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Tests of this kind are named gap tests.

Full text of “Explosives 5th Edition by Meyer, Kohler, and Homburg ()”

The densities of the pow- ders are about 0. DTA registers small temperature differences, which appear during simultaneous heating of the sample and a standard.

Since the waste acid is unstable, special formulations of mixed acid must be employed, and the mixed acid must be denitrated at the end of the nitration stage. Ethanolamine Dinitrate Erythritol tetranitrate serves as an effective cardial medicine in a low percentage mixture with milk sugar. However, a highbrisance ex- plosive such as Sprengmester or another explosive must usually be added Text quoted from glossary.

Hybrid generator housing 2. The new compression is imparted to vas medium, some of which is already in motion, as shown in phase 2 of Fig. The measurements can be carried out lehrbjch natural waters.

Sprengmeister Kurzanleitung

Under such conditions of extreme pressure and temperature, the calculation of thermodynamic data is possible only using a suitable equation of state, whereby pressure R temperature T, the density of gasp and the specific number of moles n s are associated.

We hope that the large number of people who remain unmentioned will also feel that they share in this expression of thanks. State of blazing combustion. A principal distinction must be made between two kinds of ammuni- tion: Such changes in weight can be due, for example, to the evaporation of hygroscopic moisture, evolution of gases, or chemical decomposition reactions.


The components are named by nitro: Mostly, the exudated liquid con- sists of a watery ammonium nitrate solution; initiation sensitivity and performance may be affected. The following techniques may be used in the destruction of explosive materials: Ethylene-urea is prepared by reacting ethylene diamine to ethyl car- bonate under elevated pressure. It is not miscible with ethanol and is sparingly soluble in carbon tetra- chloride.

As a new addition, a CD with a tabulation of the current enthalpies of formation and free energies of formation of the compounds occurring in this publication is included with the book for the first time.

The device consists of a non-detonating gas-generating material and a priming or a heating charge, which are confined together in a steel pipe. These special conditions are only requested in blasting areas endangered by firedamp.

Sprengmeister Kurzanleitung – PDF Free Download

If the air is replaced by a noble gas such as argon, the light intensity increases considerably. Data of the other DNT isomers. Sprengmeieter pressure p in the bomb is measured as a function of time t.

In reality, the thickness of the reaction zone is about 1 mm, and may be lehgbuch from the effects of friction and thermal radiation, which were ignored in the treatment given above. The proportion of the nitroglycerine-nitroglycol mixture in these types of permitted explosives is chosen so that it would just produce a detonation as if it were dispersed in an inert salt bed. Soluble guncotton is readily gelatinized. The pressure maximum p!

The transmission mechanism is complex: Thus, if the explosive is detonated while unconfined e. The relevant parame- ters are the detonation rate and the loading density compactness of the explosive, as well as the gas yield and the heat of explosion. Despite favourable raw materials costs, the unfavourable stor- age stability, see below, must be noted here. It may be prepared by nitration of acetylglycerol with mixed acid containing a very large proportion of nitric acid.


This enables any formation of NOx to be excluded. However, this propellant lehrbucj to self-ignition even at relatively low temperatures ca. Dipicrylurea Specifications snow-white powder solidification point: They consists of composite propellant formulations.

The density of the gelatinous explosives is about 1. They contain an impact-sensitive mixture of potassium chlorate and red phosphorus. Specifications same as for Akardite I, exept melting point: A It consists of a pressure-resistant dynamic loading up to about MPa bar hollow steel body that can be bolted Text quoted from glossary Ballistic Bomb 24 together and has a hole to accommodate a piezoelectric pressure transducer.

A loop made of a detonating cord with a known detonation rate is connected to the caps and is passed over a lead sheet in its middle part. Raising the den- sity e. A blasting cap can be ignited by the flame of a safety fuse or elec- trically. It is prepared by saturating an aqueous solution of picric acid with ammonia; a red form is formed first which passes into the stable yellow form in the presence of water vapor, on prolonged storage or by recrystallization from water.

C 16 H 2 20 4 molecular weight: Priming or heating the explosive materials produces different results, according to whether they are located in a stronger or a weaker confinement.

These sprengmrister determine the choice of a suitable chamber material. Pergamon Press, LondonVol. For its explosive properties, see Haeuseler, Explosiv- stoffe 1, pp.

The pressing operation requires a technical device. From the preface of previous editions X The book is not intended as a systematic presentation of the science of explosives.