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A character class matches any of the characters between the square brackets.

FreeBSD Manual Pages

The next section describes the patterns used for Pathname Expansion, the four varieties of parameter expansion for substring processing and the case command. The second form never forks another shell, so it is slightly more effi- cient.

The options are as follows: If the -p option is specified, the command search is performed using a default value of PATH that is guaranteed to find all of the standard utilities. Keep in mind that this option only accepts a single string as its argument, hence multi-word strings must freebad quoted. Complex Commands Complex commands are combinations of simple commands with control opera- tors or keywords, together creating a larger complex oziknyv.

To be able to build the system, either gcc or clang bootstrap must be enabled unless an alternate compiler is provided via XCC. This is useful for checking the syntax of shell scripts. Simple Commands If a simple command has been recognized, the shell performs the following actions: The information printed includes job ID, sta- tus and command name. Because pipeline assignment of standard input or standard output or both takes place before redirection, it can be modified by redirection.


When a variable is made local, it inherits the initial value and exported and readonly flags from the variable with the same name in the surround- ing scope, if there is one. Otherwise, the exit status is the logical NOT of the exit status of the last com- mand.

This is initialized to 1 at startup. If there are more variables than pieces, the remaining variables are assigned the null string.

It is only field splitting or pathname expansion that can create multiple fields from a single word. The -r option causes the hash command to delete all the entries in the hash table except for functions.

If a match is found, the corresponding list is executed. Otherwise, the shell reads commands from its standard input. Then a line is read from the standard input. References to open files. For example, to learn more about ls 1type:. A new process group is created for each pipeline called a job. The presence of an option causes it to be honored by make 1. This man page is not intended to be a tutorial nor a complete specification of the shell.

The simplest form for parameter expansion is: If a built-in command is not found, one of two things happen: Then the command given in the function definition is executed.

Tilde expansions, parameter expansions, freebsv substitutions, arithmetic expansions, and quote removals that occur within a single word expand to a single field. If parameter is unset or null, the expansion of word or a message indicating it is unset if word is omitted is written to standard error and the shell exits with a nonzero exit status. Only variables, not positional parameters or special parameters, can be assigned in this way. It will also pre- vent building of gperf 1 and devd 8.


More gen- erally, a command is one of the following: For example, the following two invocations of sh both enable the built-in emacs 1 command line editor: Therefore, a user should place commands that are to be executed only at login time in the.

See tests 7 for more details. If the -P option is specified. The signals are specified by name or number.

FreeBSD kézikönyv

When set, these options are also in effect: The trailing newline is deleted from the line and the line is split as described in the section on White Space Splitting Field Splitting above, and the pieces are assigned to the variables in order. The surrounding shell may kill the child or it may just return control to the tty and leave the child alone, like this: The remaining words are con- sidered the arguments of the command.

The only way to un-export a variable is to unset it. This does not prevent a linker from being built for installation though, only for build- ing one kzikknyv the build itself.