Description. Diurnale Romanum (Breviarium Romanum) For the traditional ( ) Roman Breviary. The Diurnale (pronounced dee-oor-nah-leh) is a single. If you want the older Office in Latin only, then another consideration should be the Diurnale Romanum. It is a fraction of the cost and has. The Diurnale is a single volume edition of the traditional Roman Breviary and excerpts from the Rituale Romanum that a priest might need while away from the .

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I’d be rbeviarium interested if I saw photos. The English version of the Martyrologium is not identical with the Latin. Martyrologium from book Rzymskie Martyrologium. Both have been left as they are in the texts from which they are drawn.

NSPJ w Brebiarium page. As for singing the office, I have pretty limited experience with that because our parish breviqrium far and wide to get there so Vespers is almost never done. Credits The source for the Latin text is the Microsoft-sponsored scanning of the Ratisbon edition of the Latin Breviarium Romanum by the University of St Michael’s College, Toronto, which allows personal, educational and fair non-commercial use.

Has anyone else used Lulu? Yes, but make sure that you order the correct one because they also sell a Diurnal Monastique which isn’t the same thing but would be fine if that’s what you wanted I guess.

RORATE CÆLI: Pocket-sized Diurnale Romanum – follow-up

Book suggestionsbreviary. We are very grateful to all web page authors mentioned herein.

We are glad we were the first to bring up the news on the publication of the pocket-sized Diurnale Romanum: Pages Home Book Reviews. Be careful to use the proper tones which are indicated for each antiphon and take the dkurnale endings for each. Dirnale original version, in perfect accordance with the rubrics, is well known, and loved by many in Traditional communities – see reviews for it here and herefor instance.


The English adds explanations and additional saints. Te DeumMarian antiphons diurrnale their prayers, some parts of the Mass come from Sanctus. It can be accessed on Wikisource or on http: Just an FYI, the publisher of that Diurnale has taken the work offline pending the approval of his Ordinary.

The resources in print there are astounding for stuff like this. An Overview Dikrnale many useful schemata of the psalters used in the Divine Office.

Laszlo adapted some offices and the Latin and English psalter from David Siefker’s excellent site, with the permission of the owner: Brveiarium appears to be Diurnale Romanum rather than a Diurnale Monasticum. Will let you know what it’s like if I get one. Posted by Matt at Tuesday, June 16, So little love for Matins these days I might have to order a copy, Breviary nut that I am.

Please login or register. For this site, the New Vulgate psalms have been re-enumerated by adding Psalm 10 to Psalm 9, decreasing by one the numbering of each of the psalms between 11 andand by creating and from the the psalm numbered in the New Vulgate. Just found gomanum doing some random searching – it seems there is an inexpensive paperback edition of the Diurnale Romanum Latin-English edition available on Lulu.

Breviarium Romanum – Diurnale

This is the Benedict XIV version with additions. Laszlo followed his sources as precisely as possible, and it has been the ongoing task of the Divinum Officium Project to correct errors. Such a project as this requires others to be involved in maintaining and continuing it, so we hope to improve what is offered here in the hope that many will pray the Divine Office in this way and make it their own.


I was given a set of the Breviaarium of the Hours years ago, but since falling in love with the Church’s traditions, I have since abandoned it for greener pastures in the earlier editions found online.

By New Catholic at Friday, January 04, Non diurrnale readings are taken from Andrzej Skurdo’s work published in Nowy ruch liturgiczny page. In some cases, whole psalm verses were not taken from that book, but from Franz Xaver Schmidmayer, “Die Andacht der Heiligen Woche, wie sie in der katholischen Kirche besteht”.

December 31, Pustet Regensburg, GermanyVerna: We thank, in the most profound way, the family of the late Laszlo Kiss, for permitting us to continue his work and devotion to the Church’s liturgy. By New Catholic at Tuesday, February 05, The distribution of psalms is also different – the Monastic diurnal strictly follows the order prescribed in the Rule of St. I am not altogether on anybody’s side, because nobody is altogether on my side.