You saw a recent teaser for the new Heavy Gear Blitz faction last week, but now we can officially announce the imminent launch of the NuCoal. Nucoal The New Coalition (NuCoal) was born in TN Initially it was a trade alliance between city states in the Westridge Range and Barrington Basin areas . Blitz Army Lists for NuCoal and Port Arthur Background on NuCoal and Port Arthur is a Field Guide (Faction Army List) for the Heavy Gear Blitz! miniature game.

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Backer can select any Add-Ons and pledge the appropriate amount for them. These kind of unplanned delays do happen and any of them would delay the fulfillment of our backer rewards. Our commitment is to get you a great product and if delays happen in order to deliver on that promise then the expected delivery date will be re-evaluated.

The New Coalition NuCoal is an alliance of city-states in the badlands. Apr 26, – May 26, 30 days.

Heavy Gear Blitz Peace River, NuCoal, & Utopia Kickstarters Pledge Manager Reward Levels

Heavy Gear Blitz became the dedicated tabletop wargame version of Heavy Gear in You can select your faction and rules edition and then the models in your combat group and arrange their order so that the primary units models are first and support units at the end. Today we are previewing the NuCoal Chevalier 3d model with images of stock and all variant models, plus the Command Head upgrade option part.

It includes all the Reward Levels and Add-Ons available. We will be communicating regularly and openly about any delays so that you, our backers, are fully aware of any reasons for delays.

We are keeping this Kickstarter limited havy scope considering the vast selection of armies and models available in Heavy Gear Blitz. Here is a link to our Pledge Calculator excel file Updated for the Final Week with all the Reward Levels and all the Add-Ons available that you can download and use to easily calculate your pledge to enter in the Kickstarter. Sorry for the delay, but we think its best to wait and have all the final 3d models done and heqvy to show before we launch.


Heavy Gear Blitz Field Manual: Heavy Gear is a science fiction universe, where humanity ventures out into space and finds habitable worlds, but no alien intelligent life to vear or unify us. Share this project Done.

Also in Montreal is our main sculptor, Philippe F. Peace would soon turn to war once again, with what came to be known as the Interpolar War, triggered by the assassination of Northern religious figure Thor Hutchison.

The Terra Novans are still distrustful of one another and small skirmishes still occur between their different factions, but they are united when faced with Earth or any who threaten their home. Heavy Gear Camo Patterns. We nnucoal also added this same hip armor socket style to all the new Peace River and NuCoal models.

Information about the new paint set. Peace River Warrior Model Images. Plus any additional Add-Ons selected and pledged for. Plus any unlocked stretch goal add-ons for both armies.

Gears were original used for construction projects like the massive Maglev train lines that cross the deserts of Terra Nova.

Heavy Gear Blitz Peace River, NuCoal, & Utopia Kickstarters Pledge Manager Reward Levels

The Chasseur’s Command Head is still be tweaked, once it finished we’ll show everyone. Ships to Anywhere in the world. Dream Pod 9 is committed to reaching this hexvy and unlocking the 2nd mold and making the Backer Reward Packages some really amazing deals. All miniatures for the game are to scale with Gears ranging from 28mm to 48mm tall with the iconic Hunter being 32 mm tall.

Estimated delivery Apr Kickstarter is not a store. Fixed shipping cost based on location to be charged after the campaign ends. Heavy Gear Paint Set. We want to ensure a speedy fulfillment of backer rewards and when this project is completed we will be looking to nuckal crowdfunding to fund additional projects.

The first Kickstarter was learning experience for us and everything took a bit longer that we though it would, with backer reward packages shipping out in the summer and fall of We’ve got Port Arthur on our side and we’re not going to let them walk over us. Victory was short-lived, however: Learn more about accountability. It’s a way to bring creative projects to life. The Heavy Gear Blitz! Plus we added 2 new parts a small box and ammo clip part to glue around the hips as desired.


We have an excellent team of 3d modelers, sculptors, rules designer, and in-house staff committed to completing this project.

Heavy Gear Blitz! Peace River & NuCoal Plastic Miniatures by Dream Pod 9 — Kickstarter

If that is the case then we will provide backers with the opportunity to use some credit to choose from the other models produced. We start on Terra Nova, a far away planet settled by humanity in the 52nd century.

As soon hezvy the Jerboa finished should be this weekend we’ll be able to do the Kickstarter video and launch the Kickstarter the middle of next week Wednesday Evening April 25th, War raged across the Badlands with fleets of Landships and thousands of Gear, other vehicles and infantry.

Login and create your pledge manager account, select your reward level and any add-ons and then checkout paying your pledge and fixed shipping cost. Since that bucoal day, the former colonists have adapted to the characteristics of their new home planets and evolved into many distinct societies. Checkout the attached Chevalier and update Chasseur 3d model images showing the stock and all the variant models.

Stretch Goals

NuCoal Chasseur Model Images. The city states formed a united government to provide protection from the massive Northern and Southern polar forces that have a histroy of taking advantage of the smaller independent city-states found throughout the Badlands of Gera Nova. All material copyright Dream Pod 9 unless otherwise specified.

Which brings us to the present story arc, The War for Terra Nova, Earth has returned with new toys and allies.

NuCoal is an alliance of city-states in the badlands. Share this project Done.