In addition to being an interesting and profound subject in its own right, commutative ring theory is important as a foundation for algebraic geometry and complex. By comparing the tables of contents, the two books seem to contain almost the same material, with similar organization, with perhaps the omission of the chapter . Commutative ring theory. HIDEYUKI. MATSUMURA. Department of Mathematics, . Faculty of Sciences. Nagoya University,. Nagoya, Japan. Translated by M.

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If R is local, any finitely clmmutative projective module is actually free, which gives content to an analogy between projective modules and vector bundles. Even for free modules, the rank of a free module i. Finally, submodules of finitely generated modules need not be commutagive generated unless R is Noetherian, see below.

The first book was almost like rinf set of class lecture notes from Professor Matsumura’s course at Brandeis. The converse is true in a unique factorization domain, but false in general. Compared to the second book, the first had few exercises, relatively few references, and a short index.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. An important example, and in some sense crucial, is the ring of integers Z with the two operations of addition and multiplication.

Any co,mutative that is isomorphic to its own completion, is called complete. This is a desirable property, for example any normal one-dimensional ring is necessarily regular.

Therefore, by definition, any field is a commutative ring. An example of a ring isomorphism, known as the Chinese remainder theoremis. This limits the usage of prime elements in ring theory. For an algebraically closed field kmSpec k[ T 1In the remainder of this article, all rings will be commutative, unless explicitly stated otherwise. Similarly as for other algebraic structures, a ring homomorphism is thus a map that is compatible with the structure of the algebraic objects in question.


The resulting equivalence of the two said categories aptly reflects algebraic properties of rings in a geometrical manner. This number, called the valuation of r can be informally thought of as a zero or pole order of r. The dimension of algebras over a field k can be axiomatized by four properties:.

Indeed, in this language Q is the localization of Z at all nonzero integers. Mathematics Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled. Unlike for general rings, for a principal ideal domain, the properties of individual elements are strongly tied to the properties of the ring as a whole. Any regular local ring is a complete intersection ring, but not conversely.

Commutative ring – Wikipedia

At the end of the introduction, Matsumura says that he was replacing a friend who had a tragic early death due to illness. It is equipped with a topology, the Zariski topologywhich reflects the algebraic properties of R: A more practical question is whether both books are equally appropriate as references when reading a book like Hartshorne.

More general conditions which guarantee commutativity of a ring are also known. In the following, R denotes a commutative ring. The same holds true for several variables.

Exercises are provided at the end of each section and solutions or hints to some of them are given at the end of the book. Spectrum of a ring.


The first book has a marvelous development of excellence chapter 13 ; the 2nd says almost nothing about it.

Commutative Ring Theory

Note there are also two editions of the earlier book Commutative algebra, and apparently only the second edition according to its preface includes the appendix with Matsumura’s theory of excellent rings. Among the four axioms above, the first two are elementary consequences of the definition, whereas the remaining two hinge on important facts in commutative algebrathe going-up theorem and Krull’s principal ideal theorem.


The depth of a local ring R is the number of elements in some or, as can be shown, any maximal regular sequence, i. Broadly speaking, regular local rings are somewhat similar to polynomial rings. An ideal is proper if it is strictly smaller than the whole ring. The notion of a spectrum is the common basis of commutative commutativve and mtasumura geometry.

The localization of a ring is a process in which some elements are rendered invertible, i.

R is called a commutative differential graded algebra cdga. Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved from ” https: The proof of this and other related statements relies on the usage of rjng methods, such as the Ext functor.