The novelist Alaa Al Aswany places his emigré characters in post-9/11 Chicago. chicago has 11 ratings and 2 reviews. Meron said: I loved this book! First of all it was amazing reading about the historical context of post 9/11 Americ. Chicago (Arabic: شيكاغو Shīkāgū) is a novel by Egyptian author Alaa-Al- Aswany. Published in Arabic in and in an English translation in The locale.

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Particularly interesting are the older characters, in some cases completely Americanized — and yet still not free of their Egyptian roots. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. The essential gift book for any pet lover cjicago real-life tales of devoted dogs, rebellious cats and other unforgettable four-legged friends.

A complete edition of John James Audubon’s world famous The Birds of America, bound in aswwani and beautifully presented in a special slipcase. Mihaela rated it really liked it Jul 08, Preview — chicago by Alaa Al Aswany. Particularly appealing about the novel is the forthrightness with which Aswany addresses the issue of Egypt’s contemporary political corruption and decay; the name of the leader that’s at the rotting head of a administration, Hosni Mubarak, is never mentioned, but he is often and unmistakably referred to, and one of the central occurrences in the book is a state visit that takes him to Chicago.

chicago by Alaa Al Aswany

Often it’s of the rather desperate sort — especially when that female virtue is meant to stay untouched — though at least one character does find a good measure of release and happiness when she shells out for a vibrator. Shayma, Tarriq, and Nagbi were the students admitted into the phd asswani program.


Also it described the Hijab as reactionary due to the Wahhabi influence on Egypt. To juggle around so many characters, and to make their paths intersect without the novel descending into a soap opera, is a task that Al Aswany takes on with only fitful success. The issues covered in the personal problems of the character include everything from the treatment of the Coptic minority in Egypt which forced one character to abandon the career he originally had hoped to pursue and the expectations of female virtue outside of marriage to the long reach of the Egyptian secret police.

I don’t want to take you from work.

Review: Chicago by Alaa Al Aswany – Telegraph

Since the publication of his successful debut The Yacoubian BuildingAlaa Al Aswany has become one of Egypt’s most celebrated writers, a vocal opponent to the corruption and nepotism that have characterized President Mubarek’s regime. Life inAmerica, Nagi, is like American fruit: Al Aswany navigates not only the mistreatment of Cairenes in the U. Get the best at Telegraph Puzzles. Sep 15, Meron Semere rated it it was amazing. We always have extra time.

One doctor still regrets having failed even to take futile steps decades earlier, while one student now takes some risks in trying to aaa least send a message to the present-day regime.

As in The Yacoubian Building Aswany juggles a number of fates, presenting their ups and downs in short chapters which tend to leave the reader dangling until he returns to them a few chapters later. About Alaa Al Aswany.

Like Telegraph Books on Facebook. It was an apartment block in downtown Cairo in The Yacoubian Building; in Chicago, it’s the campus of the University of Illinois Medical Centre, where the author studied dentistry in the Eighties.


Review: Chicago by Alaa Al Aswany

Chicago, his eagerly awaited second novel, is not as interesting or fully realised as the first, but has undeniable charms of its own. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. In both novels, Al Aswany illustrates that the cruelties of domesticity marital infidelities, self-destructive children are inextricable from the brutalities of larger political forces—domestic and international.

Her job-seeking efforts are conducted exclusively through newspaper classifieds, and both her plight and her methods seem anachronistic and over-simplified. Mara rated it it was amazing Jan 29, Working here just means showing up.

This book tells the story of the men and women of Fighter Command who worked tirelessly in air bases scattered throughout Britain to thwart the Nazis. Their storylines are connected through the Department of Histology at the University of Illinois, and histology—the microscopic study of cross-sections of biological tissues—offers a fitting analogy for Al Aswany’s narrative technique: Chicago is striking for the attention it devotes to questions of sexuality. Is this an unreliable narrator as with The Reluctant Fundamentalist?

Yet his new novel, Chicago: