Craig Mullins. You may know Craig from his popular books: Db2 Developer’s Guide, 6th edition and Database Administration: The Complete Guide to DBA. Craig S Mullins is president & principal consultant of Mullins Consulting, Inc., is an IBM Information Champion, and an IBM Gold Consultant for DB2. Craig has. DB2 Developer’s Guide [Craig S. Mullins] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. DB2 Developer’s Guide, Fourth Edition is completely revised.

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Craig S Mullins

So let me explain. Happy HolidaysHappy New Year. Masked data does not expose sensitive data to those using it for tasks like software testing and user training.

The data in the database must be correct and proper after the transaction executes. Some data types, such as social security numbers or credit card numbers, can be generated directly from the seed value through mathematical operations.

Because the hashing algorithm will always generate the same number for the same input value you can be sure that referential constraints are taken care of.

Have you ever wanted to put together a presentation and de…. And importantly, it is also time to wind down … Dirty Reads Happy Thanksgiving Just a quick post today to wish all of my readers in the US and everywhere, really a very Happy Thanksgiving.

That craih wreak havoc on data integrity So, when is it a good idea to implement dirty reads using the UR isolation level? Read it to save yourself an enormous amount of pain and suffering.

From the earliest days of the country until Lincoln, the date Thanksgiving was observed differed from st… Data Masking: Additionally, this repeatability is good for testing code where the program contains processes for checking that values match.


The dirty read capability can provide relief to concurrency problems and deliver faster performance in mullina situations.

Oh, and I’ll probably watch some football, too Or you can mask data in-place enabling you to mask the contents of an existing ccraig of tables without making another copy. If you’ve bought a…. Masked data does not expose sensitive data to those using ddb2 for tasks like software testing and user training.

But back to today’s topic If you use DB2 in your workplace, the most recent edition of “DB2 Developer’s Guide” should definitely be on your bookshelf.

Consider a banking application. ACID is an acronym for atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability. Just click on the book cover below and you can order it right now! These functions can be used to generate names, addresses, credit card numbers, social security numbers, and so on.

The Db2 Portal Blog

All of the generated data is plausible, but not the real data. Additionally, if the data being accessed is already questionable, little harm can be done using a dirty read to access the information. Data masking is an important component of building any test mullkns of data — especially when data is copied from production.

And importantly, it is also time to wind down …. If the data is read only, a dirty read is fine because there are no changes being made to the data. Here’s wishing you and yours a craigg, happy, relaxing Thanksgiving cdaig If the bank gives you the money but does not debit the account, the bank will be unhappy.


In “real life,” though, true read only data is rare. Programs db read Db2 data typically access numerous rows during their execution and are susceptible to concurrency problems.

If a unique constraint is defined on the data different input values will result in different hashed values… and likewise, repeated input values will result in the same hashed output values in other words, duplicates. For example, credit card numbers pass validity checks, addresses have matching street names, zip codes, cities, and states, and so on All materialfiles, logos, and trademarks within this site are properties of their respective organizations.

Craig Mullins

Your webmaster has put past editions of this book to good use and considers the money well spent. At any point within the transaction, the decision can be made to stop and roll back the effects of all changes since the last COMMIT. The content of this blog is the opinion and thoughts of the blogger and does not necessarily represent the opinions of IDUG and should not be construed as reflecting official positions of the IBM Corporation. What makes this book unique is the case studies illustrating various DB2 10 features and capabilities.

Other types of data, like names or addresses, are picked from a set of lookup tables.