PDF | Dioscorea deltoidea is belongs to family Dioscoreaceae which produce rhizomes or bulbils, having rich medicinal and economic value. Dioscorea deltoidea is a perennial climbing plant, producing vigorous annual stems from a large underground tuber. The stems scramble over the ground and . Tubers ligneous, irregular. Stems glabrous, twining clockwise. Leaves alternate, simple, cm long, cm broad, ovate or subdeltoid-ovate, often.

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Not for the casual reader. Knuth Dioscorea galeottiana Kunth Dioscorea galiiflora R. The plants grow quite beautifully, giving a pleasing aesthetic look to the garden. Perrier Dioscorea bemarivensis Jum.

Dioscorea – Wikipedia

Knuth Dioscorea haenkeana C. Knuth Dioscorea ekmanii R. Contributions to the palynology and phylogeny of Dioscorea Dioscoreaceae.

Goldsmith FB Monitoring for conservation and ecology. Guidelines Upcoming Special Issues. Hydraulics of plant growth.

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Plant Growth–A Note on the Vegetative Growth in Dioscorea deltoidea

Perrier Dioscorea antucoana Uline ex Dipscorea. Sarin R Useful metabolites from plant tissue cultures. Smartphone users quickly have information on a plant directly for the pfaf. Knuth Dioscorea tequendamensis R.

Knuth Dioscore seriflora Jum. Knuth Dioscorea aguilarii Standl. Disocorea deltoidea has been much sought after by private agencies and pharmaceutical firms, having been continuously collected in India, except perhaps in the more inaccessible areas of the Himalayas [ 89 ].

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Knuth Dioscorea tenuis R. Tropical Plants Database, Ken Fern. Dioscorea futschauensis Uline ex R. Fig 1 – 5 only. Knuth Dioscorea minima C.

Knuth Dioscorea deltoidea Wall. Some caution is advised.

Dioscorea deltoidea in Flora of Pakistan @

PhD thesis KU Leuven. Stem twining around the shrubs and trees. Knuth Dioscorea chagllaensis R. Publisher Houghton Mifflin Co.

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Knuth Dioscorea analalavensis Jum. Knuth Dioscorea convolvulacea Cham. Knuth Dioscorea crotalariifolia Uline Dioscorea cruzensis R. Knuth Dioscorea cubensis R. Presl Dioscorea hamiltonii Hook. An essential aspect of almost all land plants is their sedentary lifestyle. Thigmotropism, or growth with respect to touch, enables roots to grow around obstacles, and is responsible for the ability of the shoots of climbing plants to wrap around other structures for support [ 1 ].


Plants For A Future have a number of books available in paperback and digital form. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Dioscorea. Dioscorea is a genus of over species of flowering plants in the family Dioscoreaceaenative throughout the tropical and warm temperate regions of the world.