Title, Geometria Fibonacciego: praktyczny kurs inwestowania na rynkach finansowych. Author, Paweł Danielewicz. Publisher, Wig-Press, vardagar. Köp Introduction to Nuclear Reactions av C A Bertulani, Pawel Danielewicz på Geometria Fibonacciego. Pawel Danielewicz. Geometria Fibonacciego: Pawel Danielewicz: : Books.

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Fibonacci numbers are one of the tools for technical analysis. The study examined the effectiveness and efficiency of patterns based on Fibonacci numbers. Forty patterns were used in the research: The Bat Pattern proved to be more effective and efficient. General description of Fibonacci numbers and their application to technical analysis “It is hard to state unambiguously who was the first to draw attention to these interesting structures. In the literature concerning the subject, these groups are often mentioned and numerous authors attach a lot of significance to them.

Even in the legendary trader and technical analyst H. However, not everyone agrees with the opinion that Gartley was the first to introduce the discussed patterns into the trading universe. Irrespective of who discovered them, it is necessary fibonafciego admit objectively that these simple regular systems are distinguished by a great functionality and have a considerable prognostic potential 1.

XABCD formations are the patterns appearing in markets and after fibonadciego appearance in all probability the market implements a complex scenario. They consist of four segments. The first segment is a part of the current trend, while the three remaining are segments which according to the Elliott Wave Principle constitute a correction. Gartley published a book, which is already a classic today, Profits in the Stock Supermarket.

It was indeed an unusually groundbreaking work, and it is necessary fibonaccuego mention that the book is still regarded by many investors as one of the most important positions from the huge set danlelewicz widely understood geeometria literature. Several dozen years later an outstanding American trader, Larry Pesavento, admitted that the geometeia which occurs on page of Gartley s book is one of his favourite and is the most often used in his own investments.

Pesavento named it Gartleyand this danlelewicz most often appears in reference books. However, it is a well-known fact that the greatest discoverer and researcher of XABCD formation including the Gartley formation in the world is Scott Carney.

This is the man who having examined 1 P. This knowledge has already become a universally regarded standard” 2. The Gartley pattern in a growth trend Source: The Gartley pattern in a downward trend Source: The Butterfly pattern was introduced by a legend of financial markets Bruce Gilmore. Geomegria spite of that, the notations which have been universally accepted, and particularly formations based on them, were developed by Scott Carney who is considered the greatest specialist on Fibonacci numbers.


Geometria Fibonacciego

The Butterfly pattern in a downward trend Image 4. The Butterfly pattern in a growth trend Source: Another formation is the Bat Pattern.

The Bat Pattern quite often occurs on various liquid values shares, contracts, options, indices, etc. Therefore, the credibility of this formation is really satisfactory. If grouped, Fibonacci s suppressions are additionally included to the analysis, obviously 2 Ibidem, p. The Bat pattern in a growth trend Source: The Bat pattern in a downward trend Source: The usage of the above-mentioned regular patterns is an element of technical analysis. This analysis, besides the fundamental analysis, is the main method of predicting fluctuations in prices on markets.

Murphy defines it as “examining behaviours of the market, especially applying charts, whose aim is to predict future price trends” 4. A more elaborate definition, but with an identical meaning, is presented by Zenon Komar: It should be emphasized that the technical analysis is closely bound with the human psyche.


Decisions which have been taken by investors for about one hundred years are reflected in charts. Assuming a relative permanence of humane behaviours, based on them it is possible to predict future fluctuations in prices.

Fibonacci numbers are an inherent element of permanent systems. They constitute a kind of mystical part of reality.

They appear in numerous elements of the world we live in; for example: They depict the harmony which is an indicator of beauty. It turns out that relations, fibonacxiego in nature, occur also in financial markets, including the Forex market.

Thanks to this knowledge, it is possible to achieve profitable investment results. He wrote, “Later I realised that the basis of my discoveries was the law of nature known even by people who designed the Great Pyramid of Giza, built perhaps 5, years ago. Fibonacci had been in Egypt, and after his return he revealed the existence of the series 6 “.

Elliott was the very person who stated dabielewicz the share market is the creation of the man, and as every human activity it has three characteristic features: Three methods of using Fibonacci numbers for analysing the situation on financial markets are distinguished as: Time analysis is bound with the Elliott Wave principle. Elliott claimed that the length of impulse lasting presented by natural time units e. In case when the trend lasted longer than the number belonging to the series, he assumed that it must last until the number of days is equal of the following Fibonacci number.

For example, if the trend lasts for 4 days, it should be assumed that danieleqicz will last for at least 5 days, if it lasts fibonaccieog 9 days, it is assumed to last at least for 13 days 9. The growth impulse, initiated on March 3,lasted precisely for 13 days. The thirteenth day was a turning point.

After reaching the maximum the value of value horizontal lineit started heading in the other direction. The price analysis consists in using Fibonacci factors with reference to the price that is the essence of the market trading and forming charts.

In this context, Fibonacci factors can be used for determining the zones of supports and resistances. Analogically, the resistance is also this price levels at which buyers appear, stopping a further price decrease, if a decreasing trend is prevailing on the market. In summary, the resistance is a price level, which is danielewocz by various methods, and which is a turning point of the thus far existing trend.

Geometria Fibonacciego by Paweł Danielewicz

Determining the resistance Source: Image 8 illustrates determining the resistance with the use of one of Fibonacci measurements. The turning point was determined with great accuracy thanks to Figonacciego factor of the highest line. The resistance was so strong that a dynamically growing value of securities suddenly curbed and started dropping rapidly. Determining the points of resistance or turning points is undoubtedly difficult to achieve.

In some way it stands in contradiction to the assumptions supposed by the pioneers of technical analysis. Elliott and Charles H.

Dow claimed that there is a greater plausibility of continuing the current trend than its turning. For this reason many analysts applying Fibonacci num- 10 E.

Gartley, Cena i czas. It should be emphasized that the levels of supports and resistances appear at any perspective and on every market. For example, the reaction of the market to the support determined by a daily chart is usually disproportionately fibonaccuego than the support determined by danelewicz minute chart.

Wydawnictwo Maklerska Press [WorldCat Identities]

The majority of investors, particularly those investing on just developing financial markets, know only basic Fibonacci factors, whereas their range used by more advanced investors is considerably wider.


It is possible to earn it by carrying out simple mathematical operations on the numbers from the series phi 0.

There is no doubt that indisputable Fibonacci factors are Phi 1. They can be obtained in a simple way by carrying out uncomplicated mathematical operations. Their approximate value might be fibonaccieto by making simple mathematical operations on numbers from the Fibonacci series. Automatically, a question arises whether the rest of the factors might be also classified as belonging to the Fibonacci factors.

On the one hand, it might be regarded as gibonacciego overinterpretation of reality; on the other geomrtria, reference books use just those values. Exploring the genesis of each factor in greater depth, it is possible to assume that rating them as Fibonacci factors does not infringe upon the widely accepted principles and terminology.

Some of them might be obtained by carrying out uncomplicated mathematical operations on danielewiicz numbers belonging to the series, and the rest of them by the operations on Phi 1.

Fibonacci factors known and universally applied around the world Values of factors The power of the factor The power of the factor Source: It might be assumed that all values presented in the above table are titled as Fibonacci factors.

It is not a serious malfeasance as such an expression is universally applied in reference books in the danielewic of the mentioned factors. The first traders who daniielewicz with obtaining factors basing on Phi 1. They introduced into the investment world such crucial factors as and Among well-known, world-famous experts in the field of applying Fibonacci numbers on the world markets there are also Jim Kane, Robert Miner and Scott M.

Fibonacci factors might be applied to taking a variety of measurements. Internal suppresion Image 9. It consists in taking the measurement of the correction scope in comparison with the earlier growth or decreasing impulse. It is often called an internal suppression because the correction scope can never be larger than the impulse preceding this correction. Outbidding this value even by one point automatically creates an alert that such suppression is not an internal one.

Similarly to internal suppressions, they might be used to determine supports and resistances, but they are mainly applied to determine resistances. The resistances are often the fibonacciegp where corrections appear or even the places where the existing trend is reversed; therefore, the possibility of predicting them is really valuable. At these crucial levels investors often close the entire or at least part of the position.

While determining the resistance with the usage of an external suppression, the known fibonacxiego is the correction drawn in the chart, whereas the wanted quantity is the scope of the impulse harmonious with the geometris. Price projections directional suppressions Image geomeetria Directional suppressions, in contrast to the earlier discussed counter-attacking ones, are marked by the measurement of two moves in the same direction: The impulse keeping with the trend to the fiboncciego harmonious with the trend or the correction of the correction.

In the case of measuring impulses, the aim usually is to determine the scope of the waves and the resistances bound with them or of the preceding impulse is usually regarded as a minimal scope. However, in strong trends these values can considerably exceed An important feature of directional measurements is the fact that it is possible to compare impulses which do not follow each other.