Drona Parva – Day 13 – The Extraordinary Abhimanyu – Part 2 (continued from: ). Drona Parva – Day 15 – The Narayana Astra – Part 2 (continued from: https://www. ) Ashwatthama. Drona Parva. At the beginning of Drona Parva,we join the action during an uneasy hiatus after ten days of fighting. The warring cousins stand face to face on the.

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Let the wishes of king Duryodhan be crowned with success today, for I have today slain in battle the preceptor. Drona Parva ddrona the appointment of Drona as commander-in-chief of the Kaurava alliance, on the 11th day of the Kurukshetra Warthe next four days of battles, and his death on the 15th day of the day war.

The Mahabharata, Book 7: Drona Parva Index

Tens of thousands of fiery arrows appeared on the battlefield and flew toward the Pandava army like sun rays. Even his most powerful weapons were ineffectual against the Pandavas. No man can change fate’s course.

He assailed him with thousands of barbed arrows.

Drona Parva

As they made their way to their tent, they moved like wooden dolls. He struck all of his assailants with his own shafts and roared out his dreadful war cry. Remembering his duty as a kshatriya, he came quickly to his comrade’s assistance.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Drona lowered his head as he went pwrva, “There is, however, a way by which we may be able to overcome him.

This translation is modern and uses an old manuscript of the Epic. He lay still with his weapons put aside. A dense gloom enveloped the battlefield, and fiery meteors dropped down. Doubtlessly the boy, who was equal in power to Krishna and Arjun, has patva Indra’s opulent mansion. The Super-destructive Narayan-astra Thousands of arrows with blazing mouths appeared in the welkin, resembling snakes of fiery mouths, that continued to pava the Pandavas.

Once again Satyaki came before him and Ashwatthama called out to the Vrishni warrior, “O grandson of Sini, I know the partiality you bear for this killer of his own teacher, but you shall not save him today.

He will spend the rest of the battle a mere spectator, his life ebbing ddona as each day passes. Men, horses and elephants were slaughtered and burned to ashes as if caught in the final conflagration that burns the worlds. Abhimanyu descended weaponless picked up a chariot wheel.

All the warriors and kings present also wept. He then slew ten chariot fighters, followed by a dozen elephants and fifty Kekaya warriors. The troops fell by the thousands, cut to pieces by the relentless assault.


Dhrishtadyumna was para by the sheer ferocity of Ashwatthama’s attack, and he leaned on his standard pole for support. I have thereby injured Subhadra, Arjun and Keshav. Abhimanyu had been parvs great favourite among them. They were struck by blazing arrows that came at them from all directions.

Placing his hand on Arjun’s head, who still knelt before him, Sage Vyas replied, “O son of Kunti, you have seen Shankara, the great destroyer of the worlds. Debroy, innotes that updated critical edition of Drona Parva, after removing verses and chapters generally accepted so far as spurious and inserted with prejudice, has 8 sub-books, adhyayas chapters and 8, shlokas verses.

Releasing his mantra-inspired shafts with all his power, he pierced every part of his body. Sections of this page. Two translations from 19th century, now in public domain, are those by Kisari Mohan Ganguli [1] and Manmatha Nath Dutt. Articles containing Sanskrit-language text.

This weapon cannot be repelled. Be still and do not act so foolishly. Sections of this page. O Karna, listen carefully.