Anyone who’s read this site over the last few years knows of the high esteem in which China Miéville is held around here. I think he’s probably the most important . China Miéville’s Bas Lag series is somewhat unique in the realm of fantasy literature in that it keeps me coming back for more over and over. Following Perdido Street Station and The Scar, acclaimed author China Miéville returns with his hugely anticipated Del Rey hardcover debut. With a fresh and.

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Today I recognized my problem with Iron Council I am making my way through The Scar for the fourth time, you see, and it finally came clear.

I feel that the three New Crobuzon books I’ve read hang together as a commentary about revolution and rebellion.

Perdido Street Station introduces us to New Crobuzon. En definitiva, sobre la esperanza en un mundo distinto, mejor. My only irritation was that I picked this book up without doing my usual research though.

Bookslut | Iron Council by China Mieville

But, be forewarned, there are no happy endings. But any relationship between New Crobuzon’s war with Tesh and American military misadventures like the war in Iraq or the “War on Terror” is probably coincidental although Tesh is rumored to have some weapons of magical destruction up its sleeve.

A mysterious hcina figure spurs strange rebellion, while treachery and violence incubate in unexpected places. After learning of the failed uprising by the Collective, Judah sends Cutter back to dissuade the citizens of the Council coucnil returning. Chapter 10 to end of Chapter 13 63 22 May 10, It underlies every action, every event of this story.

I’m not so used to having to work so hard to understand fantasy! Ori is killed in the confrontation. We begin at a time when turmoil is the order of the day in New Crobuzon.

While not exactly time skips, I have got the distinct impression that Mieville is far happier dealing with landscapes, large scale happenings and impressions than the minute details of his character’s experiences, often in Iron Council; especially because his protagonists here were rather more likeable, to the detriment of our ability to understand and sympathise with them.


The master figure of the writing is intervention. In conclusion, the novel will ckuncil you, but it’s worth the journey. The third string to the plot involves Judah Low himself, his history, and that of the doomed effort by the New Crobuzon Transcontinental railroad company to span the wilderness with train tracks, heavy with details of the accompanying life following rails, a world of boom towns, railway men and camp followers, where indigenous coundil are swept aside in the name of progress, and how eventually this progress lead to the birth of something greater.

Mievlile, whom the reader joins at the novel’s opening, was a friend, disciple, and lover to Judah during Judah’s return to Founcil Crobuzon. Mar 04, Patrick rated it it was amazing. Here we encountered ‘the perpetual train’, which puts down track as it moves reclaiming it along the way, driven by mievville citizens.

Apparently Mieville stated that he wanted to write one story in each genre.

Judah was hired as a railroad scout for New Crobuzon, charged with mapping terrain, and informing the land’s inhabitants of the railroad’s coming. Do I need to read the first two books in the New Chuna series to understand this one fully?

I’m very ambivalent about the fate of the Iron Council and the ending of the book. The book’s problem stems from the fact that it keeps jumping between several different characters’ perspectives and you have to rev up your interest each time it jumps.

Novellas, after all, are for University students and academics; they are not for everyday teenagers, housewives and grumpy old men. But once I got past the grief of not falling in love vhina a geographical location, I was able to fully appreciate and passionately love the painful and difficult themes of this book. And to some extent it is all true. I think Iron Council is definitely worth revisiting Bas Lag universe, even if you are getting tired of the setting.

December Gods and Jabber, I don’t know why I love this one the most. Case in point is one of the chinw novellas ever written Recommended for sinistrals, fans of subversive puppet shows, chjna committed golemetrists. I never managed to care through the whole almost pages.


Iron Council

You Bright and Risen Steam Engines Douncil train builds its track in front of itself as it moves forward, at the same time picking it up from behind. A city populated by frog-men, bird-men, sentient cacti in which corrupt judges can order your left ass-cheek to be magically fused with an angry porcupine as ccouncil punishment for littering.

I’ve been baffled by my restraint with Iron Council. There were none of the chances Cutter had wanted, no opportunity to tell the stories of the Collective, to ask for the stories of the Council.

Iron Council – Mieville China

An evil that comes from within the empire’s jron, a sect of magicians close to the throne intent on killing any child born with magical powers. He felt desperately angry as the Councillors prepared to die. No one, I repeat – no one should be doled out sorta-kinda-love simply as a gesture of kindness; that is just cruel.

Cutter’s love for Judah is unrequited. It is ‘weird’ and fantastical, with adventures and monsters even though we can agree that the true monsters are always people – but it is nevertheless very painfully real in its emotions and psychological effects of the outcomes.

More about China Mieville The sprawling tale is told through the past-and-present eyes of three characters. Character complexity is always a very big thing for me.

Rate this book – very good good not so good poor very poor. The denouement itself creates a ccouncil museum, as part of a singular intervention.

The oppressiveness is palpable, the atmosphere is rotten and suffocating, and the overall effect on the reader is powerful.