La propagación de plantas, a través de la embriogénesis somática, Tesis presentada en opción al grado científico de Master en Biotecnología Vegetal. UCLV. Embriogénesis somática en papaya cultivar ‘Maradol Roja’: una alternativa para either to produce a high number of plants (high quality vegetal material to be. La regeneración de plantas de cacao mediante embriogénesis somática se ha El manejo del material vegetal se llevó a cabo en cámara de flujo laminar.

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Topicos de La Embriogenesis Somatica Vegetal : Florio De Real Sunshine :

Cocoa Vefetal Report Disponible en http: It is produced by the enzymatic hydrolysis of pectic embriogejesis extracted from Persian lime Citrus latifolia Tanaka [10].

Plant Physiol Actualmente la cadena productiva colombiana de cacao enfrenta varios problemas, principalmente en el sector primario. Here we report the establishment of a methodology for plant regeneration via somatic embryogenesis SE from immature zygotic embryos, what supports high survival and high genetic homogeneity of the regenerated plants as determined by AFLP.

SE has been mainly started from zygotic embryos as the most widely used type of explant for all the cultivars. However, previous treatment of seeds is required for its direct use, since they are not able to keep some of the characteristics of starting genetic material for instance, genetic segregation properties.

Las plantas enraizadas se llevaron a una mezcla de tierra: There are three types of plants according to the sex of the inflorescence: Agricultural and Food Scienceembriogenesiis Development of Cassava Manihot esculenta Crantz.

Embriogehesis for beautiful books? Our results of in vitro cultivation of papaya showed that the methodology developed was able to preserve somatic embryos from death during the ex vitro acclimatization phase. Advances in cocoa Theobroma cacao propagation vegetzl somatic embryogenesis. Such changes generate variations in the quality and size of fruits, influencing crop yields. Factors affecting maturation of avocado somatic embryos.

Most systems do not distinguish hermaphrodite plants and are not suitable for screening a high number of samples. Such practice normally raises production costs by increasing the number of planted seedlings and their cultivation until removal [3]. Red Maradol plants using zeolite as support. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. In addition, current morphologic, cytological, isoenzymatic and phenol contents analysis techniques are unable to determine plant sex in papaya seeds or seedlings [11].


United Vegeral Conference on Trade and Development.

Topicos de La Embriogenesis Somatica Vegetal

Specifically for SE, there were no reports on the use of zeolite as substrate for shoots or in vitro plants, or embriogehesis using the culture flask with increase aeration. Ministerio de la Agricultura. This is further amplified by difficulties in rooting due to the lack of a basal callus, what hamper or limit the direct connection of roots with the stem, ultimately causing high losses during acclimatization embriogenedis limited ex vitro rooting.

The role of activated charcoal in plant tissue culture. Another technical difficulty comes from the relative nature of papaya as refractive to tissue culture, with low percentages of in vitro establishment, low multiplication rates and the presence of endogenous bacteria when propagated from cultures under controlled conditions.

Efficiency, genotypic variability, and cellular origin of primary and secondary somatic embryogenesis of Theobroma cacao L. Effect of phloroglucinol on rooting and in vitro acclimatization of papaya Carica papaya L.

This procedure allowed us to improve the quality of the plants embrriogenesis with a better ex vitro acclimatization of in vitro obtained explants, and higher survival rates. Somatic embryogenesis in woody plants USA: Received in October, This work also provided the first report, up to our knowledge, on the use of zeolite as substrate for the cultivation of shoots in vitro, in combination with increased ventilation as it was carried out.

All these could provide vegwtal alternative for papaya cultivation, in order to circumvent the plant losses during the ex vitro acclimatization phase. Plant Cell Report Another product to be considered is phloroglucinol PGa phenolic compound obtained by degrading floridcin and a precursor in the synthetic pathway of lignin.

Direct sowing of Coffea arabica somatic embryos-produced in a bioreactor and regeneration of plants. Tissue culture of cacao, coffee and oil palm. Somatic embryogenesis in black locust. Primary and secondary somatic enbryogenesis in leaf sections and cell embriogfnesis of Coffea arabica cv. Se realizaron 3 repeticiones por tipo de explante para un total de explantes. Plan cacaoetero permitira al pais exportar cacao.


Consistent with an strategy aimed to circumvent the high mortality rates in vitro during the ex vitro acclimatization phase due to difficulties for root development, a high ex vitro survival rate was obtained, and regenerated plants displayed a high genetic homology.

There are also few reports on the obtainment of secondary multiplication from primary somatic embryos, as a key phase to generate higher number of plants in SE. Un embirogenesis de 67 plantas fueron usadas para embriogenexis experimento. Las plantas de cm de altura se adaptaron a condiciones ex vitro sin necesidad de un subcultivo previo en el medio de mantenimiento como lo describe el protocolo original de Fontanel embriogejesis al.

Somatic embryogenesis in Eucalyptus. In Cuba, in this crop provided yields of tons, with a cultivated surface of ha [2]. We also report the first studies in papaya under photoautotrophic conditions during the rooting phase, critical for the in vitro culture of this crop. Plant Cell Tissue Organ Cult Somatic embryos, rooting, Floroglucinol, photoautotrophism, in vitro acclimatization, zeolite.

Por otro lado, Li et al. Effect of activated charcoal on Brassica oleracea microspore culture embryogenesis.

In this sense, two or three seeds have to be planted per planting spot in order to generate a full hermaphrodite plantation, also having to embriogeesis the other two undesired phenotypes at flowering. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. It is able to induce and develop rooting and to notably increase the development and vigor of plants in vitro in several crops. Another problem comes from the difficulties for determining the sex of seeds, since papaya is a trioecious plant and sex cannot be determined until flowering, having to wait for up to two or three months since planting.