A dhampir is a mortal, born from the union of a vampire and a human. Dhampirs have pale skin and dark hair, with blood red highlights. Around vampires. Series 1 See all the pages for the Noble Dead Wiki. Magiere acts as the hunter and Leesil appears as the vampire and fakes being killed. After one such “game”, Magiere and their canine companion Chap.

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On the other hand, the writers have a number of minor weaknesses. I originally wrote this review inthen went out and bought the rest of the series.

Try before you buy I haven’t read any of the Hendee work before, so I started reading this with complete neutrality. She grew up ostracized from her own village because of the fact that her mother died, and her father left her behind. It’s a quick read, plenty of action, kick-ass characters and great fighting scenes.

Her companion, Leesil, has an interesting backstory himself, and such a thoughtfully conceived character earns his share of the narrative! Open Preview See a Problem? Robbing peasants for years didn’t help us relate to the characters. Magiere the dhampir and her partner, the half-elf Leesil, are on a journey to uncover the secrets of their mysterious pasts. I suppose rooting for the bad guys was my way of staving off buyer’s regret.

I couldn’t stomach the 50 page long chase scene, it is entirely too much. Convinced the Noble Dead are responsible for the killings, Wynn embarks on a quest to uncover the secrets of the texts….

Noble Dead Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Aug 10, Veronica rated it really liked it Shelves: Married authors of the Saga, Barb and J. This Buffy -like story in a medieval setting won’t disappoint vampire aficionados. I have yet to read them Would you like to tell us about a lower price?


Oh yeah, and everybody has a mysterious past that haunts them as it forces them into confrontation. Never before have I read a book where I was genuinely depressed that the protagonists lived to see another day. It turns out that thievery is in one of the character’s blood as hunting is in the other.

Titles in Order Sort by: Why did that fascinating little ragtag group of villains have to be taken out by Surly and her friends, Quippy and Sparky?

Brendenbrother of the slain girl makes a scene, accusing Ellinwood of not doing anything to find the killer. The domin is embroiled in a secret hunt for a spectral undead with the power to invade anyone living and take the body as its host. Magiere doesn’t want to joble vampires, but the fact that she keeps getting attacked by them makes it unavoidable. I loved the characters! Outnumbered with Ratboy running away and surprised that Magiere’s falchion is able to hurt him, in addition to nobel confused as to Magiere’s true nature, Rashed too flees.

Dhampir (book)

Sister of the Dead. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. Little does she know that vampires do dhampi and some currently reside in Miiska.

Magiere the dhampir thought that her nights of hunting vampires were over. Jan 10, John Margaritsanakis rated it really liked it. Hendee’s “The Noble Leesil and Magiere have a pretty good con game going onhe pretends to be a vampire, she pretends to “slay” him, and thus they bilk innocent villagers out of their hard-earned cash. Traitor to the Blood The Noble Dead.

Saga of the Noble Dead

Ships from and sold by Amazon. I know which one I’m rooting for.

I’m not qualified to tell dhampie wheth I enjoy this book in the same way that my mother-in-law enjoys action movies. I really liked the fact that the main characters start up as crooks, cheating villagers out of their money by pretending to vanquish imaginary vampires, only to save up and legally open their own tavern somewhere peaceful and quiet. Let’s act vague about where those places are in the grand scheme of things, well, some are to the north, some are to the south, some have names that sound Slavic, and well, who cares, this is a fantasy.


This makes her special, she can go out in the day, yet she also has special powers which make her the perfect vampire hunter. These charlatans are nbole unwillingly into a dark reality of true undead and into their own dark fates as well as other personal secrets they kept hidden even from each other. It didn’t make me stay up way past my bedtime just to find out what happens. Their first night in town, they are greeted by a champir stranger.

I didn’t want anyone to lose and, as a result, I knew that no matter how the book ended I was going to feel sad about it. This is a story that I would recommend.

Dhampir started out really slow and then it picked up and would slow down again. The good guys, eh, whatever. To round out the group there is a very special, long-lived dog named Chap. The story is somewhat of a return to traditional fantasy and is told in third person from the points of view of multiple characters.