DP Codes Page 2 of 3 7 Read out all the codes in Service/Protocol section Remember the codes only show the symptoms, not the problem DP # Message Given. Cafina C60 Automatic 2 Cup Espresso Cappuccino Machine with Grinders Type C | Business & Industrial, Restaurant & Food Service, Bar & Beverage. Michaelo Espresso is the exclusive US importer of Cafina Super-Automatic espresso machines. With minimal training on the Cafina c60, your staff can deliver.

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See all condition definitions – opens in a new window or tab. Clean underside of piston Counts of Cleanings NO Powdered Cleaners, Check other piston codes cafian cleaning tablet per cycle Should caflna at least on Cleaning for each day since last service Steam boiler slow to fill Filters, Water flow to machine, Autofill solenoid Steam boiler takes more than 30 sec to fill Piston position Piston fault code during Check for other piston related codes start-up Temp brew boiler No signal or high Plug J13 wires on ICU loose over deg.

It is normal to see a some codes in the memory, c0 are a record of the self correcting actions of the machine. Do not use a longer screw. Pump set too high, set csfina 8 bars in handling Brew valve leaking through vent tube. Coffee Maker Cafina alpha Operating Manual 36 pages. Don’t have an account? Installation Check list Page 2 of 2 Section 2: Press roller with finger, switch should click on and off.

It also signals if the Tamp is in the brewing chamber. The stress from thousands of cycles can damage the wires even if the outer insulation looks fine. Buyer is responsible for removal of lots purchased by Friday, January 26 at 3: Unscrew the top of the Hex shaped Safety valve cafinz the brew boiler until water flows out into the drip tray.


Service Mode Cafina c60 Service Manual The Handling section is used to test the operation of individual parts of the machine without having to run complete cycles. Translate description Espresso Machine: See Auction Information for full details. Nevertheless if it is used incorrectly, an element of danger always remains with every item of technical apparatus in spite of all the precautions taken in the design. Remove the Steam Tip by unscrewing it from the wand and clean out the holes. Coarse – moves the burrs further apart, and speeds up the actual shot time.

Troubleshooting Cafina c60 Service Manual No flow from spout: Swing bottom of panel out of the front of the Drip Tray 7. General Service Cafina c60 Service Manual When the piston bounces at the top or bottom of its travel, it may have lost count of the steps for the step motor. Do not let beans run out during reference.

This end of the cable must be connected to the Step Motor. Sec Seconds is normal for 65ml 5. Powerboard may be burned Short in: A single drop of water may free the plunger if it is stuck.

Maintenance Cafina c60 Service Manual The condition of the grinder burrs is monitored by watching the change in grinding time for the reference cfina.

Cafina Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

cfina Coffee leaks inside machine: The auctioneer reserves the right to reopen the bid in the best interest of the University of Washington. Run Reference if needed Double shots should average 14 seconds 8.


Take slight left at 25th Ave NE. Switch is bad if there is any hesitation in the readings ie. Disturbances are displayed either in plain language e.

See Instructions for Clearing O Data to reprogram. Take Exit toward NE 80th Street. Run A Cleaning Cycle.

Cafina C60 Automatic 2 Cup Espresso Cappuccino Machine with Grinders Type C | eBay

Use white Teflon washers as needed. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Once the grind is properly set, the machine will self adjust as these conditions change.

During brew cycle Line from Brew valve to piston Line from tamp to Spout Bleeder screw on top of Tamp Pressing valve not working During cleaning cycle Misaligned Puck Chute Leak from underside of brew chamber — replace piston Water Leaking into drip tray from behind front panel: Reed switch shorted DP 07 No.

Turn right at cqfina Ave NE.

Worn burrs take longer to grind the same amount of coffee. A broken motor will make a clicking sound Checking the motor out of the machine: Back to home page Return to top. The most common switch failure causes the slider to hit the bottom edge of the Tamp Coffee pucks stuck in the chamber or coffee grounds under the piston assembly will prevent the piston from moving all the way down and may give piston switch DP codes.

Resistance should toggle from infinite to less than 2 5. Check pressure on gauge. Line Pot Test Page 1 of 2 Section 6: