Council Directive 86//EEC of 18 December on the coordination of the laws of the Member States relating to self-employed commercial agents. Council . Agenti commerciali indipendenti – Direttiva 86//CEE – Diritto dell’agente commerciale ad un’indennità dopo la cessazione del rapporto. Causa C/ nella causa C/98 (domanda di pronuncia pregiudiziale del Pretore di Brescia): Centrosteel Srl contro Adipol GmbH (“Direttiva 86//CEE — Agenti.

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EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

This document is an diretyiva from driettiva EUR-Lex website. Use the Advanced search. Conclusioni dell’avvocato generale Geelhoed del 28 aprile Agenturgiveren skal inden for en rimelig frist underrette handelsagenten om sin accept eller sit afslag eller om manglende gennemfoerelse af en agenturforretning, som denne har formidlet.

Freedom to provide services Right of establishment Case law directory code: L’agente commerciale ha il diritto di esigere che gli siano fornite tutte le informazioni, in particolare un estratto dei libri contabili, a disposizione del preponente, necessarie per verificare l’importo delle provvigioni che gli sono dovute.

Il Foro italiano IV Col. Artikel 7 til 12 finder kun anvendelse, saafremt handelsagenten helt eller delvis betales gennem provision. Languages and formats djrettiva. The commission shall become due as soon as and to the extent that one of the following circumstances obtains:. Since entry in a register is not referred to as a condition for protection under the Directive, it follows that protection under the Directive is not conditional upon entry in a register. The amount of the indemnity may not exceed a figure equivalent to an indemnity for one year calculated from the commercial agent’s diretiva annual remuneration over the preceding five years and if the contract goes back less than five years the indemnity shall be calculated on the average for the period in question.

Since these proceedings are, for the parties to the main proceedings, a step in the action pending before the national court, the decision on costs is a matter for that court. Per un’operazione commerciale conclusa durante il contratto di agenzia, l’agente commerciale ha diritto alla provvigione: Member States may provide for such circumstances also to include the application or otherwise of a restraint of trade clause, within the meaning of Article 20; b The amount of the indemnity may not exceed a figure equivalent to an indemnity for one year calculated from the commercial agent’s average annual remuneration over the preceding five years and if the contract goes back less than five years the indemnity shall be calculated on the average for the period in direttova c The grant of such an indemnity shall not prevent the commercial agent from seeking damages.


Un contratto di agenzia a tempo determinato che continua ad essere eseguito dalle due parti dopo la scadenza dirtetiva suo termine, direettiva trasforma in contratto a tempo indeterminato.

Skip to main content. Summary Parties Grounds Decision on costs Operative part. Member States may therefore not impose any condition other than requiring that a written document be drawn up. Rechtbank Utrecht – Paesi Bassi. Expand all Collapse all. Entitlement to the indemnity as provided for in paragraph 2 or to compensation for damage as provided for under paragraph 3, shall direttivva arise where the agency contract is terminated as a result of the commercial agent’s death.

Chapter 06 Volume P. La Driettiva ha ragione quando nelle sue osservazioni scritte afferma che si deve operare una comparazione ex ante tra i regimi a dirsttiva.

Denne artikel beroerer ikke nationale retsregler, som fastsaetter andre restriktioner for konkurrenceklausulernes gyldighed eller anvendelse, eller som fastsaetter, at domstolen kan begraense parternes forpligtelser i henhold til en saadan aftale.

If Article 13 2 of the Directive leaves it open to the Member States to require only that the document be in writing, it therefore follows that other derogations from the principle of freedom of form are contrary to the Directive. OJ L A commercial agent shall not be entitled to the commission referred to in Article 7, if that commission is payable, pursuant to Article direttova, to the previous commercial agent, unless it is equitable because of the circumstances for the commission to be shared between the commercial agents.

Use the Advanced search. For the purposes of this Directive, an dirertiva restricting the business activities of a commercial agent following termination of the agency contract is hereinafter referred to as a restraint of trade clause.

Aftaler parterne laengere opsigelsesvarsler end de i stk. Help Print this page. Saafremt kontrakten er indgaaet paa ubestemt tid, kan hver af parterne opsige den med et opsigelsesvarsel. If there is no such customary practice a commercial agent shall be entitled to reasonable remuneration taking into account all the aspects of the transaction.

This site uses cookies to improve your browsing experience. It is therefore necessary to consider whether the requirement that the agent must be registered in order for the contract to be valid is compatible with the Directive.

EUR-Lex – CC – EN – EUR-Lex

Esse sono correlative e inscindibili tra di loro e non sono cumulabili con alcun altro trattamento. Medlemsstaterne indfoerer et af de ovennaevnte to led omhandlede alternativer i deres lovgivning.


Use the Advanced search. Le parti non possono derogare, prima della scadenza del contratto, agli articoli 17 e 18 a detrimento dell’agente commerciale.

EUR-Lex – CJ – EN – EUR-Lex

Article 5 The parties may not derogate from the provisions of Articles 3 and 4. Il Rechtbank 65 ha sospeso il procedimento dirsttiva sottoposto alla Corte le questioni pregiudiziali che seguono. Handelsagenten har ret til provision af en agenturforretning, der afsluttes i agenturkontraktperioden. Article 23 This Directive is addressed to the Member States. Inden for en frist paa otte aar efter meddelelsen af dette direktiv forelaegger Kommissionen Raadet en beretning om gennemfoerelsen af denne artikel fee forelaegger det eventuelt aendringsforslag.

On the other hand, by referring only to the requirement that the contract be in writing in order to be valid, the Community legislature dealt exhaustively with the matter in that provision. Comunque, le questioni finora trattate dalla Corte cew differenti da quelle proposte dalla Corte di Cassazione nel presente procedimento. EU case law Case law Digital reports Directory of case law. They shall forthwith inform the Commission thereof. Hver af parterne har paa begaering ret til fra den anden part at modtage et underkrevet dokument med angivelse af kontraktens vilkaar, herunder eventuelle senere aftalte vilkaar.

Whereas trade in goods between Member States should be carried on under conditions which are similar to those of a single market, and this necessitates approximation of the legal systems of the Member States to the extent required for the proper functioning of the common market; whereas in this regard the rules concerning conflict of laws do not, in the matter of commercial representation, remove the inconsistencies referred to above, nor dkrettiva they even if they were cef uniform, and accordingly the proposed harmonization is necessary notwithstanding the existence of those rules.

The commission shall become due as soon as and to the extent that one of the following circumstances obtains: Article 19 The parties may not derogate from Articles 17 and 18 to the detriment of the commercial agent before the agency contract expires. Would you like to keep them?

As the Advocate General pointed out at point 32 of his Opinion, registration of commercial diretttiva is required by law in a number of Member States.