RANK AND CATEGORY SPECIFIC BULLETS Officer FITREP Examples · Enlisted Eval Examples Examples for Progressing Members British Navy FITREP . Eval Bullets (Actual) ***RECOMMENDED FOR ADVANCEMENT TO CHIEF PETTY OFFICER*** **ALREADY PERFORMING AS A CHIEF, SELECT NOW!. Cpo fitrep observations. 1. CPO Fitrep Observations CDR Kevin Robinson; 2. Purpose/Method Slides that follow are a combination of a.

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His impact fitreep evident in every aspect of the Command s continued success. Resulted in the completion of 48, flight, simulator and classroom training hours.

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Current Edition Subscribe Digital Edition. He will be a great new addition to the Officer’s community. Actively involved in a 65 member Mess and Induction activities.

CWO4 Carthon is a dedicated, talented professional that I routinely depend upon. He effectively plans and prioritizes short and long-term goals ensuring WASP and Deck department exceed mission requirements. Consistently displays exemplary leadership and professionalism. The information contained in this critical document is used to select candidates for the Navy’s most challenging and key billets.

Navy Writer

Continually sets demanding goals for his department — they always rise to meet the challenge! Despite being onboard for a short time, he has made significant contributions in a number of areas at HSM—XX. Masterfully led O-3 and below watchstanders in Deck Watch qualifications and weapons certification as ship’s Section Leader.

Master Chief Valente has set unbelievable standards across the Norfolk Waterfront!


Selected as Acting Department LCPO over other senior personnel to ensure his person chirf maintained the highest level of mission readiness. He can be depended on to get the job done right the first time, every time.

All new evals and fitreps coming soon

BM1 Romans is a top performer who inspires her Sailors and gets the job done! Merely listing achievements doesn’t give any indication as to what kind of leader or supervisor the person might be. Senior Chief Proctor is a strong deck-plate leader with a proven record of achievement. He dedicated 28 hours to 4 active duty funeral details rendering the utmost respect and honors to fallen Navy veterans and their families.

Navy ChiefEval and FITREP Examples

Led 10 Safety POs; efforts resulted in zero mishaps with safety hazards in preparation for all Quality Assurance inspections. Possesses an excellent working knowledge of the Ordnance field; however, his lack of oversight, leadership and inability to communicate caused him to be relieved of his duties as the LPO.

Active member within the Chief’s Mess during transition season. Fifrep to extend 6 months to fill a critical billet.

The new system for performance assessments will end the current practice of using paper-based documents and scanned copies. The performance review overhaul will likely end the longstanding use of a five-point rating scale and expand to nine points. As the Command Financial Specialist he trained and advised 16 Sailors and Marines in good chiev decision making techniques and proper budgeting resulting in 7 security clearance approvals and zero revocations.


He led a team of 8 personnel in the testing serialization of over shore power cables to correct CIP inspection discrepancies contributing to Port Operations overall score of Volunteered to fill an IA billet to support national objectives in the Born of Africa. The most efficient way to get started is to brainstorm first. Raised espirit de corps in the department by assisting in a successful Family Day celebration for 50 staff members and their families.

Committed to excellence in every endeavor, CWO4 Gaine’s leadership, managerial and technical knowledge makes him an absolute front runner for CWO5. Current onboard procedures resulted in best practices for fleet-wide use.

Taking great ownership in his role as a Senior Enlisted leader, his influence on all personnel ship-wide is already well known. If you can select only one Senior Chief make it Senior Heider. You have a grading system, which over time has become less useful than it cgief intended because now the grades are inflated and individual grades are less than a reflection of individual traits than they fitreo a component of the overall number.

Up to date with lots of examples.

Together, the changes aim to end the unwritten rules that encourage commands to allocate their limited promotion recommendations and best evaluations to the sailors who have been onboard the longest.