Description. Gibertini OP outperforms dishes of a similar size because it better reflects signals back to the focal point use a spectrum analyzer on this dish . Products 1 – 6 of 6 Gibertini AZ EL mount for OPL antenna. 65,00€Buy Now Gibertini OPL aluminum dish xcm. ,00€Buy Now. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Buy Gibertini Aluminium Antenna CM Satellite Dish Brick Digtal CM Full HD 3D NILSAT ARABSAT.

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Today I wanted to assemble the mount and found that it had transport damages I overlooked in the shop.

Bauckhage – Gibertini cm / cm

I need your help. But yes, I had the same problem as you. Features In height adjustable Reception of 3 satellites High quality.

Add to Wish List Compare this Product. Gibertinl are UK source we bring in container loads from Gibertini in Italy. It almost seems I’ll have to drive another km: Are you sure you wish to delete this message from the message archives of MSG-1 groups. No chance to fine tune with the elevation rod on the bottom.

Stab DS 01 Spacer Mount for Gibertini 125 Antenna Hh-120

Thorsten The pole of my home brew tripod is 60 mm but I noticed an optimum pole would be 75 to 80 mm. So nothing can be bent. I think this is intended to make the dish mount very gibertinu.


My system is out of business for the moment but maybe I have a chance putting it into service and I would love to have a better elevation-option on my Triax TD When I want to introduce the pole clamp between the two plates where the clamp is fixed with 3 long screws this is only possible with brute force. Gibertini Antenne SE 75 gibertinni Ziegelrot.

By inner and massive part of the clamp you probably mean the problem half that is not seen on our pictures. Antennengewinn 10,95 Ghz dB: Adjusting the elevation is no problem.

Item location see all.

Koaxialkabel dB, m 4-fach geschirmt. Actually the distance between the plates is mm less than the width of the clamp. Disponible en antracita, gris claro y rojo ladrillo.

Then turn it up and down to roughly tune the elevation until you can receive Eutelsat 10A. Here are his pictures:.

EET Europarts: Buy online for Gibertini

He had an article somewhere GEO? Arne made a version that is easier to homebrew with things you get in any hardware store. The clamp is blocked and then jumps up to 5 degrees. You can turn it with a screw driver from below. It seems excluded that I can ever use the fine tune elevation rod. Delivery options see all.


Gibertini antenne 85cm, en aluminium, toutes les couleurs. Gibertini know that their LNB holder has been copied in Turkey and is being sold to look like it’s made by them. Inside the clamp is a hard PVC block with two slightly displaced perpendicular drillings. Antena Gibertini 85cm, aluminio, todos los colores. From the construction the gap cannot easily be widened even by 1 mm. Cheers Thorsten toggle quoted message.

Afterwards use the fine tune rod to optimise the elevation for best SNR.

Gibertini OP125L

Add to Wish List. Gibertini Schielhalter 2-fach variabel breit. I drove another km to get a second gibertiin mount for my Gibertini OP L. Force was needed to locate the dish mout over the pole clamp. Instead of my PVC block he simply took a scew nut and a window hinge.