View and Download FUTABA 12FG specifications online. CHANNEL COMPUTER SYSTEMS. 12FG Remote Control pdf manual download. 12fg, Instruction manual • Read online or download PDF • Futaba 12FG User Manual. Get Futaba 12FG Instruction Manual. Get all Futaba manuals!.

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Switch selection When a switch is selected at a mixing function, etc.

Space is also counted as 1 character. From there I entered my name and only looked at the other choices. To accomplish this with the Futaba 12FG, I used a variety of stock mixers to control the wings and V-tail.

It’s something I’ve not used in the past, but can see it being beneficial. The sub-trim menu allows you to fine tune the neutral position so your control surfaces are precisely where they need to be for flight.

In mahual for you to make the best use of your system and to fly safely, please read 12cg manual carefully. The action is not functional at high throttle to avoid accidental dead sticks. ST Model chose to reproduce the Schleicher ASW28, a single seater standard class glider capable of glide ratio up to Screen Common operations used in function setup screen This section describes the functions often used at the function setup screen.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Press the EDIT button to change the mode. Page 66 Mixing rate setting procedure The HR-3 is taken as an example to describe mixing rate setting. Servo connection by model type The T12FG transmitter channels are automatically assigned for optimal combination according to the type selected with the Model Type function of the Linkage Menu.


There are 7 types of main wings and 3 types of tail wings for airplanes and gliders, and 8 swash types for helicopters.


While I had everything working, I decided to program in the the features I use while flying the I find the combinations are as numerous as the available airplanes, gliders and helicopters in the marketplace.

The preset vutaba and flaps camber flap, brake flap offset amount can be activated by a switch.

It’s a nice feature. Mode A and Mode B range of the frequency band of the module used.

FUTABA 12FG Instruction Manual

You can now adjust the ratcheting in either Mode 1 or 2, again without removing the case. Terms of Service Privacy Policy. The self-launch electric glider has futaab bad tendency and will b Stick Adjustment Adjustment of Throttle Stick Ratchet System Adjustment of the stick lever length You can also choose either airplane ratchet system or helicopter-touch.

It has to be said that the user manual doesn’t cut the mustard for such a complex piece of kit, although there are various Internet forums available to get help if needed. Model addition and call Connect the ailerons, elevators, throttle, rudder, Initial setting assigns 1 model to the T12FG etc. First, why the outdated green display screen on these modern day transmitters it’s not just Futaba btw?


Attachment of the battery 1. To store the antenna, push it in until it is locked. The basic functions of setting up a futabba to fly with the transmitter.

Futaba 12FG Manuals

Eight swash types are 1. The timer can be set to count up or down and with or without an alarm at whatever interval you decide.

In this case, use the flight conditions assigned at initial setting. After some experimentation, a solution was found via the undocumented ‘offset’ mix. Setting of these 2 positions can be selected by switch. Page 11 The following additional accessories are available from your dealer. I often bring multiple things with me to the field when I fly. Lever Head Lever Head 1. The nice thing about the 12FG is how the menus for each of the three types of flying disciplines work the same.

I was pleased to see that mmanual end-points act as true electronic end stops, essential on fuhaba which use aggressive mixing. Logic switch setting screen Swich selection 1.