Gerald Finzi. Bagatelles (5) for clarinet & piano, Op. Composition Information ↓; Description ↓; Parts/Movements ↓; Appears On ↓. Share on. facebook. : Five Bagatelles, Op. Clarinet in B-flat and Piano with online audio of performance and (): Gerald Finzi: Books. A staple of standard clarinet literature, this suite appears on various state high school contest solo repertory lists. Contents: I. Prelude · II. Romance · III. Carol · IV.

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Most of this movement stays in the soft dynamics, with the only forte dynamic being the climax at the end of the B section, where octave Bs in the clarion register create a bit of a technical challenge TIP: The reason for this is somewhat unclear, bagqtelles the piano part changes key to Db Major to match the clarinet right after the poco ritard at the a tempo before rehearsal 5.

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Gerald Finzi – Five Bagatelles

The final eight bars are like a long diminuendo, starting at ff f and working all the way down to an almost cute ending at ppp. Off to concert Db major again and back off on the happy fugue in the upper clarion register.

Full of Bachian conceits, it explores the full range of the clarinet in a devil-may-care exuberance. Something of his feelings after this revelation is probably reflected in the agonized first movement of his Cello ConcertoFinzi’s last major work, although its second movement, originally intended as a musical portrait of his wife, is more serene. It lay dormant for over a decade until Finzi took the melody up again for this bagatelle.

The Romance, the first of the slow movements, is lyrical and sweet. Retrieved 3 May Share on facebook twitter tumblr. Allegro vivace at on the quarter note, this technically challenging movement in the key of concert F Major G starts out with a bang and builds all the way from the low end of the clarinet up to an altissimo G in just the first 6 measures!

Gramophone’s expert reviews easier than ever before. He also explores plenty of key signatures and meters. He also completed a violin concerto which was performed in London under the baton of Vaughan Williams, but was not satisfied with it and withdrew the two outer movements; the surviving middle movement is called Introit. The first piece, the Prelude, has an exciting edge to it, the way the piano starts playing in a lively way to start off the suite, and then the clarinet enters, and at the end it finishes with a fantastic trill and hits a “D” up of middle “C”, it sounds fantastic.


Finzi was attracted to the deep-hued sound of the clarinet and demonstrated in the Bagatelles a highly effective exploitation of the instrument, its range and colour. Finzi became one of the most characteristically “English” composers of his generation. There are no boring moments in his writing and he apparently enjoyed playing with his ideas.

5 Bagatelles, Op.23 (Finzi, Gerald)

Finzi’s Clarinet Concerto and his Cello Concerto are possibly his most famous and frequently performed instrumental works. Of Finzi’s few chamber works, only the Five Bagatelles for clarinet and piano have survived in the regular repertoire. InFinzi learned that he was suffering from the then incurable Hodgkin’s disease and had at most ten years to live. The piano introduces the new idea, echoed by the clarinet four bars later. In ABA form, the melody is fairly simple and motivic in nature.

Finzi had a long friendship with the composer Howard Ferguson who, as well as offering advice on his works during his life, helped with the editing of several of Finzi’s posthumous works. The Carol is the easiest movement of the Five Bagatellesthough it still has an interesting meter: Clarinet Concerto; Five Bagatelles; Ashmore: Large-scale compositions by Finzi include the cantata Dies natalis for solo voice and string orchestra, and his concertos for cello and clarinet.

Preparing for an Audition. There also exists a later arrangement for clarinet and string orchestra by Lawrence Ashmore. Rhythmically, it is not difficult, but rethinking the lines because of where they lie in the meter becomes necessary; this, along with the key explorations, is why the music is so interesting.

The set consists of three slow movements, quite distinct from one another, framed by fast opening and closing movements. It is important that the sixteenth notes just after Rehearsal 4 remain relaxed and steady, observing all the dynamics—it is easy to rush them and allow them to sound frantic.

Inat the suggestion of Adrian BoultFinzi took a course in counterpoint with R. Clarinet Concerto; 3 Intermezzi.

Finzi – Five Bagatelles – Classic FM

With his primary output being vocal and choral music, it seems to make sense that he wrote for the clarinet since the clarinet is the closest instrument to the human voice! He also worked on behalf of the poet-composer Ivor Gurneywho had been committed to a mental hospital. English Music for Clarinet. Five Bagatelles is a wonderful work with five contrasting movements: Finzi’s younger son Nigel was a successful violinist, and worked closely with their mother in promoting his father’s music.

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List of compositions by Gerald Finzi. After the war, he became somewhat more productive than before, writing several choral works as well as the Clarinet Concertoperhaps his most popular work. He also amassed a large library of some volumes of English poetry, philosophy and literature, now kept at the University of Reading and a collection some volumes including books, manuscripts and printed scores of 18th-century English music, now kept at the University of St Andrews.

Finzi plays with the feel of the line by placing it on different beats. I do however, have a 16 year old grandson who would understand every thing you said. It begins in a marcato style and explores a fairly wide range of the clarinet in the first phrase alone.

Much slower than the first movement half the tempo, in factthis Andante tranquillo in ABA form seems to depict a lover dreamily contemplating the complex emotions that are often felt when one falls in love. Nevertheless, in the spring and summer of he grabbed the moment for a burst of composition before he was drafted to work in the Ministry of War Transport that July.

The grace notes that occasionally appear should be played as gently and smoothly as possible, without the slightest hint of an accent. I played the violin for seven years and the flute for 4 years.

Music Spotlight: “Five Bagatelles” by Gerald Finzi

During these formative years he also suffered the loss of all three of his brothers. Includes separate piano accompaniment sheet.

The piano is mostly supportive in the A sections, playing chords and occasionally a bit of the melody, but is much more involved and interactive in the B section. This distinctive suite of short movements is now a cornerstone of the clarinet repertoire for players of all ages.

I am completely musically illiterate. For example, the line initially begins on count 1, but later he places the same line baagtelles count 3, and later in a different meter!