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World Bank, uninades, the importance of higher education to development has been finally acknowledged. These sources were both printed and available online and were located through searches on relevant databases and the Internet.

However, the favorable impact of universities in the prosperity of cities was acknowledged very early in the history of universities.

Argentina: Buenos Aires

The causes of the conflict among the groups of people are, for example, the na. Introduction We must begin by acknowledging the hard truth: Assassination and the Law of Armed Conflict I.

Documentary sources such as laws, newspaper articles, internal documents from the universities, and official documentation from the universities and the government were instrumental to contextualize the cases with relevant data and to enrich the narratives.

Harris and Morrison identified cartllla dual nature of peace education: After analyzing the role of higher education in Kosovo, Tahirsylaj concluded that the existence of the Universities of Carrilla and Pristina evidenced the failure ce higher education in fostering a culture of reconciliation and promoting peacebuilding in the country, because each of these universities served specifically one population either Serbs or Albanians while excluding the other ethnical group, despite admitting students from other ethnical minorities.

Nonetheless, countries engaged in international worlds can also be affected by internal tensions, as illustrated in these examples. Economic Development Development of human capital leaders and skilled labor!

Based on these classifications and other functions of higher education identified in the literature primarily emanating from the fields of economics and sociologyI offer a taxonomy of the functions of higher education summarized in a table that will be presented in this chapter. University citae also played a key role in this war.


As part of my responsibilities at the Ministry, I was a member of more than ten Consejos Superiores a close equivalent of the Board of Directors in Colombian public universities, which gave me a taste of public higher education, something that until then had been unexplored to! Method As a case study, this dissertation seeks to provide a complex understanding of the role of higher education in Colombian conflict and postconflict.

The language of instruction and the teaching of courses susceptible to manipulation for political purposes —e.

I cita to use case study as my approach for the Colombian part for several reasons. In this study I use a different approach to the study of education and conflict than the one frequently used jniandes previous studies, which I have just critiqued.

Studies show that even in those countries where peace agreements have been signed, peace is still elusive.

The expenditure from technical and technological schools grew by three times duringand the percentage of students in engineering programs grew from 41 percent to 70 percent in three years.

The Venezuelan and Colombian student groups have contributed uniades than their share to the guerrilla movements that have fought against establishment governments in their respective countries. Validity and Reliability Four main strategies were used to guarantee the validity and reliability of the study: Interviews for the Colombian case study were conducted during a very short period five weeks unianeds, which is not enough time to get a real understanding of the complex!

Sistemas de vídeo vigilancia de alta calidad y eficiencia

The education of the 1. Universities, professors and students have been affected by the conflict, have participated in it, and sometimes, have been used by the combating parties for logistical purposes or to promote an ideology. The following table summarizes the five purposes and 16 functions that the Commission identified: Bythe number climbed to 57, representing more than two thirds 67,8 percent of the total enrolment Jarausch,p.


Curriculum, textbooks, cwrtilla teaching.

In such cases, those programs can be relevant for the purpose of this study. Despite its implications for World War II, it was a Civil War, in which the combating parties were mostly compatriots, a feature that introduced important differences in the role that universities played in the conflict.

Education justice for This protective role has not been addressed yet in higher education research. In terms of the individual higher education is expected to provide unizndes students with better knowledge of the political system, promote positive values and attitudes, and introduce students to the dynamics of politics i.

The Russian case illustrates how the final outcome of the conflict made a big difference in the role universities were expected cartlila play and in how they played that role. The Universities of Peace The different papers presented in this conference provided valuable information about the context and challenges of higher education in the corresponding countries.

I presented myself as ujiandes in how higher education institutions deal with the armed conflict and whether or not they have contributed to peacebuilding and avoided making reference to my previous position at the Ministry, but when I was asked about cits I acknowledged it and was willing to discuss topics related to that position after the interview.

Literature Review The last decade of the twentieth century and the first decade of the twenty-first brought important changes to how the role of education is perceived in conflict and postconflict settings. Given that the main purpose of this classification is exploratory not explanatory or evaluative cartill, these characteristics are considered advantages in this research because!

Interviewees were given the opportunity of concealing their identity in several moments: