filetype: you only want Microsoft Word documents, filetype:doc . Google’s and Clusty’s Basic Searches and Dogpile’s Advanced Search were. Google screen with search text as follows: filetype:ppt quote math curriculum Dogpile is one of the metasearch engines and can be accessed by going to. Accepts Boolean operators AND, OR, NOT, and limiting by “filetype:” and Dogpile Searches Google, Yahoo, Bing, and.

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Using field limiting syntax in Dogpile may produce many useless results. It does the big 3: Search Tools Overview This section will discuss various tools that help make researching more productive on both the surface Web and the deep Web. Some search engines are case sensitive, requiring that proper names and place names be capitalized. Google also has a built-in dictionary.

They pay you to search not much and the interface is pretty slick. The interface is intuitive and easy to use. When search engine producers refer to their size, they are usually counting unique URLs as opposed to unique sites, which may contain a number of URLs.

Google interprets a link from website A to website B as a vote by site A for site B. Without an understanding of the topic, it is nearly impossible to select appropriate categories. That website is also useful for finding various specialty search engines.

In advanced search, you are able to perform many of the search techniques presented in Module 3 by utilizing designated pull-down menus instead of correct syntax to limit your search.


Google “binge drinking” consequences site: The search engines’ results provided brief annotations of the sites.

DogPile Searce Engine by Jessica Pugh on Prezi

However, keep in mind that not all search techniques will be available in advanced search. The parentheses tell the search engine to perform that search first. When upper case is used, the search engine will only retrieve the exact match.

For example, suicide AND teen OR youth OR adolescent will search for documents containing any or all of the terms within the parentheses before combining that result dotpile the word suicide. General Search Features Most of the major search engines support the following search techniques, although each search engine operates a little differently. Meta-search engines do not own a database of web pages–they use and deliver results from the databases and search programs of each of the individual search engines they query.

Because the Web is not indexed in any standard way, finding relevant information often seems an impossible task. Many of the major search engines and subject directories use another search engine as a provider to run their search site.

Meta-search engines act as an intelligent middle-man to pass your search through, gather the responses and then give you a report from several engines at once. Therefore, it is a good idea to search using more than one search engine to be sure you have retrieved most of the relevant information available on your topic.

Some questions can only be answered by talking with the right people primary research. Learn more about SEP. Review the search tool results consisting of relevant URLs, titles, and descriptions of material and links. Sometimes called “webcrawlers” or “robots”, these computer programs crawl through websites on the Internet, gathering information from all the pages of a website.


The size of Google’s database is very evident in this search.

Search Tools

If you submit a complicated search to a meta-search engine that one of the queried tools does not “understand”, you may get no hits at all from that engine.

Many search engines offer an advanced search mode. In addition to text-matching techniques, an increasing number of search engines are doypile using popularity and link analysis as a means of ranking search results.

Articles from some current issues of popular and scholarly journals may be found through searchable databases such as FindArticles. Rated second best, organizes results.

You missed the fast metasearch engine eTools. Just like other Internet resources, search engines often change their dogpilr and features with little or no notice. I thought of Scour as well when I read the title of the post.

10 Meta-Search Engines Reviewed and Compared

Stephan Schmid December 5, at 4: If a search connection takes too long, one or more of the search engines may time out and produce no results. The number and type of resources available through the Internet increases daily. Google, MSN, and Yahoo. For each search engine, the new top 20 sites were different from the top 20 sites retrieved in the first search.