I decided I wanted to set up a PDF printer for Windows, and I had several components (Ghostscript, RedMon, MakePDF), but I had to figure out how to make. Ghostscript is a free PostScript interpreter that can also create PDFs, much like Acrobat’s Distiller. Use RedMon to plug the power of Ghostscript into the. Hi, I have been reading about creating pdf files using ghostscript, redmon and a post-script printer. Does anyone how to put all three of these together? People.

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Click Finish to complete the installation. Click Next to begin. If the wizard remarks that a driver already is installed for this printer, select Keep Existing Driver and click Next.

It is a text file of additional arguments passed to Ghostscript. Vitaly Popovich Posted On October 12, You can download a PostScript driver installer for Windows from the Adobe web site.

HOWTO: Create PDF in Windows using GhostScript and RedMon.

Set the port properties as shown in Tablechanging the paths to suit your Ghostscript setup. Does the redirected port setting match those given earlier?


The format is well documented and supported. However, its license severely restricts its use. There are other applications that can produce PDFs, but they are either expensive or have built in advertising.

Conventions Used in This Book. There is one for 32 Bit Windows and another one for 64 Bit version. Select No to keep it from printing a test page and click Next. Change the paths to suit your Ghostscript and system setup. Hack 73 Tally Topic Popularity. Hack 38 Acrobat Distiller and Its Profiles. Select a suitable filename and click OK.

The RedMon/GhostScript/MakePDF HOWTO

Note that it will overwrite a file without asking and that it does not automatically add the PDF extension to the filename. Now we need to install RedMon. Jump down to Section 4. Hack 46 Print to SVG. To create a complete printer driver, we must combine this core with a printer’s PPD file, which describes its capabilities in detail. Enjoy a convenient path to PDF, free of charge.


The trouble is, we need an up-to-date PS core. Hack 47 Print Over the Internet. The setup is very straight forward.

Hack 39 Print to PDF with Ghostscript and RedMon on Windows

Notify me of new posts by email. Unzip it and double-click setup. Set Use Log File and enter a log filename, such as C: Guys, the guide is only a compilation of various guides available in official documentation shipped with GhostScript and RedMon.

Hack 19 Generate Document Redomn. At the moment you can download latest version from ftp: RedMon port properties Field Value Redirect this port to the program: Unzip it into a convenient directory and note its contents.

There are 2 versions of GhostScript for Windows. We’ll call on these pieces as we need them. Here is the link for 32 Bit version: Redmonn 22 Spinning Collection Portals.