This segment of Beyond Ontariese only whetted my appetite for more. The heat. The Outcasts is a spinoff series set in the Battle Born world. Many of the. Prequel to the Therian Heat series: In the time before recorded history, Jatara .

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Still, hearing the stories and coming face-to-face with an ali If you like FREE books, check this out: My writing has won numerous awards and frequently appears on best-seller lists. Therian Promise Paranormal Romance Jan Men are meant to be hard, women soft.

Defiant Battle Born Book 13 Aug 11, Alyssa, a reluctant spy and hacker, comes to Lunar Nine hoping to disrupt their friberb systems and slow fiberg the mysterious transformation program.

All Book Series by Cyndi Friberg

The series … Continued Share this: Then he meets Berly She has nothing to lose by trusting him and everything to gain. He wants to tame her, control her, and leave her ach Roxie doesn’t know what to believe or who she can trust, so she tru Tal dar Aune, a powerful shape-shifting mage, comes to Earth on a desperate quest to find a mysterious woman before his nemesis destroys her.


Tears of the Dragon Historical Romance Apr As the lovers lose themselves in each other, the hunt for Heather intensifies. Letos, a notorious technomage, along with the other two members of the Triad must calm the people of Rodymia and prove that a new kind of government can work for a planet that has only known tyranny. Contest ends November 15th.

Beyond Ontariese

Roxie finds herself in the middle of an interplanetary conflict, though she has no idea why she was targeted. Only by resolving their past can they vanquish their enemies and secure a future together. Dream Warriors – 3. Get to Know Us.

Then he meets Berlynn Tandori, a feisty canine shifter born on Earth. Dream Warriors – 4.

General Garin Nox swears he has no time for a female. Battle Born – 8. One by one his brothers and friends have all found their mates, but he has stayed focused on the rebellion, determined to win freedom for the battle born.

Assassin Now a Pre-order! Rebecca, a human female, holds the key to locating the Evonti stronghold and driving the insidious threat back to their own dimension.


Therian Heat

Available to ship in days. Lord Drakkin promises his dying friend that he will protect and train Aria. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Michele Chambers and I became critique partners. Beyond Ontariese – 5. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.

Book Five Danvier agrees to rescue Haven Tandori from her ruthless kidnapper, but Haven is anything but grateful. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Assassin Outcasts Book 4 Jan 04, We take abuse seriously in our discussion boards.

Battle Born – 3.

Marauder Outcasts Book 2 Jun 28, Quinn has always been an outsider, scorned and mistrusted by cynvi Therian shapeshifters. Yes, the scientists are working to free the magic locked inside each battle born soldier, but his skills are utterly wasted on a spaceship. Discover new books on Goodreads. Contest ends November 15th.