View and Download Bosch CCS Ultro installation and operating manual online. Discussion System. CCS Ultro Security System pdf manual download . Bosch Security Systems B.V. | CCS Ultro | Installation and Operating Manual en | 3. Table of Contents. 1. About this manual. Bosch Security Systems has updated its CCS Ultro Discussion System with built-in MP3 recording capability to enable record and playback.

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There is a double headphone socket for two users per microphone. Doubling as a base for more complex discussion management systems, CCS Ultro also offers various connectivity options including tele-conferencing and video conferencing, and interpretation and language distribution. Videoconferencing system Excellent base installation for dynamic business environments The CCS Ultro makes an excellent base installation for larger-scale international business and conference centers.

To print the manual completely, please, download it. The LBB CCS Chairman Units are equipped with enhanced functionality that enables the user to take the role of chairman in a conference or meeting.

The control unit also features an LCD screen that displays information such as the date and time of a recording, file name, elapsed recording time, number of recorded tracks, and memory status. Each unit shall have a 2 m In override mode, delegates cannot override chairmen ; Chairman only mode — only chairmen can speak.

In override mode, delegates shall not be able to override chairmen Chairman only mode – shall only allow chairmen to speak. Extension Cable Assembly The extension cable assembly shall consist of 5 m in and 10 m in of 6 mm 0.

Bosch CCS 800 Ultro Discussion Microphones in Case

When pressed emits cord to connect the CPSU to the mains socket. It has all the facilities required for achieving full control of meetings and discussions, without the need for an operator. In the courtroom, MP3 audio recording or playback mode secures and replays testimony. The name Bosch has been synonymous with innovation for over years. The CCS Ultro lets the chairperson manage and record the proceedings. A flexible solution for this type of venue, the CCS Ultro, allows the chairperson to guide and record the proceedings while providing excellent speech intelligibility throughout the room.


The unit shall include a microphone with a red indicator ring, which shall illuminate when the microphone is on.


Operational modes and applications The four operating modes are readily adapted to a variety of situations: This control also determines the maximum cccs for the headphone outputs of the contribution units and the CU. All microphone light rings and contribution unit LEDs light up to indicate that units are properly connected.

There shall be two 3. All microphone light rings and contribution unit LEDs light ulto to indicate that units are properly connected External wired or wireless microphone — for guest speakers or audience participation.

Data subject to change without notice June 03 Built-in monitor loudspeaker The built-in monitor loudspeaker and headphone socket allow the conference to be monitored. Submit your own EV story. Delegates may participate remotely by telephone via a telephone coupler connected to the Control Unit. DCN Interpretation Desk 8: An optional chime shall be selectable to precede chairman priority calls.

An audible beep and a flashing LED indicate when the SD Card is almost full and the user needs to replace it with a new card. With its unique built-in MP3 audio recording and playback feature that works with removable Secure Digital SD Cards, the system records proceedings digitally for reliable archiving, playback and general meeting management.

Page 23 For more information please visit www. Note Chairmen can always switch on and off their microphones and are not included in the max. The system includes a Control Unit that can handle up to delegate units.


The result is excellent speech intelligibility under all conditions. The delegate and chairman units, and Control Units, are designed for portable or fixed tabletop mounting. The recordings can be played back via a monitor loudspeaker integrated into the control unit or via the Bosch CCS Ultro tabletop unit.

Become a partner Contact Dynacord Gear Store. Component 1 Ultor Unit Dimensions including feet 84 x x mm 3. Provides control for up to contribution units Up to 3 CUs can be used together in a discussion system to power and control a maximum of contribution units.

Via the chairman unit, bozch chairperson has access to a priority button with an attention tone to temporarily or permanently mute all delegate unit microphones. The CCS Ultro Discussion System from Bosch brings order and convenience to small and middle-sized gatherings and conferences – the easy way.

Best of all, the CCS Ultro system can record the entire session or key segments on removable SD Cards ultrk an easy and accurate method for archiving on a PC or separate storage device, and playing back previous testimony.

It uses a yltro power supply, which is available on all microphone inputs on Bosch public address amplifiers. Control Unit with Recorder 2: For large, noisy environments, plug-in earphones eliminate background noise. As an option, the recording is only active when a microphone is active.

Built-in volume control for headphones The headphone volume level can be adjusted by means of a thumbwheel on the unit for maximum comfort. Design and 3D visualization Presentation Equipment: To prevent acoustic feedback, the builtin loudspeaker is automatically muted when the microphone is on.