Sequel to Fish & Chips Cut & Run Series: Book Four. Baltimore, Maryland, is a city in alarming distress. Rising violence is fanning the flames of. Read Divide & Conquer (Cut & Run #4) online free from your iPhone, iPad, android, Pc, Mobile. Divide & Conquer is a Romance novel by Abigail Roux. Listen to Divide & Conquer audiobook by Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban. Stream and download audiobooks to your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

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Feminist Fairy Tale Reviews: REVIEW: “Divide & Conquer” by Abigail Roux and Madeleine Urban

It was flawless love shining through two flawed individuals. In the first three books, I felt this was done well–the balance between angst and growth–but in this book it felt like the authors were unsure of what pace to move the relationship forward at.

After reading about all the ups and downs in the earlier books, it was nice to see them trying to work things out as a couple. View all rkux comments.

You won’t regret it! The plot of this book made no sense.

I think there have been enough reviews on this series t I honestly don’t know how to describe how I feel about this book. Zane did frustrate me in this one more.

Divide & Conquer

They scorch off the pages. All that having been said, I am still giving this three stars because The plot on this one was a little ridiculous but still good.


I cried when that happened. I got the divixe the authors put that last sentence there just for shits and giggles. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Loved this series, in fact. When one is speaking, the other is not listening. Go down to Fell’s Point or something nearby.

I now know why.

At the end I was in tears, they were both happy and sad and frustrating and I don’t know what other kind of tears there may rouz but I had them!! But it has to be said: My heart was pounding.

Some of them were funny, some of them were cool and some of them were assholes. View all 21 comments. And you have about five seconds to take your pick of flat surface before I do it for you. It was moving and beautiful, and really helped solidify their professional and romantic partnerships I was immediately drawn into Ty and Zane. I am tired of reading about them wrestling emotionally with each other and with themselves–they seemed to be past the worst of that at the end of book three.

The suspense in this one really grabbed me, view spoiler [ especially when Ty couldn’t find Zane. Unless that particular EMT was about to star in some porn film or something.

Review – Divide and Conquer by Madeleine Urban and Abigail Roux

Even when it’s in the form of texting: View all 39 comments. This episode really brings their relationship to a new level, but it also throws a wild punch at them during the process. This causes readers to get heavily invested in almost every moment of their lives.


Aug 17, Karen rated it it was amazing. The city of Baltimore is out of control. I trust the author.

Now to the spoilery abigqil of the review: And not for a long time to come, Ty Grady. Meanwhile it’s much, that is of importance for the continued love story, which are not said written explicit – the reader me can create their own image and conclusion – that is what MAKES this a great read for me – again!! If there is even the slightest chance Ty or Zane could be hurt emotionally or physically these two get put through the ringer. I would love to read more on Nick and the recon team.

The end made me gasp — but I think we are okay based on the excerpt. Zane had to fight the darkness. To describe the sex scenes in this book as hot sounds like an understatement of monumental proportions!