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When the world of Bangla novels was totally failing to attract the readership, the appearance of Humayun Ahmed — was announced as a great event. After the ever-popular writer Saratchandra HumagunHumayun Ahmed is the second name who is worthy to be uttered in the same high tone in respect of popularity.

Humayun started his authorial life with Nondito Naroke In Blissful Hell in and during the hmuayun three decades he has produced no less than one hundred and fifty ema. Along with his other identities like a professor of Chemistry in Dhaka University later on he gave up this job for his huge involvement in literature, cinema and television drama he has shown multifarious achievement in writing novels only.

These eeka books brought him much acquaintance among the reading public of Bangla novels. During the first half of the seventies he produced some more novels. Later on he left the country to obtain a PhD and after his return, his novels began to come out one after another. Though he has been awarded with a good number of awards like Bangla Academy Award, hukayun of the critics of the country consider him less as a litterateur worthy to mention.

This write-up intends to analyse some of his novels selected at random to identify the qualities that make Humayun Ahmed prominent. Humayun was able to draw his readership from his early publication because of their novelty. The urban class people are the main focus in his novels. He always tells his story in a lucid and easily understandable language.

Eka Eka :একা একা: Boi-Mela

Any meticulous reader of him may find a sort of semblance between his early and recent novels. Mystery and humour were the essential components of his early novels that we may discover even in a later one like Shuvro He has not turned off much even regarding the technique of presentation of his stories. The endurance of these elements has been described as the main flaw in his novels.

We may observe that whenever he has tried to come out of that trend, his popularity faces a peril. The story of Nondito Naroke evolves round a middle class family of Dhaka. The whole story is narrated from the point of view of Khoka, the narrator of the novel.

Khoka or Humayun is only one year junior to his mad sister Rabeya. The other members of the family are his brother Montu and a sister Runu of thirteen years old. From the very beginning of the novel the obscene talks of Rabeya begin to attract the readers.

Even the talks and assumption of behaviour of their parents during night were also the novelties for the readership of Bangladesh. The readers began to like Khoka and their family because they themselves are of the same milieu. The story reaches the climax when we know that unmarried Rabeya is carrying. When the other member of the family Master Kaka Sharif Akhand returns home from the town with a doctor, Montu chops him with a boti.

The bygone story is: Later on Montu was born and his mother died at his age of eleven. Humayun himself told about it in his Nondito Naroke that he had a special fascination to these names. The characters of Shankhaneel Karagar are a bit older: The inner stories get exposed when in the end of the novel Rabeya writes a letter from Mymensingh, where she takes a job as a superintendent of a school. It is true that such an element in social story was not very unacquainted in Bangla novel: We have also observed that mystery in social novels has been a very popular trend of the Latin American and other European fiction of the last decades.

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Humayun has never gone off this trend: Shuvro is a very recent example of it. It is a story from 11 pm to 5 am of a middle class family. Tagor, whose granddad is on deathbed, is the narrator of this story. Eka Eka evolves around the activities of surrounding people in such a moment. In this novel the other trait of Humayun i. During the last hours of a member of the family, this element should not take the upper hand. The seriousness of Joyjoyonti Under the Name of a Musical Mode, is also shuddered with the touch of humour and we must say that sometimes it proves unnecessary and unexpected.

In Kobi The Poets, some of the talks and thoughts of Atahar, the protagonist, is simply exaggeration of it. By now the novels of Humayun have begun to experience repetitive elements also: Sometimes the thoughts of the characters and the sentences are also repeated which is no doubt a flaw of any creative writer.

But we must agree in the point that Humayun can create novelty in his fiction even, coming out of all his cliche characters, setting, thoughts, traits and dialogues.

Though it is short in volume but no doubt it draws the attention of the fiction reading public on our liberation war. The story is set in a very small and remote village of Neelgonja. Basing this rumour a platoon of Pakistani soldiers come to Neelgonja. The novel abounds all the activities of the Pakistani Army and their collaborator Rajakars — their the deceiving approach to the common people of the village; lustrous attitude towards tender aged girls; contemptuous view to Hindu religion and people etc.

All the things occur during the fajorthrough the daytime to night. And thus the 1st of May of of Neelghonja is demonstrated in It is not a complete novel of the epic episode, but it gives a very heart-felt story about our liberation war.

Though this one is also an incomplete picture of our great fight, but conveys a touchy description of a group of freedom fighter youths in an action. Only five members, who are a part of a larger group who are advancing to attack a group of Pakistani army is the focal subject of the novel.

In the book Humayun has demonstrated the fickleness and dilemma of the Bangali people during the first months of liberation. The novel deserves some more attention for its technique — in it all the five fighters have played the roles of speakers and ventilated their inner thoughts regarding the war as well as their personal life.

In this context it may be commented that whenever Humayun has innovated some new technique for his novels away from his over used presentation he has been able a little to draw his own readers: Dure Kothao is our next consideration of Humayun Ahmed.

The protagonist of this novel is Osman who is himself an author.

Though Ranu does not have anything like relationship with Osman, she cannot tolerate the nearness of these two persons. Human prejudices and complexities have taken a very minute delineation in this novel. The next novel that we have incorporated into our discussion is Brihonnola By now Humayun has started his Missir Ali series and Brihonnola is one of them. Fka these novels Humayun has presented some mysterious stories that are outwardly inexplicable and at last he has given the hidden explanations behind them.

Humayyun has proved his skill amhed narrating this sort of stories: Brihonnola is a well known example. On that night Sudhakanta narrates the horror story of his own life. Later on this story reaches to Misir Ali who begins his mission to unveil the mystery and succeeds to detect that Sudhakanta himself is the maker of that unreal story which he manifested to hide a sexual crime of his own life.


Thus Misir Ali has become a very popular character to fiction reading public of Bangla literature. It is noteworthy to mention that the writer published both Brihonnola and Dwoirath, opposite in trend in the same year and it can really spring admiration in any critic to Humayun Ahmed.

Ratri and Babul of Joyjoyonti make such a very good pair of siblings. Soma of Dwoirath marries Kamal having no alternative before her. One day Soma pays visit to the new family who has got up a nearby rented house. The bedridden wife of the professor springs much sympathy in Soma and thus the story begins to roll on. In a rainy day while Soma and the professor were talking in the library, the sick wife cries out: This shattering utterance shatters the whole life of Soma — people of the nearby houses crowd and the next happenings are nothing different than what is expected in a Bangladeshi society.

Every where there are ill talks about Soma and in such a situation she is compelled to marry Kamal, a vulgar and wicked person, at Tangail. The novel opens when Soma is deciding to leave Kamal. Later on though she gets a proposal from the professor for marriage, she cannot accept it because she feels inwardly her ardent but secret love for Kamal and resultantly she returns to him.

Every human being is a mystery — Kamal is nothing different from it and so Soma discovers the good in him. Ahmee semblance of this idea may be observed in Joyjoyanti also. In that novel Ratri leaves amhed husband Mamun though Mamun is not devoid of any good sense. But their only baby Tukun poses the thin thread between them. At the end of the novel we feel the goodness of Mamun eja thus possibly Humayun wants to show us the fact that every human is a combination of eeka and bad kea no one kea be cent percent good or bad.

In between Dwoirath and JoyjoyontiEkq was written. Poka is also a novel of mystery but here we have experienced a new sort of novelty.

Humayun Ahmed: The Name of a Popular Novelist | Bangladeshi Novels

Some may argue on its qualities of being a novel, but undoubtedly it is one that attracted a huge number of readers. The fka character of the novel Altaf Hossain can understand the utterances of the insects, as the insects also can understand his ones.

Moreover the insects give him ea and carry his directions out. Thus Poka creates a peculiar world for a reader. When Minu died and her husband came to Bazlur Rahman for help, Bazlur Rahman scolded the husband for his callous behaviour. There he saw the little boy Altaf sitting on the cot having thousands of cockroaches around him. Bazlur explained that he went to collect help for burial leaving Altaf near the dead body and then the cockroaches ate up the dead body.

In this way Altaf has had some more senses than any other normal human. The main feature of the novel is that even in this impossible story Humayun has exposed his ability to draw the attention of the readers to his life-like presentation. In Humayun Ahmed published his voluminous novel Kobi.

Eka Eka by Humayun Ahmed

Another similar sizable novel that he produced later on is Shuvro. Kobi is the story of poet Atahar. The other character who has received the same importance in the novel is Sajjad, another poet.