IDL Tutorial 2: Plots and Output Files for Making Hardcopies .. Hence, you need to first start the PS device using the set_plot command, and then use the. SET_PLOT, ‘PS’. This causes IDL to use the PostScript driver for producing graphical output. Once the PostScript driver is enabled via SET_PLOT, the DEVICE. IDL treats the screen as one device and a postscript file (which you can print) as another. You can switch devices with the set_plot command.

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Pseudo-color images are similar to those displayed using the workstation monitor. Keywords allow UNIX users to select other conversion programs, such as pstopdf or esptopdfido perform the conversion. It may be considered as three two dimensional images, one each for the red, green and blue components. This procedure reads an X Windows Dump file and writes it back out as a properly-sized, 8-bit-color Ido PostScript file: Use of PostScript fonts is discussed in detail in.

Creating PDF Files in IDL

By convention the first color is always red, the second green, and set_lpot last is blue. This is easily done with the statement: This happens because IDL moves the origin of the plot before rotating the Set_plkt coordinate system degrees clockwise for the landscape plot. MULTI is a 5-element integer array that controls the number of rows and columns of plots to make on a page or in a graphics window.


Tweak it until you like the plot.

First, make a script to generate a plot on the graphics window. Isn’t there some way to do this directly from within IDL!? Vertical offset 5 in.

For example, the following lines of code create a PostScript file, multi. This method works best when icl images with continuous color ranges. This make automatic generation of PDF files problematic.

Creating PDF Files in IDL

The procedure comprises the following steps: Because devices have differing capabilities and not all are capable of representing the same number of colors, the treatment of color tables when switching devices is somewhat tricky. Department of Physics and Astronomy.

Zero is normally black and white is normally represented by an index of A value of 1 specifies pixel interleaving, 2 is row interleaving, and 3 is image interleaving. Color Images To obtain adequate resolution, the device coordinate system used for PostScript output is expressed sef_plot units of 0. This causes no problems if the color white is loaded into the last color table entry, otherwise a stripe of the last index number color is drawn to the right of the image.

This offset is also taken relative to the lower left-hand corner of the page when viewed in portrait orientation.

The page on the left shows an IDL plot printed in “portrait” orientation. Generating Hardcopy of Plots There are many different ways to produce plots in a format other than onto the IDL graphics window. The default is to do nothing. Here, the X and Y offsets are still taken relative to the same points even though the orientation of the plot has changed.


IDL Tutorial 2 : Plots and Output Files for Making Hardcopies

The first element of! This is the format used to import PostScript files into page layout and desktop publishing programs. Any routines that rely on data coordinates should not be called until a new data coordinate system has been established.

In this case, the same image is set_plor four times. TV, array ; Write the image to irl file. Images that are displayed with a black background on a monitor frequently look better if the background is changed to white when displayed with PostScript. Run your plotting script.

The PostScript Device

This section shows how to generate IDL PostScript graphics so that they can be inserted into other documents. If the new device’s color tables contain more indices than those of the old device, the new device’s tables are not completely filled.

There sdt_plot many different ways to produce plots in a format other than onto the IDL graphics window.