Prophecy of the Golden Age from Brahma Vaivarta Purana – The following are ten verses from the Brahma-vaivarta Purana that were spoken by. So tell me first for certain know how old is Brahma Vaivarta Puran since you seem to know so much about its age? Now ShriMad Bhagavatam is the highest. Brahma Vaivarta Purana 1. Brahma Vaivarta Purana. Text 32 çré-kåñna uvaca kalau daça-sahasrani haris tiñöhati mediném devanaà pratima pujya çastraëi ca .

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I have already explained this to You. I do not desire anything but that. Now my life is a success. She is His wife. He is never born. He became a siddha and accepted a wife. Please accept this pure padya water and this beautiful flower. The tradition and other Puranas assert that this Purana had 18, verses.

Because it is by His mercy one uproots his past karma and atttained devotional service, He is called Krsna.

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They sang and danced with joy. Other scriptures Bhagavad Gita Agamas. O king, do something to stop him. Although a version may have existed in late 1st millennium CE, its extant version was likely composed in the 15th or 16th-century in the Bengal region of Indian subcontinent. Numb and stunned, she began to tremble.

Child, in an amsa incarnation you will go to the earth. Who can count the atoms in the universe? You are identical with Me.

Many Vidyadhari girls danced with grace. She was the colour of a beautiful campaka flower and her lips were ripe bimba fruits. Mother, I have cursed You. Responding to the appeal of Brahma, the demigod of creation, and aided by His Yogamaya potency, He has come to this rbahma.

O wise one, you will be liberated even in this life. O infallible one, You have the power to assume any btahma You wish, and I have that power also. How many wise men are there?

What philosopher can describe something no one has seen or heard of before? There they saw the gatekeeper, who was named Devabhana, I am the Lord whom resides in Svetadvipa.


Why did Durvasa Muni curse the king of Pandya-desa? Yogis are devoted to yoga.

You are being redirected

O sage, millions and millions stood outside. Then Siva and Yamaraja also recited this same prayer. Why do You need Me? He will give a florist, a tailor, and a hunchback girl liberation from the vaivatra of repeated birth and death. You should stop the demons.

Please stop the demons. She wore exquisite garments and Her beauty was richer with jewel ornaments.

I will remove the burden of these demons. From the kick of the Supreme Lord, who maintains all the universes, the cart at once broke into pieces.

Why should He be afraid?