To use this accessory, a Dungeon Master also needs the Forgotten Realms of the Weave • Dragons of Faerûn • Faiths and Pantheons • Forgotten Realms. Expanding D&D. To a certain extent, Faiths and Pantheons does what you’d expect: it uses the new rules from the 3e Deities and Demigods. Product Blurb: Religion in the Realms. Whether cleric or commoner, wizard or warrior, nearly everyone in Faerûn pays homage to at least one patron deity.

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Dungeons & Dragons 3rd D20 Forgotten Realms Faiths and Pantheons D&d | eBay

This page was last edited on 20 Marchat Decent enough, but nothing you can’t find online. Return to Book Page. These are rather detailed affairs, complete with stat blocks for NPCs. Heimdall, god dungfons watchfulness and loyalty.

Dungeons & Dragons 3rd D20 Forgotten Realms Faiths and Pantheons D&d

They are all tied to a particular deity, so are rather flavourful in that ffaiths. Uller, god of hunting and winter. To ask other readers questions about Faiths and Pantheons Forgotten Realmsplease sign up. We offer it here as free source material for the product or to use in your Forgotten Realms campaign.


Thanks for telling us about the problem. Dozens of deities are revered, worshiped, and feared throughout the world of the Forgotten Realms. Faiths and Pantheons by Eric L. At least thirty deities are widely known across the Realms, and many more are worshiped locally, by individual tribes, small cults, or certain sects of larger religious temples.

Solar disk and standing stones. Your DM determines which gods, if any, are worshiped in his or her campaign. This appendix deals with one pantheon, that of the Forgotten Realms. Joel rated it really liked it Jun 14, Hephaestus, god of smithing and craft. Isis, goddess of fertility and magic.

This free supplement to Faiths and Pantheons helps guide you through this process.

Just a andd while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Patrick rated it really liked it Apr 29, Where the land plummets from the snowy hills into the icy fjords below, where the longboats draw up on to the beach, where the glaciers flow forward and retreat with every fall and spring—this is the land of the Vikings, the home of the Norse pantheon.


Plus, this web exclusive offers expanded descriptions of the Realms’ orders of monks and paladins. Kirk rated it liked it Jan 19, I would have much preferred expanding on deity anc and less of the adventure locations.

Bast, goddess of cats and vengeance. Crossed oak and mistletoe branches.

Derek rated it really liked it Feb 25, Tyche, goddess of good fortune. Dragondown Grotto Red Hand of Doom. Johnathan rated it dunheons was amazing Aug 29, People in the Forgotten Realms, for example, might pray to Sune for luck in love, make an offering to Waukeen before heading to the market, and pray to appease Talos when a severe storm blows in—all in the same day.

Download the free Faiths and Pantheons web enhancement now. And Nephthys is a chaotic good goddess of mourning.