help in navigating around different suction and speed level.


I bet all Ameda users would love to see this change. Yeah, theoretically you can stimulate let down by turning the speed to the maximum while keeping suction low. Unfortunately, I found that the maximum speed is still too slow to aemda let-down. I would rather take one breast shield out and do manual nipple stimulation to get much quicker let-down. For spare-part availability, Ameda still can not beat its rival, Medela, whose spare parts are widely available in various retail stores.

To buy replacement parts, you need go to specialty stores or buy online, such as in Amazon. Having said that, I would suggest, if you decide to buy Ameda pump, you better buy some replacement parts as well to minimize the hassle in the long run, especially parts that can wear out quickly such as the duckbill valves. This lightweight and compact breast pump is clearly designed for working mothers. Of course, if you are a stay at home mom wanting to express extra breast milk for your baby, you can use this breast pump as well.

Breaet an exclusive pumping mom would prefer to rent its hospital-grade model called Ameda Elite. Ameda Purely Yours breast pump is a nice and compact double breast pump with simple yet powerful features. The highlight of this breast pump is its ability to control suction and cycling speed independently. You can read more Ameda Purely Yours reviews here. In my opinion, I would rather buy Spectra M1 which offers similar portability, closed system design, pumpp definite 5 suction levels though cannot control speedand adjustable let-down modeat much more affordable price.

Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump Reviews – Living with Low Milk Supply

OR if controlling the cycle speed is a MUST-HAVE feature for you, check out the more popular Spectra S1which offers 12 preset suction levels, independent control of cycle speeds, 5 preset let-down mode, with built-in battery which lasts up to 3 hours pumping. You can read my Spectra S1 review here. I hope this pmup helps you to learn more about the detailed pros and cons of Ameda Purely Yours breast pump. Having learned all the benefits and the drawbacks, would you still want to buy this breast pump?

What do you think? Can you explain me where can these pumps be used else of sucking out breast milk? Or is there any other purpose for sucking out milk other than feeding a baby?

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It is great that this pump has adjustable suction levels. And ability to work with seperate AA batteries is awesome. A breast pump is solely used to extract milk out of breasts. This is usually done when the mother cannot nurse baby directly for example, the mother needs to work full-time outside but still wants to provide breast milk to pjmp baby.

You are right that Ameda PY is a decent pump. Btw, you pointed out a good advantage of Ameda PY. By having AA batteries as alternative power source, one does not need to worry if she forgot to bring the AC adapter. I would place Ameda Purely yours as a decent double electric breast pump. Breaet lately I have been impressed with Avent pumps. That been said, each mom has her personal preferences And I know quite some of them. Hi Mariassa, I agree with you that Ameda is a decent pump.

About Avent, in general I love Avent products I use ylurs bottles and sterilizer and I love the old version of Avent manual pump.

I ended up buying a Spectra S1 and much prefer this. But I agree that it has some noise. Your email address will not be published. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. I thought breastfeeding is a natural thing. That every mom will eventually master breastfeeding. So I did literally nothing during my first pregnancy to prepare for breastfeeding oh. But I think it would be interesting to write a separate post about how Haakaa can be used by a mom who does not leak.

Have you ever heard of Baby Buddha breast pump? As a fan of Spectra S1, I am […]. Are you thinking to buy Medela Swing breast pump? Then, this post is for you. In this review, I will discuss thoroughly the pros and cons of Medela Swing electric breast pump. I personally own this purchased around 2 years ago and have been using it regularly ever since.

You may also like: Is It Worth Buying? Comments It looks like a decent pump. It lookss like a high-tec equipment. Hi Tyler, A breast pump is solely used to extract milk out of breasts. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.