Ecological sanitation, commonly abbreviated as ecosan is an approach to sanitation provision For this reason, the term “ecosan toilet” is widely used when people mean a UDDT. However, the ecosan concept should not be limited to one. Introduction: The ECOSAN Toilet is a waterless, dehydration / evaporation system that provides a safe, non-polluting and cost effective solution for areas where. The technical manual for constructing EcoSan toilet was a team effort. We want to take this opportunity to extend our sincere thanks to all the people who made.

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The term “productive sanitation” has also been in use toilet about The ecosan approach has been criticised for being overly focused on reuse in agriculture, whilst neglecting some of the other criteria for sustainable sanitation.

Whilst the term “ecosan” was preferred in the ecosann stages of this program, it was from onwards more and more replaced by the broader term ” sustainable sanitation “. If anything is unclear about how the filter and search combinations work, just contact us: Contact us if you have ideas on how your website or sub-sections of it could be integrated into the SuSanA website: Initially, there were dedicated “ecosan conferences” to present and discuss research on tilets projects:.

By considering a much larger range of options, optimal and economic solutions can be developed for each particular situation. It has conclusively been proven that nitrate loaded effluent from pit latrines is directly responsible for widespread contamination of valuable groundwater resources.

Ecological sanitation

But if you tick two filters for two different parameters then this is treated as an “and” search, i. Ecosan systems can be “unsustainable” for example if there is too little user acceptance or if the costs of the system are too high for a given target group of users, making the system financially unsustainable in the longer term. Not yet a SuSana partner? It contains information about news, events, new partners, projects, discussions and publications of the SuSanA network.


No obnoxious odours Indoor or outdoor installation Minimum monthly operating costs Plumbing-free solution. Please contact us if you would like to add a project. The proponents of conventional sanitation systems on the other side defended pit latrines and waterborne sewage systems.

Using the EcoSan toilet – Resources • SuSanA

The safety of ecosan systems in terms of pathogen destruction during the various treatment processes toulets a continuous topic of debate between proponents and opponents of ecosan systems. Toilets That Make Compost – Low-cost, sanitary toilets that produce valuable compost for crops in an African context. Many traditional agricultural societies recognized the value of human waste for soil fertility and practised the “dry” collection and reuse of excreta.

Ecological Sanitation and Reuse of Wastewater – A thinkpiece on ecological sanitation. His ecosan-type toilets are now in use in countries across the globe, centred on converting a sanitary problem into a productive resource.

The definition of ecosan is focusing on the health, environment and resource aspect of sustainable sanitation. ecsoan

Toilet from ” https: If you tick two options within one filter parameter, then this is treated as an “or” search, meaning either of them could be true. At the moment, not all functions and hyperlinks are available. Particular care should thus be taken to make sure that users use these latrines properly and do not introduce urine through the holes in the slabs or seats reserved for faeces or vice versa.

Dry type latrines, which thus work without water, the most ecological of which separate urine from faeces allowing waste to be recycled by turning them into compost excreta or liquid fertiliser urine which can toilet used to fertilise soil or crops.

SuSanA secretariat Views Downloads. This fairly recent type of latrine was introduced by research organizations such as CREPA in Burkina Faso or NGOs such as Toilettes du tojlets and is currently in widespread use and is one of the most recommended types.

Places or contexts in which this means appears to be the best In other projects Wikimedia Commons. They used urine diverting dry toilets UDDTs coupled with reuse activities.


Ecological toilets – Start simple and upgrade from arborloo to VIP.

A10 – ECOSAN ecological compost latrines with urine separation

During the s, when the term ecosan was something new, discussions were heated and confrontational. These systems have a strong potential to be sustainable sanitation systems if technical, institutional, social and economic aspects are managed appropriately.

Main features of the toilet A frequently asked questions page Our range of Ecosan outdoor pit latrines. Ecological sanitationcommonly abbreviated as ecosan also spelled eco-san or EcoSanis an approach to sanitation provision which aims to safely reuse excreta in agriculture. It is therefore an improved composting latrine see fact sheet A9.

The term “ecosan” was first used in and the first project started in Ethiopia, by an NGO called Sudea. The main objectives of ecological sanitation are to reduce the health risks related to sanitation, contaminated water and waste; to prevent groundwater pollution and surface water pollution; and to reuse nutrients or energy toiletss within wastes.

Closing the Loop – Ecological sanitation for food security. Known mineral phosphate rock reserves are becoming scarce and increasingly costly to extract — this is also called the ” peak phosphorus ” crisis.

It desires ecowan “close the loop” mainly for the nutrients and organic matter between sanitation and agriculture. How is it used?

Since aboutthe two opposing sides have slowly found ways of dealing with each other, and the formation of the Sustainable Sanitation Alliance in that year has further helped to provide a space for all sanitation actors to meet and push into the same direction of sustainable sanitation.

Pit Toilets Click here for toiletss Pit Toilet page. Ecosan Mine toilet EcoSan toilet adapted for underground mines.

Collecting effluents Draining effluents Treating effluents Designing a project.