A MANUAL ON THE USE OF THE HUMAN. NERVOUS SYSTEM ACCORDING TO THE. INSTRUCTIONS OF THE MANUFACTURERS. Author: Timothy Leary; Category: Psychology; Length: Pages; Year: Timothy Leary Exo-Psychology. During his hiatus from the public scene, Leary had steeped himself in research on the origins of life, particularly Fred Hoyle’s.

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Just a moment while we sign himothy in to your Goodreads account. It is a feeling that new possibilities must be present where physical orientation and visual perception are under control but always variable.

And they seem to share a considerable ground. All values and beliefs “vocabularies” are cultural artifacts. Any molecule that binds to the protein and retards electron mobility in the hydrophobic pocket will tend to reduce consciousness, by frustrating the electron’s ability to suspend itself in a superposition.

Pxychology life constitutes the larval phase of the stellar life cycle. That great mutations are pre-programmed to appear in our future.

This set of traits, under the control of the same master gene, plays a foundational role in the aquatic lsychology hypothesis. Hameroff entertains the prospect of culturing large matrices of microtubules in nonbiological environments. A Marriage Made in Heaven?

Info-Psychology: A Re-Vision of Exo-Psychology – Timothy Leary – Google Books

Perhaps future consciousness vaults will be constructed in orbiting timorhy stations or satellites. And it would follow that a retention of juvenile brain structures— neurological neoteny —a retardation of development, would tend to preserve the otherwise transient connections among the various cortices of the brain. That life is designed to migrate from the nursery planet 5.

Researchers have found transient connections among the visual, auditory, somatosensory, and motor cortices in the brains of kittens and baby hamsters, Baron-Cohen points out, and he cites evidence that something similar occurs in human infants. While strolling a wooded path he notices that.

When Leary and other early researchers called psychedelics “consciousness-expanding drugs” they might have been precise in their terminology. Phil Mccahill rated it liked it Dec 01, The infantile-psychedelic parallel becomes strikingly clear in this passage from Terry Eagleton’s Literary Theory: She argues that a primate species was in the process of adapting to an aquatic environment when that path was interrupted and the partially adapted aquatic ape returned to the land, where it gave rise to humankind.


In his book, The Overview EffectFrank White presents reports from American and Russian space travelers about their experiences in space. In any case, NASA’s public relations staff would keep a tight lid on it, were astronauts to gush about strange experiences. But not everyone who orbits comes back inspired. These receptors are the brain’s natural docking stations for the primary active ingredient in marijuana.

By making it easier for tubulin molecules to remain in a state of superposition, the drugs facilitate quantum coherence across neurons, and hence more neurons are able to participate in the coherent state. So, the retention of high concentrations of cannabinoid receptors in extraterrestrial brains could only reinforce the neurological neoteny—the proliferation of neurons and synapses— induced by weightlessness.

Exo-psychology and neurogenetics are attacked as unnatural, elitist attempts to differentiate the vanilla-pudding unity of simplistic Hinduism, Buddhism. Entertainment, earth communication, and biochemical mood and maintenance can be supplied by robotics, perhaps leading to the next symbiosis-robotic space voyagers shaped like centrioles?

Hameroff has made the book available as a download at http: The Nature of Meaning and the Meaning of Nature.


The lessons of the environment, including the norms of the tribe—instilled through socialization, enculturation, and schooling—shape psychological habits. Unfiltered by sociocultural manners, the empirical world essentially would be remade; it would revert to William James’ blooming buzzing confusion. In the psychedelic view, the individuals of a society share much common cultural input, but each remains relative to all others because each bears a unique brain.

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Since timotuy page was written Hameroff has updated the OrchOR model. The antiemetic properties of the drug suggest that, if space brains retain high concentrations of cannabinoid receptors, then evolution will have equipped them with an endogenous prophylactic against space sickness. The Meaning of Purpose. Under the influence of the drugs, future evolutionary stages present themselves to the mind for perusal.


It proposes that evolution unfolds according to a program, that biology arrives on planets from space and, after planetary incubation, returns to space in timotjy symbiosis with its technologies. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Many five-brained hippies and yogis are the most vehement opponents of extraterrestrial evolution. To ask other readers questions about Info-Psychologyplease sign up.

Info-Psychology: A Revision of Exo-Psychology

In The Joyous CosmologyBuddhist scholar Alan Watts describes a similar experience, albeit in a very different context. Timothy Francis Leary was an American writer, psychologist, futurist, modern pioneer and advocate of psychedelic drug research and use, and one of the first people whose remains have been sent into space.

Marketing maneuvers aside, Leary’s “Exo-Psychology” deserves reappraisal as a futurist manifesto. Consciousness, in this model, as it evolves in space, concerns itself less and less with events outside the body and increasingly with events inside the body, with the body itself being subject to radical redefinition see the above passage from Eagleton.

Adults typically will treat a log on a path or a hand at the end of an arm with indifference. McLuhan argued that electronic culture is retreating from the visual bias of literate culture and turning back toward the auditory bias of preliterate culture.

If the Penrose-Hameroff model, or something like it, is correct, then the drugs deliver on their promise quantitatively to expand consciousness.

Psychedelics loosen whatever conditioning and imprinting shape the normal mind, and the drugs can facilitate a re-conditioning and re-imprinting of the mind.

Cannabinoids also, incidentally, have been shown to promote neurogenesis. Space Brains Space Migration: That life on this planet is not unique 2. Philosophy of Psychology in Philosophy of Cognitive Science.

Teed Rockwell – – Philosophical Psychology 7 3: