Introduction: Bacon’s fame as a writer depends most of all on the fact that he is the father of modern English prose. He evolved a prose style that. Get an answer for ‘What examples of Francis Bacon’s aphoristic style can be seen in his and find homework help for other Francis Bacon questions at eNotes. Get an answer for ‘Examine the aphoristic style in Bacon’s essays.’ and find homework help for other Francis Bacon questions at eNotes.

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An aphoristic style means a compact, condensed and epigrammatic style of writing. An aphorism is a short sentence expressing a truth in the fewest possible words. An aphorism is like a proverb which has a quotable quality. Aphooristic excels in this kind of writing. Indeed, his essays are replete with aphorisms.

Aphoristic style of Bacon – NEOEnglish

Any number of examples could be given from his essays to illustrate this style of writing. Francis Bacon is generally recognized as the first great writer of English philosophy although he had no great respect for the English language. Aphoriwtic is a known fact that Bacon is influenced by Montaigne. Bacon displays a great talent for condensation. Every sentence in his essays is pregnant with meaning and is capable of being expanded into several sentences.

Bacon’s prose style.

Many of his sentences appear to be proverbial sayings or apophthegms by virtue of their gems of thoughts expressed in a pithy manner. He can say that most in the fewest words.

His essays combine wisdom in thought with extreme brevity. The short, pithy sayings in his essays have become popular mottoes and household expressions. Take the essay, Of Truth. There are a number of aphoristic sentences in this essay. Some of these may be quoted here:. Here Bacon wants to convey the idea that the statement of a truth becomes more attractive when a lie is mixed with it.

Aphoristic style of Bacon

Thus, whenever we want to defend a lie, we aphoridtic quote this sentence from Bacon. Here Bacon wishes to convey the idea that much harm is caused by a lie that settles down in the mind because such a lie will keep working upon the mind and will have long—term effects. A lie that is heard and then styel will not cause any injury to a man. Here Bacon conveys a valuable moral by the use of the minimum possible number of words. Here are some of the sentences that are eminently quotable.


The essay, Of Great Place, also contains a number of pithy sentences. Here are a few examples. This sentence conveys to us the idea that every man has the highest possible opinion of himself. In other words, every man has his ego, and it is most often a highly inflated ego. Francis Bacon Prose Style. He styoe a prose style that proved for the first time that English could also be used to express oc subtleties of thought, in clear and uninvolved.

Is true that there is a vast difference between the styles of Bacon. But it is rather questionable whether this difference could be attributed to the fact that Bacon had gained a maturity of mind and intellect. Bacon wrote in more than frwncis style. The stately movement of The Advancement of Learning and Of Adversity has been achieved in itself.

Aphoristic style of Bacon: Some have admired them for dazzling rhetoric, others his grace. In Bacon we find a style which is distinct and at the same time characteristic of his age.

His style includes various qualities. Firstly, he remains the best aphoristic, so he stands the most quotable writer. There is terseness of expression and epigrammatic brevity, baocn the essays of Bacon. His sentences are brief and rapid, but they are also forceful. He evolved a prose style that proved for the first time that English could also be used to express the subtleties of thought, in clear and uninvolved sentences.

An epigrammatic and aphoristic style of Bacon – Khadimsubhpoto Blog –

The original idea was to make the essays into a sort of diary in which significant observations on various topics of practical importance, domestic, political, intellectual, moral, religious and social, were to be jotted down in a terse and pithy and concise language. Feancis first essays were mere skeletons of thought, grouped around central themes with suitable titles. An aphoristic style means a compact and epigrammatic style of writing.

An aphorism is like a proverb, which qphoristic a quotable quality. The style of Bacon remains for the main part aphoristic, with the result that he is one of the most quotable of writers.


There is a terseness of o, and an epigrammatic brevity, in the essays of Bacon. It is seldom carried to the extent of causing obscurity, though one or two instances do exist where this extreme condensation has caused great difficulty in understanding the meaning. Well judging by the dictionary meaning,it can be said as short and to the point way of writing.

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