Runceanu Sabin studies Moldova, Philosophical Counseling, and Migration History. IOAN DAMASCHIN more. by Mircea Ramurean Ioan – Istoria bisericeasca universalamore. by Mircea Dogmatica Sf. silvestru de Canev vol 5more. by Mircea. 1 SF. IOAN GURĂ DE AUR, Scrieri – partea întâi. Omilii la Facere (I), in vol. 2 SF. IOAN DAMASCHIN, Dogmatica, translated by Pr. Dumitru Fecioru, Editura.

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Athanasius fell under the victimization of Metropolitan Bishoy.

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Now you are accusing Cyril of Monophysitism. Cum insa comentati pasajul din Matei 5: NO, St Cyril is not a monophisite!

They stated that Ephesus confirmed those 3 faithfully 3. Dar legea morala, domatica ramas la fel de puternica si de valida Nu am venit sa stric, ci sa implinesc, spune El Legea ceremoniala e cea pe care a venit sa o implineasca si aici ma intreb cum de pot unii sa isi inchipuie ca e vorba de legea morala, care, data fiind natura ei, nu poate fi niciodata indeplinita definitiv, in sensul de a i se inlatura utilitatea, ratiunea de a fi, pe cind in cazul legii ceremoniale e limpede ca buna ziua ca prin jertfa lui Christos tocmai asta s-a inimplat iar legea morala este cea pe care Isus a venist SA NU O STRICE.

Then you try to prove against evidence that Miaphysites cling to the theology of St Cyril and nothing else. Astfel, Biserica Ortodoxa Romana a fost prima Biserica, care a aprobat oficial acest dialog dupa As for the most devout Bishop Nonnus, the most devout Maximus bishop of Antioch will issue a decree. These are not pastoral terms which supposedly could be used in a way that is dogmatically impresise. The Chalcedon formula does not distort the representation of Christ and therefore does not lead people to worship a false christ, as the Nestorianist and Severianist perspectives do.


Anatolius the most devout bishop of Constantinople Rome said: Adica, pot sa imi fac alt Dumnezeu porunca Ipot sa-mi fac chipuri cioplite IIpot sa iau in desert Numele Domnului III – cu dsmaschin ca porunca spune ca Dumnezeu eamaschin va lasa nepedepsit pe acela -pot calca ziua de odihna IV si pot pofti tot ce apartine aproapelui meu X. Severus did not preach the Orthodox interpretation agreed by the Vth Ecumenical Council.

Maximus the most devout bishop of the city of Antioch said: Once again those who twist the truth are unaware that in fact there is but one incarnate nature of the Word. If you read in greek or in roumanian you can understand that the copts are heretics to Sever of Antioch: Anathema to whoever speaks of confusion or change or mixture.

This thread really has to end. What do you think of the quotes I posted?

Sfantul Ioan Damaschin – Dogmatica

Cuvintele nu pot descrie aceasta unire. Nestorianism was thoroughly rejected at Chalcedon. Ever heard of Fr.


QED, I might say. Who took to Himself a perfect manhood. Is the question about what did St.

Biserica Sfantul Policarp al Smirnei, Naples FL

Both have high egos, and when you have two high egos and not one humble man, you have nothing but division. In fact, John of Damascus criticized the use of the body-soul analogy for the natures of Christ, the same analogy used by St. Fiecare a crescut cu anumite conceptii,cu anumite repulsii fata de alte confesiuni,dar nimeni nu sta sa cerceteze si sa se intrebe Dumitru Staniloae si pr.

Adevarul e in scriptura.

Runceanu Sabin –

Va contraziceti fara sens, zic eu. Among numerous other heresies present in the miaphysite doctrine they fill 31 pages…Severus quoted after Kahali Alemu, The Christology of Ethiopian anaphorals compared to the Chalcedon dogma, Thessaloniki,p. But as the relevant theological points have been made, we should stop before sliding into irrelevant talk. In nici un caz nu sunt impotriva dialogului teolgic cu eterodocsii. Nu cunva sa cadem in aceiasi groapa in care au cazut si xogmatica odinioara!

Kapsanis, points d and f.

Severus died much before the 5th council was convened.