This Service Manual is intended for use by service personnel and details the construction, theory of operation, and maintenance for the Brother machines. Mfccw Repair Manual. One sort of brother mfc cw service manual is the fact that which includes a technical device. It may help explain installation. One sort of brother laser printer service manual is that which features service manual that you’ll require. SERVICE MANUAL BROTHER MFC CW. Brother .

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Page [ B ] Printout of firmware switch servvice Function The machine prints out the setting items of the firmware switches and their contents specified. Carriage motor 11 Remove the carriage motor from the engine unit by removing the two screws. An individual ink cartridge also has a “manufacturing information label.

Valid except when ‘call reservation’ is selected. Automatic Setting of the equalizer 0 1: However, the machine may brotuer to detect the CI signal normally due to noise superimposed at the time of reception. The latch spring may pop out of the control panel base.

Next press the four times.

Brother DCP6690CW Service Manual

Page 4 Unlatch the power cord bush and pull sdrvice up from the AC cord holder. Page of Go. Release the two hooks inside the ADF front cover from the upper ADF chute, then release the two holes from the bosses on the bottom of the document cover.

Use the latter group if the machine malfunctions due to mismatching.

Problems due to the user’s actions Check Possible causes Problems that may result Document guides The document guides are not positioned Documents will skew. Selector 7 is applicable to models with ADF unit. Escape from phase C 0: No pattern Not used. Customizing codes customize firmware for individual models, enabling the common firmware to be used for various models.


Enable Protection of head caps from drying No. The firmware switches have been set at the factory in conformity to the communications standards and codes of each country. Transmission of caller ID wetting pulse If the machine fails to display a caller ID due to a wetting pulse transmitted after the detection of a tone alert, disable the transmission of caller ID wetting pulse. Then disconnect the document width sensor harness from the PCB.

If you replace the main PCB, be sure to carry out this procedure. Not masking Masking No.

It automatically switches to the former at the start of a scan operation if the document front sensor inside the ADF detects a document. Use Function code 01 in the maintenance mode, unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet, and disconnect the backup battery. Recording paper Check that: The following describes this adjustment serfice components and their roles.

The torque 6490w to the SB roller can be disengaged by the SB clutch lever engaged with the outer profile of the DX cam. In addition, some files are archived, so you need WinZip or WinRar to open that files.

Disable regardless of borderless printing selector 6 on AMS These selectors activate or deactivate the dial tone detection function which detects a dial tone when a line is connected to the Manjal.

Manufacturing limitations, however, make perfect alignment impossible during mass production. Page Appendix 2. Remove any adhesive remaining left on the PF roller gear L. For detailed backup and restoration procedures, refer to Chapter 9, Section 9. Each damper assembly has two chambers. Click Finish to return.



After applying the grease at the center of a gear teeth, rotate the gear until the lubrication point is hidden by the adjacent gear, taking care not to touch the paper pull-in rollers. ADF” in steps 2 and 3 below produces nothing.

It will be sent to the user upon request. Page Given below is the relationship between the LCD indication, sensor name and sensor status. Page The external memory eervice being used maual another operation. Models with touch panel Press the A key on the touch panel.

Then release the power cord from the cable guides provided on the AC cord holder shown on page Page 75 Ink cartridge components and their main roles – Disc valve S A plastic needle in the refill base opens this valve to supply air to the ink cartridge.


For European models, a cordless handset can be registered to up to four base units. Error Code Symptom Probable Cause Solution Hex The switchback paper Too much ink used for top- Pull out the DX paper tray 1, detection sensor does not face printing had made the open the DX cover, brothe come ON within the paper curly or wavy so that remove the jammed paper.