This Standard is part of a series for plumbing and drainage, as follows: Water used for mixing concrete and cement mortar shall be free from. A O T F A H O A Australian/New Zealand Standard™ Plumbing and drainage Part 1: Water .. (b) Bends in pipes shall be free from wrinkling and flattening. of Australia and Part 6 of the Plumbers Licensing and Plumbing Standards Regulations The PCA. is now available to download (free of charge ).

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Trade Expo and Forum. The water supply system from a rainwater tank shall comply with Section 5.

The dividing or isolation valves that are fitted to the main line itself shall be at intervals not exceeding m. The health authority may also as350 against the use of rainwater tanks in certain areas due to pollution. Where used below ground, the joints shall be — a protected against corrosion with each assembled copper or copper alloy joint protected with a petrolatum-based wrapping system; and b external to a building and not under concrete.

Full text of “AS-NZS Plumbing and drainage – Part 1: Water services”

Factors to be taken into account in the selection shall include but are not be limited to — a the type of usage likely to occur; b the nature and temperature of the water to be conveyed and the risk of corrosion, degradation and leaching; c the nature of the environment and the ground and the possibility of chemical attack and permeation therefrom; d the physical and chemical characteristics of the materials and products, e compatibility of materials and products.

Magna Carta— Tutohinga Nui Kore rawa e hoko ki te tangata, e kore e whakakdihoretia, e tautuku ranei fee tangata ki te ture, tika ranei.

Pipe section GD serves both washing machine and tub H,F. The following are represented on Committee WS The available alternatives are given in Table Frree. Pumping directly from the water main is not permitted by some network utility operators.

Material requirements for pipe joints seals used in water and wastewater applications with the exception of natural rubber and polyisoprene compounds Fixed platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders — Design, construction and installation 2 1 29 Flanges for pipes, valves and fittings Fire hydrant installations Details of such systems, installation and methods should be submitted for consent to the authority having jurisdiction.


A wall -hung urinal is p,umbing to one stall. Backflow prevention ss3500 comply with Section 4 or Clause Keep up to date with news and updates about the Plumbing and Gas Industry Awards on our new Awards website!

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International Involvement Standards Australia and Standards New Zealand are responsible for ensuring that the Australian and New Zealand viewpoints are considered in the formulation of international Standards and that the latest international experience is incorporated in national and Joint Standards.

Polybutylene PB pipe for hot and cold water applications In general, thrust blocks shall be constructed of concrete with one side bearing against a firm vertical or horizontal face of the excavation, as appropriate, and designed so that the full hydrostatic forces in the piping are transmitted to the surrounding soil without the maximum bearing pressures of the soil and piping material being exceeded see Figure 5.

This device shall be either part of the douche or installed separately. Only urinal stalls that are located adjacent to each other may be supplied from a common flush valve. The chemical composition of the water in some areas may preclude the use of soft solder joints.

The overflow shall discharge to the satisfaction of the relevant environmental protection legislation. No part of this work may be reproduced or copied in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, without the written permission of the publisher, unless otherwise permitted under the Copyright Act Australia or the Copyright Act New Zealand. Using the inflow rate determined from Paragraph 02 i.

Contact your local Public Library to see if they subscribe to Standards Australia. Steel flanges 1. If it is expected that the dwelling s vvill have a larger demand, then the probable simultaneous flow rate may be estimated using the loading unit method outlined in Appendix D.

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For minimuin cover, see Clause 5. IO 6 2 Sink standard tap 0. Where there is no such program, these devices shall not be fitted and the standard air gap requirements shall apply. Pressures above kPa can cause damage from water hammer, reduced life of appliances, taps and fittings, and cause excessive noise in the system.


Reissued incorporating Annendment No. J Backflow prevention devices that are not provided with test taps for the purposes of testing the operation of the devices. This guide is to help you find information for your Plumbing course. Attend your local Industry Golf Day! These areas shall include ash pits, tanks, ponds, manure bins, waste disposal depots, and wastewater treatment works. In the case of pipe systems with elastomeric seals, the piping shall be backfilled leaving the joints exposed until completion of the test.

Stainless steel pipes and tubes The tank surfaces shall then be hosed down and flushed with drinking water prior to being put back into service. For more frequent listings or notification of revisions, amendments and withdrawals. Member Benefits Check out the amazing benefits available to MPAQ members and how you can take advantage of the benefits on offer! Search this Guide Search.

Design for access and mobility: The pipes and fittings shall be selected from those listed in Appendix B, unless otherwise approved by the authority having jurisdiction. Where an elastomeric seal gasket is normally provided in the line or in a fitting, it shall not be replaced with mastic or sealant compounds. Where a property is served by a greywater supply, the following shall apply: Step 2 Determine the index length.

Using the Master Plumber Logo for Branding! The program may be used for the closing down of automatic urinal cisterns during periods of non-occupancy of a building. Where pipes are not integrally coloured purple, identification may be achieved by means of close fitting durable purple coloured sleeving, netting or spirally wrapped tape.