Ritterlichkeit und Ehre sind die Tugenden von Bretonia. Wir spielen als König Louen Leoncoeur und machen uns auf, unsere Herrin gegen jedwede Gefahr zu . This Pin was discovered by Drew Lilly. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Warhammer Fantasy Battles Bretonia Codex Book Games Workshop RPG Roleplaying £ £ postage. Save up to 15% with Multi-buy.

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Bretonia Gunship

Do you link the Gunship model? Would it be a suitable ship for the bretonian fleet?

You do not have permission to vote in this poll. Considering the ship’s size, weapons and maneuverability expectations the only stats Jinx and Bretobia could propose for the ship are: Old Textured Bretonia Gunship. Bretonia Ship Line Comparison. Special thanks to Jinx for fixing the bretonia capital ships textures by turning them in to UV and making the proper texturing of the gunship with the original colors!

Special thanks coedx Aeternus Doloe for giving us “light green” to work on this project with possible future inclusion in disco.


To be honest, Bretonia has no need for a Light GB. Their current one absolutely ruins Fighters and Bombers, even more so than other Gunboats. Their turrets mixed with the massive core and excellent arcs means it’s just a betonia of turretfire. I disapprove the model of low quality texture job.


My unofficial ship to-do datasheet, please contribute! I wouldn’t be against it, since Bretonia has the least-loved shipline of any of the houses. Is there a model of it already done though or is it -just- concept art?

Also I would like to know if LOD1 model has been done. I think I voted wrong in the poll. I will vote for you with alt.

Make sure that Jinx did his best to use standart capital ships textures from the vanila, which are the only “broken” in the entire freelancer modding. He did bretonja tricks of his own to texture that in the proper way. Another question is are you fan to the bretonia textures? I am sure the answer is no, but the codexx ones looks far more “heavy” and suitable on the gunship instead if Jinx used “templar skin”. I assure you of that. Their gunboat is classified as very light cruiser vanila one carry only 2 battle razors and 1 defense gun.

For 3 years a lot of people, part from all official factions of bretonia and the indies, were saying that the bretonia gunboat is outdated and underpowered. With no doubt the bretonia gunboat can own any other gunboat 1v1 but in real massive battle its the first to fall.


Bretonia dont need for example: The only broken element so far is the duty to take down fighters and fight them for a longer time – the gunship may do the job right. I am definetly up for it in RP Lore bretonia needs more lighter Gunboat to counter enemy fighters and intecept bombers and as I can see its small cheap and easy to build by the already war damaged Bretonia.

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So I vote yes I am totally up for it. About damn time bretonia received some attention towards its capital line. Shipdesigns made for DiscoveryGC. View a Printable Version Subscribe to this thread.

Contact Us Carbon test Blue Revolution. Thread Modes Bretonia Gunship. Bretonia Gunship Info Card: The gunship brstonia is a product of the Royal Bretonia Navy, created primary for anti-fighter duty. Original look – following the bretonia ship line bridge, body, engines, weapon platform 2. Standart name containing ship class with no nicknames. Standart info cardsimilar to the remaining covex bretonia cards. I am on discord: