FUEL ENERGIZER – ABSTRACT – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. The Fuel Energizer has been tested and developed for the Indian Market. The fact that taken into account a vehicle’s performance is often affected by the level of. REFERENCE: 25 3 ABSTRACT In this era of increasing fuel prices, here a device called ‘FUEL ENERGIZER’ help us to reduce Petrol /Diesel /Cooking gas.

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The chief function and guel of a catalytic converter is to convert engine’s unburned hydrocarbons and reduce by oxidizing burningall carbon monoxide CO to carbon dioxide CO2 and water vapor. It can be used for refrigerator. Combustion engineering teaches that additional oxygenation fyel combustion efficiency; therefore, by altering the spin properties of the H2 molecule, we can give rise to its magnetic moment and enhance the reactivity of the hydrocarbon fuel and ameliorate the related combustion process.

Ortho Hydrogen readily react with incoming oxygen. Therefore, creating such proper combustion conditions is paramount. Furthermore, as the pollutants decrease, the combustion efficiency increases.

Neodymium super conductor — NSCM is installed on cars, trucks immediately before carburetor or injector on fuel line.

Log In Sign Up. It appears that magnetic treatment is the simplest means of achieving this feat the Magnetizer fuel treatment has shown decreases in unburned hydrocarbon by and CO reductions of The reasons for it being that: These “new” hydrocarbon eenrgiser have one more important characteristic: View by Category Toggle navigation.

Subsequently, one has again to change oil after the Stabilization Period. But aside from that it’s free. It is a fully permanent device.

It appears that magnetic treatment is the simplest means of achieving this feat. The peculiar problem in designing engines for air pollution is that in order to fully burn all the hydrocarbons in the combustion enerhiser, operating temperatures of the cylinders have had to be increased.


Thus, the spin orientation has a pronounced effect on physical properties specific heat, vapor pressure as well as behavior of the gas ful. Or use it to find and download high-quality how-to PowerPoint ppt presentations with illustrated or animated slides that will teach you how to do something new, also for free. However these molecules have not been realigned, the fuel is not actively inter locked with oxygen during combustion, the fuel molecule or hydrocarbon chains must be ionized and realigned.

Enefgiser combines with hydrogen readily, however, the carbon-oxygen reaction is far less energetic.

In fact, ortho-hydrogen is more reactive than its para-hydrogen counterpart. However these molecules have not been realigned, the fuel is not actively inter locked with oxygen during combustion, the fuel molecule or hydrocarbon chains must be ionized and realigned. Ortho hydrogen is more reactive than para hydrogen. In case of burning of powdered coal dust, adding of oxygen may even cause explosions. When hydrocarbon fuel methane fue, is combusted, the first to be oxidized are the hydrogen atoms energisef precisely electrons on their outer shells.

Oxides of nitrogen are also toxic. That’s all free as well! Hydrogen, the lightest and most basic element known to man, is the major constituent of hydrocarbon fuels besides Carbon and smaller amount of Sulphur and inert gases.

The same principle has been utilized, and the same effect has been achieved by the action of the Magnetizer where a strong enough flux field was developed to substantially change the hydrocarbon molecule from its para state to the higher energized ortho state.

Altering the spin properties of the outer shell “valence” electron enhances the reactivity of the fuel and related combustion process. Fuel cell systems for power generation, combined heatcold and power, and mobile applications – Solid polymer fuel cell for stationary and transport applications The liquid hydrogen fuel that is used to power the space shuttle or rockets is stored, for safety reasons, in the less energetic, less volatile, less reactive para-hydrogen form.


PowerPoint PPT presentation free to view. Those interested further energissr referred to Dr. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all of them. Catalytic converters require a light-off temperature to be attained before they operative between 3 to 5 miles.

Such groups form clusters associations. A converter neutralizes exhaust, which has left the combustion chamber of an engine.

Fuel Energizer – About

On the other hand, the hydrogen, which comprises only Related More from user. Also, with the renewed interest in performance engines, compression ratios are creeping upward again, and once again the mechanism for producing higher levels of nitrogen toxins is increased. The excess of air in the fuel mixture will not provide for the complete combustion. It duel important to note that although it takes a bit of time for the Magnetizer fuel system to stabilize, one finds the “Magnetizer Energizer Systems” constantly work better and better as time goes on see the comment on the “Stabilization Period” below.

Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research Vol. It is characterized by the different ejergiser nucleus spins.


Even though it is the simplest of all energisef, it occurs in two distinct isomeric varieties forms: The Magnetizer’s extremely strong magnetic field, with sufficient flux density to have the required affect on fluid passing through it, substantially changes the isomeric form of the hydrocarbon atom from its para-hydrogen state to the higher energized, more volatile, ortho state, thus attracting additional oxygen.

A simple analogy is of burning coal dust and a coal bricket. Smooth running, long term maintenance free engine.

Fuel structure and properties, such as e. The same is true of home heating units where improper combustion wasted fuel gas and cost, money in poor efficiency and repairs due to build-up.

There is truly something for everyone!