The story is told by Willie Ashenden, a character who previously appeared in Maugham’s short-story collection Ashenden. A novelist, Ashenden is befriended by. Full text of “Cakes And Ale Maugham” ORG ELECTRONIC REPRODUCTION PROHIBITED CAKES AND ALE knew that nothing short of a downright “go. Complete summary of W. Somerset Maugham’s Cakes and Ale. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Cakes and Ale.

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He was always cordial, but today his cordiality took my breath away. They commended his book; many of them asked him to luncheon. Since his death Driffield has been hailed by polite literary society as lion, a man whose work reflects impeccable taste of the world around him. Of course you know which my fa- vourite is. When there was a plot, it was a bit predictable.

Vakes had grown a little and I had had a new suit made at Tercanbury, blue serge and very smart, and I had bought a new tie. Everyone looked at me, and I felt very uncomfortable.

CAKES AND ALE () by W. Somerset Maugham | Tipping My Fedora

Wise, witty, deeply satisfying, Cakes and Ale is Maugham at his best. I demurred, for I had not seen Driffield for five- and-thirty years and I could not believe that he would remember me; and if he did though this I kept to myself I could not believe that it would be with pleasure. William Somerset Maugham was born in Paris in I hope those pressures majgham real life are pleasant maughwm than irksome ones, Sergio. Beauty is that which satisfies the aesthetic instinct.

Lady Hodmarsh and the snd immediately assumed that cringing affability that persons of rank assume with their inferiors in order to show them that they are not for a moment aware that cakws is any difference of station between them. The book was quickly removed from sale by its English publisher, supposedly at the behest of Somerset Maugham.

I was thrilled with the importance it gave me. I had already heard voices in the next room, but they were maugha as she opened the door and, entering, shut it behind her. He certainly takes a side swipe at Evelyn Waugh another favourite author of mine and is at his best when sniping at the literary world and also laughing at himself as a young, priggish and snobbish youth. He was smoking his pipe and looking at the portrait. The Goodreads description for the book is reasonably accurate, th This particular book was adopted as a common read in one of my Goodreads groups, which is how I came to read it previously, I’d ahd never heard of it.


Now I felt my heart pounding against my chest so that I could hardly breathe.

From Cold Comfort Farm to Infinite Jest: ten novels with titles from Shakespeare

I wonder if you have in your possession any letters that he wrote to you and if so whether you would let me have copies of them. Kear, knowing that William Ashenden had a long acquaintanceship with the Driffields as a young man, contacts Ashenden to get privy information about Edward’s past, including information about his first wife, who has been oddly erased from the official narrative of Edward’s genius.

I did get the feeling that Maugham shifted in his moods quite a bit while writing this novel. I paid no attention to him, but he passed backward and forward and it looked as though he were waiting for someone. Alroy Kear told me that before that he was almost too bohemian. Remem- ber me to her, will you, and ask her to look in on her evening out. What gets difficult is the inevitable fill-in game whereby the reader will recognize much of the story as autobiography, and attempt to fit real names into the character niches.

I wonder if this clamour is anything more than the cry of distress of those who cannot make themselves at home in our heroic makgham of machines, and I wonder if their passion for beauty, the Little Nell of this shamefaced day, is anything more than senti- mentality.

In my heart I found him affected, verbose, and insincere.

Who but the English would pay to see a dancer so decrepit that he can hardly put one foot before the other and say to one another ad- miringly in the intervals: He does not want to be a bore, but if the critic has nothing to do on Wednesday or Friday will he come and lunch at the Savoy and tell him why ex- actly he thought his book so bad?

I was fifteen and had just come back from school for the summer holidays. Then the day came when I had to go back to school.

No one could naturally be an so cheery so early in the morning. It may be that another generation, accommodating itself more adequately to the stress of life, will look for inspiration not in a flight from reality, but in an eager acceptance of it.


His villains have always been villainous, his heroes heroic, and his maidens chaste. And often through humor.

She was a woman of about five-and-forty, I judged, with a small sallow face and neat, sharp features. The mathematician who after seeing Phedre asked: I tried and tried and at last came to the conclusion that I was abnormally stupid I am inclined now to think that I was exaggeratingbut even after my pride was sufficiently humbled for me to allow the gardener to hold me up I seemed at the end of the first morning no nearer to being able to get on by myself than at the beginning.

I had also a considerable affec- tion for Roy.

Cakes and Ale

Cakes and Ale is the juxtaposition of social conventions and free spiritedness; it is the parallelism of high society tea gathering and working class society after-work bar huddle. When we came out into the street and I turned toward Piccadilly, Roy said: They looked healthy, and though not tall for the most part were strong and active. It was just the kind of room in which a distinguished writer should spend the evening of his days.

It is well done but I would only recommend it to those, like myself, who are Anglophiles interested in the art of writing. Encombe talk of the people she knew. Somerset Maugham 18 95 May 16, I should have liked to say something final and crushing, but as I could not think of any- thing I just said that I must be getting along and with a curt nod left him. There was honesty and innocence in her face and an ingenuous frankness and though then Fakes could not have expressed this, I felt it quite strongly.

After all, she devoted herself to looking after him for twenty- five years. Blackstable consisted of a long winding street that led to the sea, with little two-story houses, many of them residential but with a good many shops; and from this ran a certain number of short streets, maughamm cently built, that ended on one side in the country and on the other in the marshes.

I thought it indeed rather disgusting and I did not quite, quite believe it. Rosie is the most colorful character in the story, yet I didn’t like her much.