Hygrophila spinosa T. Anderson, commonly known as Gokulakanta (Hygrophila) is a well known medicinal plant found in all over India. Hygrophila spinosa T. Anders (Acanthaceae) is described in Ayurvedic literature as Ikshura, Ikshugandha and Kokilasha “having eyes like Kokila or Indian. Hygrophila spinosa on [family ACANTHACEAE ] Verified by Not on sheet, Hygrophila auriculata (Schumach.) Heine [family ACANTHACEAE ] (stored .

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Jeevaniya Greeshmal 1, Lucknow, The roots are used in the form of decoction in rheumatism, gonorrhea, and hepatic obstruction.

Atish Kumar Sahoo M. How to cite this URL: Medicinal plants used to cure various ailments in the rural areas of Coimbatore district, Tamil Nadu. Based on the results, H.

The herb exhibits antihepatotoxic activity in dogs. Asian J Plant Sci.

J Am Oil Chem Soc. The plant was also studied for haematopoeitic, hypoglycemic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, hypotensive, diuretic, macrofilaricidal activities etc. Pharmacognosy of Mimosa tenuiflora willd.

Antidiarrhoeal activity of Strychnos potatorum seed extract in rats. Volume 5 Issue 1 Jan A stout herb; stems fasciculate, subquadrangular, erect, 0. Effect of Asteracantha longifolia on haematological parameters in rats. An overview of measures to maximise the medicinal potentials of indigenous plants. Indian J Nat Prod. Hepatoprotective and antioxidant effects of Hygrophila spinosa K.


Extractability and nutritional value of leaf protein from tropical aquatic plants.

Hygrophila auriculata

Antitumor potency and toxicology of an Indian Ayurvedic plant, Hygrophila spinosa. Antimotility The petroleum ether, chloroform, alcohol, and aqueous leaf extracts of H.

The results showed that chloroform and alcohol extracts have significant antipyretic activity, but petroleum ether and aqueous extracts failed to lower the raised body temperature in rats. Volume 4 Issue 1 Jan Antinociceptive activity of Hygrophila auriculata Schum Heine. Antidiabetic activity Inthe hypoglycemic activity of H. Anthelminthic activity Petroleum ether, chloroform, alcohol, and aqueous extracts of leaves spimosa H.

The results revealed that chloroform and alcoholic extracts significantly reduced carrageenan-induced rat paw edema in a dose-dependent manner, whereas petroleum ether and aqueous extracts did not show any significant antiinflammatory activity.

Int J Health Res. Author information Article notes Copyright and Hygro;hila information Disclaimer. De Gruyter Online Google Scholar. Triglyceride composition of Hygrophila spinosa seed oil. It is useful in treating diabetes as per the traditional system.

Indian J Cli Biochem. Current role in type 2 hygrophia mellitus.

Hygrophila schulli – Wikispecies

The root extracts showed the presence of the nonenzymatic antioxidants, total phenols, flavonoids, and tannins. Database on medicinal plants used in Ayurveda. User Account Log in Register Help. Sunita S, Abhishek S. Antioxidant effects of some ginger constituents.


The screening was performed according to the method described by Lipschitz et al. The results revealed that the alcoholic extract produced significant anthelminthic activity, whereas chloroform and aqueous extract showed moderate activity and petroleum ether extract is having the least anthelminthic activity.

Haddian W, Kerpscar A. An investigation of oil from seed of Hygrophila spinosa. Anti-inflammatory and analgesic activities of Hygrophila auriculata.

Hygrophila schulli

Hepatoprotective and antioxidant effects of Hygrophila auriculata K. Durand Burkill Hygrophila longifolia L.

Investigation of Asteracantha longifolia Nees. Antitumor activity of Hygrophila spinosa on Ehrlich ascites carcinoma and sarcoma induced mice. Red blood cell RBC count, hemoglobin content, and white blood cell count significantly increased to normal after extract treatment of the tumor-bearing mice.

Kshirsagar AD, Ashok P.