Enthralled: Paranormal Diversions is a short story collection written for young adults and contains stories by a number of the YA fantasy genre’s top authors. A journey may take hundreds of miles, or it may cover the distance between duty and desire. Sixteen of today’s hottest writers of paranormal tales weave stories. Enthralled: Paranormal Diversions. Edited by Melissa Marr Kelley Armstrong. On Sale: 01/09/ Format: eBook. To read e-books on the HC Reader App.

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Skin Contact by Kimberely Dering: I didnt mind it. Sounds like a decent story and after looking at the ratings my GR-friends and others gave I am willing to give The Summoning a go in the future.

It was pretty good. Pearson Stand Alone A unique love story between to gargouilles one named Giselle and the other Etienne. Overall this anthology had lots of choices, I enjoyed it but some stories I did not. So take my review of this story with a grain of salt. It was adorable and I wanted more. Similar Items Related Subjects: I liked it having a bit of entyralled conclusion. It was not as deep as it seemed even though the themes are rather dark.

Enthralled: Paranormal Diversions – Google Books

From Kissy, to Jess, and even to Ariel. Did she remember or not? Dont like it at all. It was good for Chloe and I’m proud of her for stepping out of her she’ll and giving that old hag what she deserved. Maybe in the future? This is a wonderful story! Ugh, I really got into this story but it just leaves the whole plot with holes that at this point I need answered. Sixteen paraormal today’s hottest writers of paranormal tales weave stories on a common theme of journeying.


The only part I liked was the end. Not in plagiarism terms but more like the reader is thrown into the story at the beginning and then at the end, left hanging. Dec 14, Julie-anne rated it really liked it. Mary’s descriptions are fascinating and made me smile with the anticipation I’ve always had when reading a fairytale.

You might even fall in love with these characters. Vincent’s writing difersions like. Jennifer Lynn Barnes Goodreads Author. I loved Eve’s utter support for Michael and her guts. My second reason is I’m going to be starting the Soul Screamer Originally published at Nose in a Book What an enticing summary, isn’t it? Twins are always said to hold powers so that was nothing new.

That was actually quite funny. I adored this sweet story.

Enthralled : paranormal diversions (Book, ) []

He is chosen to introduce the new blood in can vending machine to the vampires of the town and they are all skeptical. Diversionx made clear in the novels.

I couldn’t put it out of my head for days. They think of the past as a Beautiful Time when Beautiful People lived. So to be frank, it was a tad boring and perhaps the worst story in this anthology.


Parankrmal you don’t recognize the title from The Rocky Horror Picture Show or watch Supernatural, then you probably won’t like this story. Facing Facts by Kelley Armstrong I haven’t read the last book in the series with Chloe but this one brings out a bit more of Derek and explains what happens to Tori when she finds out what happened to her father.

Well this story actually, and boy I loved it.

Enthralled : paranormal diversions

I rea What finally decided me in picking up “Enthralled,” a collection of short fantasy stories, is that it was ;aranormal to smart girls everywhere. That’s pretty much the whole story. Absolutely love the feel of paper they’ve used which reminds me of the old maybe still used paper of the short story mystery anthologies I used to get, small packaged as magazines.

Enthralled is centered on the theme of “journeying”. When I first read this story it completely changed how I felt about Sabine.

Unlike all my other reviews I plan on being somewhat helpful in this one, so Im going to review each story seperately with a few dot points.

It follows Keenan and Donia on a vacation. Please diverslons the message. Melissa Marr ; Kelley Armstrong Find more information about: Every story flowed into the next.

Squeaky clean, girlie imagined?