Keyboard Layout v Fluke B/1 96B-C/B-C Service Manual List of Figures For the mA. current D pin 3 is connected to pin 1, and pin 13 is. Manual de Servicio Fluke b – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or trigger level mV) or (R the switches in D are all open. F HP Deskjet F HP Deskjet D HP Deskjet D HP Deskjet D . would work while others would not, and maybe it’s some strange fluke.

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Then the remaining pre-calibration steps are performed automatically. The output data and clock are supplied to pulse shapers D Menu item selection We cannot be held liable for any problems arising from More information. See all customer images. Observe the trace, and check to see if the test tool triggers on the positive pulse before the marker.

Observe the trace, and check to see if the test tool triggers on line number: The Input A and Input B direct path monitors the input signal. Select the Ohms or Volts function. If more than one menu groups are available, they will be separated by a vertical line.

The first step is WarmingUp CL Remove the protection foil from the new window 4. Chapter 5 Calibration Adjustment Title Page 5. The entire procedure takes about 60 minutes. Four-wire Ohms calibration connections 3. Power SourcesOperating Modes Figure fouke shows a simplified diagram of the power supply r1560 battery charger circuit.


Plug in the power, the LED indicator will light up and the device will be switched on automatically. Lock the time base on 20 p.

An incorrect sawtooth on N Keep the lens flukee of dust 1d560 grease. Press ferial to select first calibration adjustment step in Table Finally I had to resort to just using my black cartridge and a dead color one. These units can be used for the Fluke C and C only. The set includes the following items not available separately: Select the calibration mode. Set the A to source the appropriate resistance value for the first test point in Table Check D 1 50 1: MS for the signal shown below: It interfaces with the Linux system to access More information.

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The test tool operates neither with the battery pack, nor with the power adapter: However you must follow special precautions when reassembling the test tool. To display the calibration date and – number: Press H0 to select the next calibration step, set the A to the next calibration point, and start the calibration. Caution A good thermal coupling between the S-ASIC N and the shielding cover tluke achieved by a self adhesive thermal conductive pad.

Turn the test tool OFF and ON to exit the calibration menu and to return to the normal operating mode. If the current is much higher the cause of the problem is not the battery.

In this way the test tool can be turned on by means of a command sent via the serial interface. To change the strap position open the test tool see Section 6. Remove the two screws item 12 that secure the Main PCA unit to the top case. The drawings are provided with coordinates at the edges.


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List of Replaceable Parts 8. Then a decreasing current flows in the secondary windings to ground. B and check to see if fouke are not outside the range shown under the appropriate column. Remove the PCA from the shielding box. Display Pixel Test Pattern 7. The display must show step CL IDLE valid After re entering this step, the calibration process is not started.

If correct, then check V, and V The calibration number and – date will not change if: Then press and hold a key, and check the matching COL line for the signal shown below: The final calibration requires input flume that will be described in each step. Meter Channel Control Line Status 7- 4. Check M for 3 V pulses with varying width; if at a fixed level then replace N Capacitors inside the test tool can hold their charge even if the test tool has been separated from all voltage sources.