The Archidoxes of Magic has 46 ratings and 0 reviews. This is a source work of medieval magic that gives complete sets of zodiacal lames. There are some differences in the formulae as found in Paracelsus’ original text, that found in Robert Turner’s English translation, and that found in Ars Paulina. Full text of “Paracelsus Archidoxes Of Magic”. See other formats. 3S&38 T J% JCELS V S Of the Sup reme Mysteries OF N A T 11 R E. A The Spirits of the Planets.

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Let them be all melted together, and the Seal formed and engraven the same hour of the Suns ingress [increase]; afterwards let it be applied when Jupiter is well placed in the eighth house of heaven, and in the day and hour of Jupiter.

That thofe things which are paracepsus polTible to be fearched out by humane reafons, by this Art, to wit, Magick, it may be found out and known: The archidoxes of magic: Thefe Spirits are worft again!! The work is the main reason for Paracelsus’ reputation as a magician: Never- thelefsI would not have all Confecrations to be rejectedbut onely thofe Ceremonies, which are, aflumed to be ufed again!! Of Iron, 3 “l.

The Virtue thereof causetth happy Journeys: Let them br both melted together the Sun entring the Signe Gemini ; which happens about the 10 or 11 day of Mayaccording to the course of the yeer. Email required Address never made public. Our Psedeceffors could not by Art finde out the Cure of this Difeafe, accounting it uncureable ; when as this is the beft way to Cure it, without any other means.

Search this index Full-text Catalog. A Primary Zrchidoxes Analysis: The Archidoxes of Magic. We’re featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book.

Archidoxis magica

Let them be all Diftilled together into an OyL ,’hcn take little Flyes, fuch as are bred in the bdCarcafo of Horfes, and make an Oyl of hem, being well bruifed.

But if it come at unequal times and hours, the contra- ry will be feen to happen j to wit, the failing eomes upon them unawares.


Although there are many prefervatives which will keep and defend paracelsuz from all thefe Fafti nations and Witchcrafts which are wrought bj the arifing. He pioneered the use of chemicals and minerals in medicine, and was among the magicc to credibly suggest that illness was the Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheimwho published under the name Paracelsus “greater than Celsus,” a reference to the first-century Roman encyclopedist Aulus Cornelius Celsus was a Renaissance physician, botanist, alchemist, astrologer, and occultist.

Preview — The Archidoxes of Magic by Paracelsus.

Archidoxis magica – Wikipedia

In his use of herbal remedies and principle of -signatures- he could easily be credited as one of the fathers of modern pharmacology. I quick Mercury, and begin neth to be mixed wi Secrets of Alchymy. Lum and Sol, Now you have the whokand progrefiion from the beginning to the encbbei Wherewith we end this fecond Treatife,and befron gin the third.

Notify me of new comments via email. The Seal of Cancer. Let the Patient alfo drink Wine every morning, wherein the faid Seal hath been fteeped all night, and afterwards hang it about his Neck again. For there is fuch a ‘onvulfion of the Brainthat the Spirits of the ght and the Brain, are impedited by a certain ofs thick vapour afcending from the Stomach nhe head, through the optick Nerves.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The soul is said to escape from the tip of the head, but when the person suffers an instant, violent death, the soul fails to escape from the head, and get stuck, as it were, at the tip of the skull. Retrieved from ” https: Let it be applied when Mercury is in the forst House of Heaven, the air being clear and serene, for then it is much better and in the hour of Mercuryfor then he ruleth the first House of Heaven; but if it cannot be, refer it to an hour of like nature, although the hour of Mercury is best.

ThePeacekeeper rated it it was amazing Nov 11, Rx of Gold, Iron, Copper, Silver, of each ii. And from oere hence that common faying tooke its beginning, hid that the Devil for this very caufe giveth not one- car! IO Paracelfus of the Chap.


Jmg ferve wife oro fume cers O who unde beta tre r iren freel; whei migh: Also, if such an Animal as follows be made of pure Iron, when Mars is Lord of the yeer, and the Sun enters the first degree of Scorpio ; afterwards when Mars is in his own House in Arieslet it be engraven as follows. Dispatched from the UK in 2 business days When will my order arrive?

Th – power and property hath Venusthat is his bod from the fpirit that is infufed into it. Advanced full-text search Advanced catalog search Search tips Full view only. Wherefore paracelssus is chiefly neceflary to induce and force fuch as are thus potted, to prayer j! Trivia About The Archidoxes of And thus much is fuf- 0 ficient to be fpoken concerning natural dreams, I and viiions appearing in the night in dreames of what belongeth thereunto: The Seal of Pifces.

Grimoires Paracelsus 16th-century books. Therefore I fpeak not without caufe, and fay, That we are not to credit all Letters, Characters or Words, but to keep to thofe onely which are trueand have been often provedand taken out of the Foundation of Truth. Cy” i a of Lend, 3 i. Wherefore it were to be m lilted, that it might be extraaed from the body lDf man, without labor or pain, without making vj incifion, comhufiion, or opening thereof: S ] ou 01 tov 1 arxhidoxes 0 V ny bit thi lea Wt ini be fte ar ICr[tare worketh in Words and Charactersm w [iere time is duly observed.

Let them be all ired with one arxhidoxes through the middle, and bed together with an Iron-wyer, and let the itient hang them about his neck. Our Predecessors could not by Art finde out the Cure of this Disease, accounting it uncureable; when as this is the best way to Cure it, without any other means.